Be Careful! Lock Up Your Valuables

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As we always hear prevention is better than cure so it is true that Precaution is better than corrective measures. If you care for something and take precautions then there is less of a chance of loss, but if you do not take any measures to keep your valuables safe, you are bound to face a mishap. Luck alone will not protect your valuables, life and belongings.


The history is replete with the cases of people going to extreme measures protecting their valuables. People over the years have even become paranoid in safe keeping their valuables with elaborate safe’s and passwords and complex procedures.

The first safe was made around 1300 years ago in ancient Egypt which shows the lengths people go to safe keep valuables. The wooden safes were just tied with twine and thread, but they were a leap forward from the burying and hiding you valuables in caves methods. The first lock was invented in Rome and the multiple lugs required different keys to open each.

This progressed over time and in the 19th century, Britain turned this into an art when the first safe was invented. The locksmith became an expert in providing people with safes and sake keeping methods. He not only made the safe but he also helped keep it safe by designing locks and keys that only the owner would have. Custom locks became a norm in these times when the merchants and business kept their money locked up in safes rather than in banks. This way they had easy access to their money and were safe from the tax payer’s scrutiny.

But in those times not everyone had locks and safes. A common man felt the need for locks when the industrial revolution brought wealth and luxury became accessible for the common man and middle class. They were not able to own some of the valuables they coveted and desired.

The Need!

People now demanded locks not only for their safes at offices to keep their important documents safe but also for their homes, cupboards, drawers and many more things. Due to the emerging technology, new techniques are introduced for better security of your valuables.

Different types of lock up systems include biometric access system, magnetic locks, panic alarms are available in the market according to your need. And security systems are now progressing towards better and reliable solution in form of keyless lock up systems to avoid the fatigue of key loss. But these systems need specialized people and experts for installation.

This need gave rise to a new form of lock smiths who specialized in not only opening locks but who could also install a customized solution easily.


Thus a solution that was accessible to all was born. But this also entailed costs. Even in these times of economies of scale, getting a good locking system is not easy. There are many options but not all are equal to the security requirement or in one’s budget. There are a few options still out there that not only meets the need but also meet the budget requirement for not only residential users but small and medium business, but also for commercial projects.

One such option is LOCK UP SERVICES which provide a wide array of security system options for residential and commercial purposes for past 50 years. From biometric locks and sensors to simple lock and key options that are well within your budgetary concerns. Moreover, as the complexity is increased in lock up system, so it is also difficult to come out of the problem when you are stuck in the maze of highly complex installed lock up system but here you don’t need to be worried.

These lock up service providing companies also provide emergency services for any urgent requirements along with 24 hours home services to get you out of your problem. Their portfolio is wide enough to cater to need of all kind. As they always say better safe than sorry!

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