7 Easy DIY Bathroom Upgrades

bathroom upgrade

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Are you looking for a way to give your bathroom an easy upgrade? If so, we’ve got some great ideas for you. All of these DIY projects can be completed in just a few hours, and they’ll add some serious style to your space. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your new bathroom today!

Refreshing the look of your bathroom every now and then is a great way to keep it updated and better organized. However, you don’t have to always bust the tiles and replace them each year. Sometimes, just the little things can make a huge difference. Plus, you will not spend a fortune and be left without a bathroom for weeks.

Replace Your Bath Products

Refreshing the bathroom countertop with a new set of accessories will not require any shopping. All you have to do is look through the cabinets for a colorful bowl for soap and a creative cup, mug, ceramic vase or even a mason jar for all the toothbrushes. Additionally, you can use a decorative tray or plate for arranging your cosmetics on the countertop and immediately introduce new colors and character into your bathroom.

Go for a clean and fresh look with all white matching countertop containers and trays, like these from Amazon.

iDesign Cade Holder, Holds Normal Toothbrushes, Spin Brushes, and Toothpaste-White and Gray

Turn a Vintage Dresser into a Vanity

This small project will take very little money and plenty of creativity. Visit the flea market or second hand stores and buy a nice-looking vintage dresser. Cover it with a fresh coat of paint or even go crazy and decorate it with various colors and make room for installing the sink and plumbing systems. In just a few days you could have your own vanity that will completely change the dynamic in your bathroom and you will have plenty of room for the cosmetics, towels and accessories.

Add fresh lighting and a mirror to complete the look!

KSANA Gold Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures with Clear Glass Shade, 22”x7”x9

Switch out the Mirrors

If you have plenty of mirrors around the house, it is time to switch some of them and refresh the bathroom look. You can even do this on a monthly or annual basis and make a schedule of switching the mirrors around the house. This is probably one easy and creative way of bringing the whole house back to life in just a short amount of time. Look for non-traditional shapes such as oval, round or beveled mirrors for an extra bit of personality in the bathroom.

Single Beveled Edge Frameless Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Mirror, 30” X 36”

Add an LED Lamp

When it comes to being creative with the decoration, there are no boundaries and rules for lighting. The fixtures in the stylish bathrooms do not necessarily have to be mounted on the wall or be attached to cabinets; instead experiment a little and bring a led table lamp into the design. Your living room and bedrooms are probably filled with creative lamps, so why not light up the bathroom with a little style.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

Most of the conventional bathrooms are white and plain. This décor can become boring, and that’s why you should be brave and repaint the bathroom. Be free to use some stronger and darker colors. For example, choose a dark green for the accent wall in your master bathroom and add a few details in the same shade. You can even repaint the ceiling in a bright color and add depth to your small bathroom.

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Replace the Shower Curtain

Instead of keeping your old plastic shower curtain, find ones that are more elegant. Pick another one that resemble the drapes or theatre curtains and bring drama into the bathroom. Also, you can pick the curtains with motivational quotes, geographical maps and beautiful designs and shapes to brighten up the atmosphere and make your showering time a true adventure.

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Add Decorative Ladder

Sometimes, the whole modern design can come off a little cold and distant. To change this a bit, you can add a few rustic elements, such as decorative ladder as a towel rack. You don’t have to drill any holes in the walls or spend money on expensive metal racks, just find the old small ladder, repaint it and your rustic detail is ready for the towels.

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Basically, there are plenty of ways to refresh your bathroom in no time and on the budget. Small or big, change is always welcome and you will only love your home more.