When and How Often Should You Change a Lock at Home?

How Often Should You Change your locks

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12% of homeowners install new locks on at least one door. One of the main reasons homeowners should change a lock is to improve security.

Changing door locks is not something homeowners do often. However, there are certain incidents which need you to make an update.

How can you maximize security in your home and avoid falling prey to burglars? Here are tips on when and how often you should change a lock at home.

You Have Lost Your Keys

Research by Pixie shows that 28% of Americans report losing their house keys. The team also found that two-thirds of people spend $50 or more a year to replace a lost item. That means the nation spends $2.7 billion to replace lost items.

If you have lost your keys, change the locks ASAP. The reason for this is that you don’t know who may have come across your keys. It could be a good Samaritan or a burglar. To be on the safe side, make an effort to change your locks.

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Your Locks Are Worn or Rusted

Old and worn out locks are a serious weakness when it comes to home security. For starters, they are easy to break and pick. If your door lock is rusted, opening it with a key can take time.

To secure your home, have the rusted and worn out locks removed by a professional. In place, the locksmith will install new locks. This eliminates the chances of locking yourself out.

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You Have Been a Victim of a Home Burglary

Around 325,000 homes are broken into every year. This happens during the day. If you have been a victim of a home burglary, call your local smith.

If the intruder picked your lock, it means there is a high risk of a repeat robbery. After a break-in, replace the old locks with modern smart locks. Doing this strengthens your home security. This also makes it difficult for a burglar to target you again.

You can boost your home security with electronic systems such as:

  • Closed-circuit TV
  • High-security electromechanical locks

To do so, you need the extensive expertise offered by AA Security Technologies. As professionals, they take their time to listen and discuss suitable security options.

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Have a New Roommate? Change a Lock

40% of New Yorkers live in doubled-up households. A double up household is where two working-age unpartnered adults, live together. Data from this study also shows that the national average of double up renters is 10% lower than that of New York at 40%.

When you change roommates, it is important to re-key or replace your locks. Doing so gives you peace of mind that past tenants will not access your home while you are away. In case of home burglary, you won’t have to suspect past tenants.

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Final Thoughts

Changing a lock when the situation warrants it safeguards your home from intruders. Also, you can avoid locking yourself out or suspect a past tenant for burglary. To replace or change a lock, we recommend a professional and trustworthy locksmith like Fast Keys.

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