The Best Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Painted Bedroom Walls

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The room color has a great influence on person’s mood and thoughts. While the way you decorate your home should reflect your personal style, it’s important to keep in mind that certain colors encourage relaxation, as others raise up the adrenaline and make us feel energized. Since the bedroom is a place where people relax and feel at ease, the cool and light shades are usually the ones most recommended for painting the bedroom walls.

Classic Neutrals

When you can’t decide which color to choose, bear in mind that the neutral tones will always be a good choice. Since colors like white, grey, ivory, beige and taupe are great for combining with other colors, and with one another, you’ll have a wide range of options for the best final design of your sanctuary. If you opt for ivory walls, it would be a great idea to have brown bed sheets and light cream drapes. Add a beige rug and dark brown nightstands to make the bedroom look classy, yet relaxing. Additionally, if you’re on a budget, or you’d like to make the room look bigger, painting the walls white would be the most affordable option. Match the white bed sheets and light cream curtains with a cream rug, and it’ll brighten up the room completely. Consider a combination of black accents and white walls and furniture as well, because it’ll give the room luxurious yet calming touch.

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Pastel Shades

If anything looks serene it’s a bedroom with pastel walls. The soft shades will promote good night’s sleep and help you feel at ease once you’re in a comfy bed. Consider soft pinks, yellows, green, lavender and blue for the colors of your bedroom walls. Since blue is said to be the calmest hue because it lowers the blood pressure, think about combining it with white tones in order to create the ultimate oasis of peace. Dark wood furniture in combination with lavender or pink walls will give the room just enough of calming feel, without making it look too childish. Green is also a perfect color for the bedroom since it’s believed that it helps with the fertility, and relieves stress. Therefore, paint the walls pastel green; match them with white drapes, dark brown furniture and white and green bedsheets for the ultimate haven in your home.

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Monochromatic Schemes

Playing with different finishes of a single color can transform a room into a beautiful space. This is especially suitable for those who don’t really know how to match certain colors, and think they could go too far and create a space that’s too bright. Combining various tones of blue, green or brown, will make the room look fabulous. Use a light blue premium paint for walls, add a navy-blue sofa, cushions and drapes. Choose a pale tint for window treatments, while rugs should be the deepest shade of blue. Going from the lightest to the darkest shade of color provides the room with a polished, layered and unique look.

Additional Tips

When you start thinking about the perfect color for your bedroom, look around and try to match it with the existing furniture. What’s more, light colors tend to make the space look bigger, so if your bedroom is small, white, cream and light shades of blue would visually enlarge it. On the other hand, warm colors like brown or dark blue would create a cosy feel and make the space look a bit smaller.

Choosing the right color for the bedroom can be difficult, but is, nevertheless, essential if you want to create the space in which you’ll always feel calm and relaxed. Therefore, choose the warm neutrals, some of the pastel shades or even the monochromatic scheme to create a perfectly decorated bedroom.