Add Value To Your Bathroom


In the game of real estate, your work is never done. If you want your house to retain its value in Maryland, you should attempt to keep its look modern and fresh. One good place to focus on is your bathroom. There are a few simple things you can do to keep it up to date.

Enclose Your Shower

A nice shower is a hot item on most everybody's wish list these days. The people want sleek glass walls and doors to encase the shower, usually accompanied by some handsome tile work inside. If you are currently working with a curtain situation, you may not be able to buy pre-made shower glass in the store that will fit your exact configuration. There are plenty of custom shower glass frederick stores you can visit to install this quick update for you.

Tile Your Floor

There's nothing that turns prospective buyers off more than weird flooring in the wash room. If you have carpet or linoleum installed, ripping this out would totally transform the look of the space. Tile is relatively inexpensive, and possible to install yourself if you have a little patience. There are many colors and patterns to choose from, so you could go with a classic white or spice things up with a decorative floor. Make your porcelain throne-room a showstopper.

Replace Your Hardware

One of the easiest changes you can make is to your hardware- things like your faucet, shower head or drains. Your bathroom will seem twice as impressive if you can boast of a rainwater shower system or have a faucet that doubles as a water feature. A clean drain makes the entire room seem brand new. Switching to a trendy metal such as rose gold or copper could add some flair, as well.

Bathrooms can be the locus of scrutiny for prospective buyers, so don't overlook them when making home improvements. Any investment you make is sure to be worthwhile if you ever decide to sell.