Gift Ideas for Bedding Sets for Couples

Gift Ideas for Bedding Sets for Couples

It is quite exciting to buy gifts for the people you love the most, but sometimes you run out of ideas. Especially when it’s the holidays, and you know your friends and family must be flooded with gifts—finding that unique gift is indeed a task. It takes a little outside the box, thinking to find the perfect gift.

One of the most amazing products, also known as the most potential gift of the year, is the bed sheet. You might be feeling a bit odd, it seems a little weird at first, but it would be loved and adored by your friends and family.

The idea of bed sheets as a gift does not occur to everyone, but why not give something that can be enjoyed regularly? A bed sheet is indeed a thoughtful gift, and not everyone thinks of it as a gift, which makes your offering unique.

Whether you are thinking about a newlywed gift or a couple who moved into a new place, bedding is a perfect gift for couples as stated by – online bedding stores; it gives a fresh start and a refreshing look to a room. A study proves that a clean and fresh environment increases the love between the couple.

Bed Sheet Sets for a Couple Who Recently Moved to Their New Home

Suppose you know a couple who recently moved into a place and are worried about the house-warming present. The couple must have everything, but they need something to refresh their bedroom. Give them a bed sheet!

Besides, if you think about how a bed sheet will look ordinary, let us clear how you can make it extraordinary!

How Can You Make the Bed Sheet Set Look Extraordinary?

We are not suggesting you present a simple bed sheet with limited pillow covers. You can make your gift astounding by just adding fancy touches. Whether you know or you do not know the bed size, you can still make a fantastic set.

However, a little knowledge about the taste of the opposite party is appreciated. If you know about the color of the room, it will help you in making the right choice. The majority of people love to have a hotel kind of environment in their room, but it takes a lot of effort and planning.

You can style the bed sheet set like the one you get in hotels. All you need to do is decide on two standard size bed sheets. Moreover, keeping the taste of the other person in mind, you can choose the colors and the print. Once you are done with it, you need to pair the bed sheets with the pillows.

Now, in hotels, you get multiple pillows! You can either get just the pillow covers—or you can get the fillings as well. Besides, you need to get four standard size pillows and 4 square pillows.

Once you are all good with the fabric and the print—time for some fancies, you can add either frill pattern on the bed sheet, or you can get some designing on the edges. This will give a new look to your gift. You can get the same design done on the pillow as well.

Now comes the most exciting part! The duvet cover—this will make your gift exceptional, and the receiver might not expect this coming. Pair your bed sheet and the pillow cover with a matching or contrasting duvet cover.

By following the above steps, you can create a perfect gift for couples. This will also add an emotional touch, and the couple will always remember you. Also, this gift is convenient. Now everyone buys new bed sheets while moving; your gift will give them a fresher feeling about their place.

Reasons Why Bedding Makes a Great Gift for Couples:

1. Comfort Gift

Bedding is one of the most comforting gifts in the world. Nothing can be more comforting than a bed sheet set. You can give a complete wedding-bedding to your new-wedded friend. Your gift will help them in achieving a hotel type experience every time they go to bed.

2. A Gift That Can Be Cherished for a Long Time

You got it right! The bed sheet is a gift that can be cherished for a long time. The couple must be living together, but they have recently married. They need to throw the old, ratty duvet covers and bed sheets. You can help them in revamping and recreating a new look in their room.

3. Peaceful Gift

You can pair the bed sheet with other relaxing gifts as well. You can also pair two bed sheets with one duvet cover. Moreover, you also add a touch of aromatherapy products such as a candle, room-freshener, or soothing lotion. Indeed a perfect combination gift for a newlywed.

4. Quality-Sleep

Newlywed couples are exhausted after their wedding. Attending the events and dinners can be extremely tiresome. They might not think that a good, clean, and fresh set of sheets and bedding can help them with peaceful sleep. You can help them in starting their journey on the right foot, a quality-sleep!

5. Customization

It is not necessary that you just buy a bed sheet and pair it with pillow covers and give it to the couple. The bed sheet is a customizable product. You can easily customize it and add a personal touch to it. Moreover, it is quite easy to get a bed sheet customized. All you need to do is think about new ideas. You can get a personalized bed sheet with name initials or funny quotes or something. Or, you can also get the pillow covers customized.

So yeah, now you know what you are going to give to your loved ones. It is not about the perfect gift; it is the thought that matters the most. Couples usually look forward to their wedding gifts. The newlywed couples have almost everything, as they shop for their new lift. But, a thoughtful gift can make their new journey more memorable. Next time, if you are worried about a unique gift—simply go for a bedding set.

How to Choose the Best Dog Companion for Apartment Living

How to Choose the Best Dog Companion for Apartment Living

Many of us live in urban areas, trying to make the most of the space offered by an apartment. If you seriously consider getting a dog as a companion but worry about the limited space within an apartment, it’s time to know that some breeds could suit this requirement.

There are several small dog breeds that have a low maintenance level, shed very little, and could live in an apartment if walked on a daily basis. If you want to make sure that you’ll find the perfect dog for an apartment living style, the following pieces of advice may turn out to be more than useful.

Go for a Dog Breed That Is Calm and Can Be Easily Trained

When you live in an apartment building, you need to have your neighbors in mind at all times. So, you will need to direct your attention toward a dog breed that is quiet and does not have a tendency to bark a lot. A noisy dog may get you troubles with the neighbors, which is not something you want.

Also, a dog breed that can be easily trained, when it comes to respecting basic commands and getting housebroken, is also useful in this case. You will need to have a well-behaved dog that won’t jump on people. Such a dog will definitely make your life easier.

A Low-Shedding and Low-Maintenance Dog Breed Will Also Be Great

Many dog lovers avoid getting a dog in an apartment because they imagine that the entire house will be covered by dog hair. While most dog breeds do shed twice a year, during seasonal changes, there are dogs that shed very little.

With adequate grooming routine and periodic visits to the dog hair salon, your companion will not trigger any issues from this point of view. The Poodle, for example, is one of the best dogs you can have around if you don’t want dog hair problems. It doesn’t shed too much and its coat can always be trimmed and shortened.

Dogs with a short coat are easier to maintain, as they don’t require too much grooming. But, they will shed a bit more than their peers with a longer, but hypoallergenic, coat. Of course, we are talking about small dogs, so the grooming routine will never last for too long, no matter what breed you choose.

You May Have To Train Your Dog To Go on a Puppy Mat or Special Litter Boxes

Housebreaking your dog doesn’t necessarily mean to teach it to hold back until you arrive at home. Some just don’t have such a strong bladder. To keep your floors and carpets safe, it would be recommended to train your dog to use an absorbent puppy mat or special dog litter boxes.

This way you can be sure that there won’t be any unwanted accidents by the time to get back home. Some products of the kind are made to smell like grass, so it will be easier for your pooch to use them. But, you may have to show your dog their location and practice for a while until the dog learns the trick. With that said, if you were thinking about getting training for your dog, now is the right time.

Take Into Consideration the Energy Level of the Dog

The best companion is the one that matches your energy levels. So, think well if you need a calmer dog, with a lower energy level, or if you want a more outgoing dog. Even if they are small in size, there are some small dog breeds that are quite energetic.

Thus, how much time and energy are you willing to invest in walks and spending time in the outdoors? Also, how much time do you have on a daily basis for your dog? You need to consider that energetic dogs will be more demanding and will get into trouble if they don’t get the chance to burn all their energy.

A List With the Best Dogs for Apartment Living

1. Poodle

The Poodle, especially Toy Poodle, is great for living in an apartment. This dog breed sheds very little and is perfectly happy in a small space if it gets to enjoy daily walks. It is calm, loving, and smart, so you won’t have any issues training it and educating it right.

2. Pug

The Pugs are cheerful and sociable dogs that come in very small packages. In other words, the dog’s reduced size makes it ideal for an apartment. This dog doesn’t bark much either, but it can snore, due to the shape of its muzzle. It also likes lounging and eating, so you may want to pay attention to its body weight.

3. Miniature Schnauzer

This is another type of dog that doesn’t shed much, as long as its coat gets periodic trimming and shortening at a pet salon. They can be trained with ease and have moderate exercising requirements. It is a calm and gentle dog, great for seniors that are not looking to get an exuberant dog.

4. Chihuahua

If we take a good look at the Chihuahua, it is easy to tell that it may be the most suitable dog breed for living in an apartment. The dog has a very short coat, so you’ll barely see any dog hair. It is very small even as an adult dog, making an apartment a more than generous space for such a tiny dog.


Just do remember that having a dog inside an apartment doesn’t mean that you’ll give it the best shelter and conditions available. Every dog breed must be walked on a daily basis. So, even if you do choose a dog breed with a moderate energy level, you will still have to go on walks every day.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do this, seriously consider hiring a dog walker. In case you are leaving your dog alone for most of the day, you could also need a dog sitter or boarding your dog at a daycare center. So, while many small dog breeds can adapt to living in an apartment, you will have to make it up for the fact that you don’t have a backyard where they can run and play.

Things to Avoid When Washing Bed Sheets

Things to Avoid When Washing Bed Sheets

There’s literally no better feeling than crawling up in fresh, clean bed sheets after a hard day’s work. As a matter of fact, a recent poll discovered that clean sheets get at the top of the list of things that make people feel great. Your bed is your sanctuary while your sheets get the most wear and tear every day. That’s why washing your bed sheets carefully is of utmost importance – it will make your sheets last longer and give you that fresh, comfy feeling you adore so much. So, if you want clean yet properly taken care of sheets, here’s what you should avoid once you get to the laundry room.

Don’t wait too long

Let’s assume you’re lucky enough to get eight hours of sleep each night. That means that you will spend one-third of each day crawling up your bed sheets, so regular cleaning is a must. All of that sweat, body oil, dust, and dead skin cells make your sheets dirty pretty fast, so experts suggest washing them once a week. The longest you can wait between two washing cycles is two weeks but try to keep it shorter, especially during the warm periods of the year.

Don’t forget about stains

Bed sheets get stained easily, especially if you eat or do makeup in bed, so don’t forget to check for stains before you throw them in the washing machine. Pillow cases get stained the most with makeup leftovers or hair dye color. If you happen to find a stain before washing, make sure you treat it with a pre-wash stain remover. That surely is easier and more efficient than rewashing them because one cycle wasn’t strong enough.

Don’t set the temperature too high

People often assume that the hotter the cycle in the washing machine, the cleaner the sheets will be. This might be true, however – most sheets are made of cotton and all cotton shrinks, at least a little bit. Higher temperatures will make your bed sheets shorter, so try to avoid washing them in water that’s too hot and drying them at high temperature. Instead, keep it moderate – that’s the only way to prevent shrinkage and prolong your bed sheets’ lifespan.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Although it sounds efficient to wash all of your family’s bedding in one go, overloading the washing machine can do more harm than good. Contemporary washing machines can wash a lot of laundry at a single washing, but it’s important not to overload it. Besides damaging your washing machine, washing your sheets in an overloaded machine can cause them to wrinkle, tear, or don’t wash properly. Leave some room for water and detergent to circulate in order to be sure it’s done properly.

Don’t mix them with towels

When washed, towels can produce a lot of lint that will stick to your sheets and make them coated with tiny lint balls. Also, towels produce a lot of friction which can shorten your sheets’ lifespan. Keeping these two apart is especially important for drying since the fabrics are not the same and sheets will dry faster. This doesn’t mean that you always have to wash bed sheets separately. It’s okay to combine them with some light cotton fabrics that are not too different from the bedding fabric, but towels are a big no.

Don’t use harsh detergents

Neither too much detergent nor too harsh detergent will be good for your bed sheets. This is particularly important if you have bed sheets of a fine quality – the wrong detergent can damage them or make them fade. Remember that your sheets don’t get as dirty as your pants or T-shirts, so using a mild detergent is completely fine. Think baby detergents and you’ll have the softest sheets that will also smell like heaven.

Now, when was the last time you washed your sheet sets? Do it today, don’t make these common mistakes, and voilà – you’ll provide yourself with a heavenly good night of sleep right away!

proper way to wash bedsheets

Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

Trend Lab Waverly Pom Pom Play 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set is available from Amazon.

There is a near endless array of baby bedding on the market that includes sets that are gender specific and others that can be used for either a boy or a girl. You can buy each piece separately but if you really think about it, it is the most expensive way to go. Just as there are bed-in-a-bag sets for adults they have them for your nursery as well.

A bed in a bag set includes sheet, pillow cases, a comforter, shams, and skirts for adult beds. Crib sets for baby is the same way. If you are looking to have your bedding co-ordinate the theme of your nursery then purchase sets. You can purchase single sheets so that you can mix and match your bedding.

When you are shopping for be aware that the bedding will be separated by fabric, colors, and styles. Your preferences will no doubt influence your purchase. Do you want cotton, flannel, fleece, or silk? Many parents prefer the cotton or flannel fabric because they are less expensive than silk sheets and are easier to clean.

The advantages to buying your bedding in sets is that everything already matches. You won’t be mixing fabrics, colors, or themes. With everything in one bag you can actually change the atmosphere of the room buy the bedding sets you purchase.

It is important that you match your bedding with the gender of your child. You wouldn’t want to, for example, saturate your sons room in pink. In a girls room however, it is okay to put blue. Most manufacturers are knowledgeable about current thinking regarding gender and what is believed to be acceptable or not. They tend to know what customers want. You most likely won’t have any trouble finding what you want.

Generally accepted themes for boys rooms include airplanes, trucks, or fire engines. Sports is another theme to look for boys. They are generally designed in bright colors – reds, blues, greens, and oranges.

Themes for girls could include ballerinas, faeries, Barbie, princess, butterflies or flowers. Girls bedding generally comes in softer colors such as pink, yellow, mauve, blue, and teal among others. Girls rooms themes are not limited to the above mentioned themes. Non-gender specific themes for bedding include animals, the solar system, favorite characters such as Barney, the Smurfs, Jimmy Neutron, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and others.

You also have the option of having your crib bedding custom made. There is a chance that you might not find just the right pattern you are looking for. If this is the case you can have someone make you bedding with your exact pattern. If you sew you can create your own bedding sets for your baby. There are even materials in gold and silver to use for your child’s bedding so they can sleep in the lap of luxury.

Crib bedding doesn’t refer to sheets only. You can get bed in a bag as mentioned earlier. You will find a sheet, a baby blanket, and a baby quilt in most sets. If you prefer to buy separate pieces you can still do that. Most stores have single pieces as well as bedding sets.

As you can see buying bedding for you baby can be a challenging task. Keep your budget in mind as well as your preferences. You can create a theme in your baby’s room with the types of bedding you use. You can use character bedding but know that kids often outgrow certain characters and as your child grows you will likely have to change your themes.

Creating An Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

Creating An Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

In our attempt to create an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s only fitting to use eco-friendly principles when designing a baby’s room. After all, a newborn will spend an average of 17 hours a day in their nursery, and it should be an environment filtered from toxins.

Here are seven key points to consider when setting up an eco-friendly baby nursery.

  1. Paint: Use one of the new water-based, low-volatile organic compound paints and take your friends or family up on their request to help. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be doing the painting. Try and complete the paint job at least a month before baby arrives to give it time to cure.
  2. Flooring: Carpets are nice and soft for babies to crawl on, but they can harbor toxic material and bacteria. VOC’s can be found in the fibers, backing and glue as well as any stain resistant treatments that may have been applied. If you must go that route, choose an all-natural, biodegradable carpet made from wool fibers and no toxic adhesives. A better choice is a solid floor such as linoleum, cork or wood. Use natural fiber throw rugs with a non slip backing.
  3. Crib: Choose real wood with natural finishes since the press wood versions can emit formaldehyde. The crib bedding should be an organic untreated material made from cotton or wool.
  4. Window Coverings: Aluminum mini-blinds or wooden shutters are easy to keep clean and do a great job of adjusting the light levels.
  5. Toys: Most toys are made of plastic, which is a major contributor to indoor air pollution. Try to purchase natural cloth or wood toys wherever possible. You can find natural products like these on Kidsco.
  6. Airflow: Make certain there is adequate ventilation in the nursery that allows for fresh air, but no drafts. An Air filter is also very effective, but use one that has both a HEPA filter and activated military carbon cloth. Change your furnace filters every three months to reduce dust and pollen.
  7. Cleaning: Use 100 percent biodegradable nontoxic cleaning products.
Is Egyptian Cotton Bedding For You?

Is Egyptian Cotton Bedding For You?

The 100% Egyptian Cotton Deluxe Reversible Hotel Comforter Set is available from

When choosing new bedding there are some important things to consider. Egyptian Cotton is a great choice to make and here is why.

Why 100% Cotton?

Nature has given cotton attributes that makes it a smoother, softer and more comfortable choice. It’s “breathable,” so cotton sheets never feel sticky against your skin. Cotton sheets release soil easily, so they wash clean. Cotton sheets are perfect for any season providing year-round comfort. The fiber provides cool comfort in the summer and holds a layer of warm air in the cold weather. They also have the highest wear resistance of all the principal textile fibers; in fact, they become softer with repeated washings and use. It is also now generally accepted that cotton is kinder to the skin of eczema sufferers or people with sensitive skin, unlike the fibers in wool, nylon and other man-made fabrics, which tend to irritate the skin.

Why Egyptian Cotton?

A fine, lustrous, long staple cotton grown in Egypt. Long staple cottons are more expensive than the commonly available cottons, because they are synonymous with quality and have a higher thread count.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. High-quality sheets have at least 180 threads per square inch and are referred to as Cotton Percale. The higher the thread count, the softer the “hand” or feel of the sheet, and the more pill-resistant it is. The quality and feel of a sheet depends on the fiber the fabric is made from and the number of threads woven per inch. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the sheet.