The Most Popular Home Services

Popular Home Services

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The home services industry is still growing, with millions of people looking for plumbers, carpet cleaners, electricians, or landscapers. And while home services have always been in high demand, we’ve seen a significant rise in the last few years.

There are plenty of reasons for that, and the main one is probably our busy lifestyle. We simply don’t have time to do things like that ourselves, and with the development of the internet, access to those services has never been easier.

Companies like Perfect Home Services are thriving, and while they went through a little rough patch during the lockdown, the rest of the year is looking much more optimistic.

Of course, not for all of them; some services struggled more than others, like cleaning or house care.

So, how has the industry changed? What are the most popular home services right now? Which ones of them have managed to survive the lockdown without any or with few scratches? Let’s find out.


Some house services will always be up to date, and plumbing is one of them. After all, we all need to use the bathroom, wash the dishes, clean our clothes, etc., and there’s one thing that connects all of these activities: water usage.

That’s why the plumbing industry hasn’t suffered so severely during the lockdown, as people still had to use their services if something happened to their kitchen or bathroom.

The one thing that can stop the plumbing industry from growing is the lack of professionals. The number of skilled plumbers has decreased over the past few years, while the demand for their services is still high.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. Many people group them with plumbing services, but they’re entirely different. What connects them is only the growing demand.

More and more houses get air conditioning, and each one surely has heating and ventilation. And you can’t repair them on your own. You need skilled professionals to solve the problem for you.

That’s why HVAC services are going strong, and not even coronavirus was able to stop them. And with the growing number of new buildings, the demand for HVAC services will undeniably increase even more.


COVID 19 not only ruined our spring, but it’s also going to interfere with the summer. Plenty of countries still haven’t reopened their borders, which makes traveling abroad much more difficult.

When people realized that they’re going to spend their summer at home, they decided to make their garden look astonishing. And that’s where landscaping services come in.

After all, you can’t do everything by yourself, and there are plenty of things in the garden that demand specialistic help. Landscapers are here to help you design and create the backyard of your dreams that’s going to make the summer a bit less depressing.


Since almost everything we use runs on electricity, any malfunction of your home’s electrical system can cause chaos. And when you’re locked in your house for two months, it’s the worst thing to happen.

That’s why electrical home services didn’t suffer too much during the lockdown, as people needed them badly when something wasn’t working correctly.

Moreover, the demand for electrical home services is going to grow significantly in the future. But with the decrease in specialists, costs will increase too.


No matter how much we try, we can’t all be like Bob the Builder and fix everything ourselves. Sometimes, when something is malfunctioning, we need to seek help from experienced handymen.

Jammed drawers, broken locks, malfunctioning TVs or fridges, all demand help from a specialist. What’s more, during the lockdown you weren’t able to drive your TV to the service yourself, you had to call for handyman services.


During the lockdown, many people decided to add something new to their homes or change their old equipment to more advanced ones. That’s where installation house services came in.

Experts can assemble a wide range of equipment, from furniture to TVs, and the more advanced the piece of equipment, the higher demand for specialistic help.

And with lots of people deciding to add something extra to their homes to help them survive the lockdown, the need for installation services was incredibly high.


The demand for house services has always been high, but we’ve seen significant growth in recent years. All because of how fast-paced our lives have become. We don’t have time for anything, and it’s easier to pay someone who will take care of our homes.

And while COVID has caused turbulence on the house cleaning and care market, all technical services were still going strong. That showed how vital experienced specialists are for us.

Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in the number of experts, like plumbers, handymen, or electricians. That’s why their prices will grow, while the demand is also going to be much higher.