Mistakes To Avoid When Storing A Mattress

Storing A Mattress

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Without a good night of rest, you are usually waking up in a bad mood. Besides the problem with a mood, repeating the same ritual over and over again will eventually lead to some more serious health issues. Since the quality of sleep on a regular basis is the foundation of health, it’s important to consider a good bed. As the mattress is being its crucial part, investing in an appropriate high-quality mattress means more than just a luxury. If properly maintained, they can last for years. If not, they will degrade pretty fast. That’s why it’s important to know which mistakes to avoid when storing a mattress and prevent damaging your precious piece of furniture in the long run.

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What Mistakes to Avoid When Storing a Mattress?

Storing a mattress may seem simple but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. You can just drop it off in one of the storage, keep it there for a few months only to find out it’s completely unusable after a while. Why? Because, like many other pieces of furniture, the mattress is susceptible to plenty of external factors. Humidity and similar physical conditions and damage are just some of them. You will need a storage unit that is safe and dry, but that’s not all of it. You need proper knowledge about methods to store your mattress in the long-term, and this is where many people make mistakes. So let’s discuss the most common mistakes you should avoid if you want to keep your mattress in good condition:

  • Not having enough knowledge about mattress
  • Exposing your mattress in transport
  • Storing your mattress without cleaning it first
  • You don’t consider humidity
  • Sideway storing for the long run
  • Forgetting a proper wrapping when storing a mattress
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Not Having Enough Knowledge About Mattress

Your preparation for different situations, including storing, begins before you even buy a mattress. A high-quality mattress doesn’t come cheap. Since it’s a considerable investment, you should at least do proper research before buying it. There are many types and models on the market, so knowing exactly what you are buying is absolutely necessary. Many shops are selling them by different names, and even if they look similar, there is no guarantee it’s a similar product. The best way to check is to read through the specification. Usually, you can find valuable information about how to store your mattress within those tiny letters.

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Exposing Your Mattress in Transport

People move from one home to another quite often. Assuming you have a mattress that suits your needs you will want to bring it with you in case you are moving. So, knowing how to properly prepare your furniture for transportation is one of the most important things. Don’t just load your mattress on the top of your car and go. You wouldn’t do it with any other piece so don’t do it with the mattress. You can protect it with different protective covers, but also keep it in the position so it doesn’t damage its internal structure. Especially if it is an innerspring mattress. If you, by any means, are not sure how to approach the problem, hiring moving professionals like purpleheartmovinggroup.com is your best option. Let professionals deal with it while you attend other pressing matters. Even if it’s only to the storage unit and back.

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Storing Your Mattress Without Cleaning It First

Everything, including your mattress, should be clean before you place it in storage. The dirt on the surface, and inside the mattress, will only make it degrade over time. Not to mention the smell, the germs, and other infestations that may occur in an unhealthy environment. There are many cleaning solutions you can use, but baking soda will always be among the best cleaners. You can sprinkle it everywhere, leave it for a day to absorb both visible and invisible unwanted matters, and clean it up with a vacuum cleaner. Leave it for a few more hours on the sun and clean air before you pack it up. This way, your mattress is ready for long term storage.

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You Donā€™t Consider Humidity

With cleaning, we mentioned baking soda. One of the characteristics is that it absorbs humidity from the inside your mattress. But, you can’t sprinkle your entire basement with it and hope to accomplish anything. So, it’s important to avoid storing your mattress in humid areas. Avoid storing anything in humid areas, for that matter. Moisture is infamous for making serious damage to everything from wood to fabrics. Not to mention it cause the metal to rust. And that’s only physical damage. If it develops mold, it’s obvious it can affect your health, among other things. If you don’t have a proper space, consider renting a storage unit. The best thing is, you can rent climate-controlled units which have the best environment for delicate items.

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Sideway Storing for the Long Run

Sideway storing a mattress might be appropriate for short transportation, to save more space for other items. But, as the long-term storage position, it will definitely damage your mattress. In mattresses with the innerspring mechanism or spring coil mattress, it will cause the deformities and even micro-fractures in the coils due to the constant strain. Often time, the damage goes beyond repair and it’s nothing other than a waste of money. The only solution to maintain its shape is to store your mattress flat. Also, avoid placing anything on the top of your mattress when storing it, and place something under it to lift it off the ground.

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Forgetting a Proper Wrapping When Storing a Mattress

When moving your mattress for storage, don’t forget to properly wrap it. It’s especially important if you are storing it for a prolonged period of time. When tightly sealed in a plastic wrap, the mattress will last much longer. However, not every plastic cover will do. Some plastic materials will trap the moisture inside so you should aim for quality mattress bags. Also, you should air it out every few months and reseal it again.

Finally, when the time comes to take it back, clean it one more time and you will have a fresh mattress ready for use. Follow these guidelines about which mistakes to avoid when storing a mattress in the long run, and you won’t have to worry about the damage anymore.

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