Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

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There is a near endless array of baby bedding on the market that includes sets that are gender specific and others that can be used for either a boy or a girl. You can buy each piece separately but if you really think about it, it is the most expensive way to go. Just as there are bed-in-a-bag sets for adults they have them for your nursery as well.

A bed in a bag set includes sheet, pillow cases, a comforter, shams, and skirts for adult beds. Crib sets for baby is the same way. If you are looking to have your bedding co-ordinate the theme of your nursery then purchase sets. You can purchase single sheets so that you can mix and match your bedding.

When you are shopping for be aware that the bedding will be separated by fabric, colors, and styles. Your preferences will no doubt influence your purchase. Do you want cotton, flannel, fleece, or silk? Many parents prefer the cotton or flannel fabric because they are less expensive than silk sheets and are easier to clean.

The advantages to buying your bedding in sets is that everything already matches. You won’t be mixing fabrics, colors, or themes. With everything in one bag you can actually change the atmosphere of the room buy the bedding sets you purchase.

It is important that you match your bedding with the gender of your child. You wouldn’t want to, for example, saturate your sons room in pink. In a girls room however, it is okay to put blue. Most manufacturers are knowledgeable about current thinking regarding gender and what is believed to be acceptable or not. They tend to know what customers want. You most likely won’t have any trouble finding what you want.

Generally accepted themes for boys rooms include airplanes, trucks, or fire engines. Sports is another theme to look for boys. They are generally designed in bright colors – reds, blues, greens, and oranges.

Themes for girls could include ballerinas, faeries, Barbie, princess, butterflies or flowers. Girls bedding generally comes in softer colors such as pink, yellow, mauve, blue, and teal among others. Girls rooms themes are not limited to the above mentioned themes. Non-gender specific themes for bedding include animals, the solar system, favorite characters such as Barney, the Smurfs, Jimmy Neutron, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and others.

You also have the option of having your crib bedding custom made. There is a chance that you might not find just the right pattern you are looking for. If this is the case you can have someone make you bedding with your exact pattern. If you sew you can create your own bedding sets for your baby. There are even materials in gold and silver to use for your child’s bedding so they can sleep in the lap of luxury.

Crib bedding doesn’t refer to sheets only. You can get bed in a bag as mentioned earlier. You will find a sheet, a baby blanket, and a baby quilt in most sets. If you prefer to buy separate pieces you can still do that. Most stores have single pieces as well as bedding sets.

As you can see buying bedding for you baby can be a challenging task. Keep your budget in mind as well as your preferences. You can create a theme in your baby’s room with the types of bedding you use. You can use character bedding but know that kids often outgrow certain characters and as your child grows you will likely have to change your themes.

Creating An Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

Creating An Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

In our attempt to create an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s only fitting to use eco-friendly principles when designing a baby’s room. After all, a newborn will spend an average of 17 hours a day in their nursery, and it should be an environment filtered from toxins.

Here are seven key points to consider when setting up an eco-friendly baby nursery.

  1. Paint: Use one of the new water-based, low-volatile organic compound paints and take your friends or family up on their request to help. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be doing the painting. Try and complete the paint job at least a month before baby arrives to give it time to cure.
  2. Flooring: Carpets are nice and soft for babies to crawl on, but they can harbor toxic material and bacteria. VOC’s can be found in the fibers, backing and glue as well as any stain resistant treatments that may have been applied. If you must go that route, choose an all-natural, biodegradable carpet made from wool fibers and no toxic adhesives. A better choice is a solid floor such as linoleum, cork or wood. Use natural fiber throw rugs with a non slip backing.
  3. Crib: Choose real wood with natural finishes since the press wood versions can emit formaldehyde. The crib bedding should be an organic untreated material made from cotton or wool.
  4. Window Coverings: Aluminum mini-blinds or wooden shutters are easy to keep clean and do a great job of adjusting the light levels.
  5. Toys: Most toys are made of plastic, which is a major contributor to indoor air pollution. Try to purchase natural cloth or wood toys wherever possible. You can find natural products like these on Kidsco.
  6. Airflow: Make certain there is adequate ventilation in the nursery that allows for fresh air, but no drafts. An Air filter is also very effective, but use one that has both a HEPA filter and activated military carbon cloth. Change your furnace filters every three months to reduce dust and pollen.
  7. Cleaning: Use 100 percent biodegradable nontoxic cleaning products.
The Baby Bedding Challenge

The Baby Bedding Challenge

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Having a baby is the most wonderful experience a woman can have as it is a fulfillment of the biological function of the female species. After the giving birth process, the real work begins. Feeding bottles, diaper changes, immunization records are just a few of the things the new mom have to learn quickly. And one important thing to consider in the arrival of the baby is the kind of baby bedding he or she will use. According to Dr. Mark Brandenburg, the number one rule to follow in choosing the right baby bedding for your precious infant is safety. The second rule says safety and the third rule emphasizes safety. We are to conclude that it is not enough to say it, it must be emphasized that baby bedding is critical for the comfort of the baby.

In his article on how to find the perfect baby bedding, it must be neither too hard nor too soft. In the past, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS was attributed to very soft baby bedding. This happened when the baby’s mattress is too soft that his nose and mouth gets covered and the air he exhales is the air he breathes. This is dangerous for him since he would breath carbon dioxide rather than oxygen and the effects could lead to drowsiness, coma or even death.

There are a lot of styles and makes in choosing the baby’s bed. And with that, it follows that the baby bedding must be a perfect fit with the chosen equipment. The three major selections are: a bassinet, a crib or a cradle. What differentiates one from the other? A bassinet is an oblong-shaped basket that serves as a bed for an infant. But sometimes, round bassinets are also available. A crib is a bed that is flanked with high side bars for a baby or young child’s safety. Cribs are usually more economical since the baby can use it from infancy to two years. While a cradle is a small low bed that an infant uses that has rockers on its stand. In all these, the material used to make the equipment should alert and signal to the mom how much safety precautions are needed.
Bassinets are usually lacey and full of trimmings. The baby bedding must fit the bassinet so that the baby’s space is enough for him or her to be able to roll from side to side. The crib is usually square, thus, mattresses can be fitted to the size of the crib. The baby bedding usually is a set of coverlet and small pillows. Hotdog pillows can also be placed inside. However, the pillows should not be more than two or three lest the baby can stand on them and could fall over. The cradle can come in various sizes and shapes. Some moms prefer cradles so that when the baby is cranky, he or she can be rocked to be calmed down. The baby bedding for a cradle should follow the shape of it. Not much can be placed inside it since it is used mainly to rock the baby to sleep. However, one need not the three to keep the baby safe, warm and secure. One will do and this would depend on the parent’s preference. The most preferred would be the crib since it can be used for a long time.

Now that we’ve covered the basic equipment, how do we furnish it with baby bedding? We have already established that the baby bedding should fit the sleeping equipment to avoid accidents and other untoward incidents. The most suitable material to use is cotton as it is absorbent and cool to the baby’s skin. Different designs must be used to stimulate the baby’s color and pattern recognition. Therefore, the baby bedding is a crucial factor in keeping the baby happy and healthy.

Tips For Buying Crib Bedding Sets

Tips For Buying Crib Bedding Sets

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When it comes to buying products for your newborn, the thing which stands out the most is your baby’s bedding crib. It is the center of several necessities which are required for your child’s health, including sleep. But buying the perfect bedding set baby crib is always a tricky task. You never know whether the crib that you’ve bought will satisfy your toddler or not.

In order to buy the perfect crib for your infant, you need to keep a number of points in mind which will help you in deciding what’s best.

Things to Look for

While out in the market for your baby’s crib bedding, you need to look for a number of things. The first thing you need to do is check the stability of the baby crib bedding set. Give it a good shake and see if it wobbles or rattles. If it does, you’ll know that the crib wasn’t put together properly and you definitely need to avoid it.

Your baby’s crib bedding should come with an adjustable height as once he learns to sit and become more playful, you will want to lower the mattress. As the child gets more active, he will become prone to falling off the crib and that is when the adjustable height of the baby’s crib bedding set can help you out by enabling more safety for your child.

The corner posts of the crib should also be checked. If they are higher than 1/16 inch then it means they may catch clothing and harm or injure your infant. Always make sure the corner posts are safe.

Things to Avoid

A number of things are to be avoided. Cribs that come with decorative touches are dangerous, as the fancy pieces may break off and become a choking hazard for your infant. Also refrain from buying versatile baby crib beddings which can be converted into a toddler bed. The makeover is not as quite easy as it seems and you don’t want it to be too troublesome for you.

Safety Notes

A number of baby bedding cribs have been recalled by major brands in recent years for being not properly put together or well-built, therefore, before borrowing or buying a used crib, make sure if the product has been recalled or not. You will need to do some research but it is necessary when your child’s physical well-being is at stake.

Always remember, the most important aspect is comfortability. Even if a crib is seemingly perfect, if your infant doesn’t seem at ease in it, it may not be the right one.

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