Bedroom Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Bedroom Design Trends to Look out for in 2017

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Each year brings new trends, and it is time to start fresh with the New Year. Some of the 2016’s designs are out, while 2017 is bringing new fresh styles into bedroom design. Stay on track and redecorate a little bit, and your bedroom will be ready for the new year to start.

Fresh Flowers

Floral patterns are not trending that much anymore. Now, the actual fresh flowers are here to do the trick in any bedroom design. Never underestimate the power of plants, especially flowers and their refreshing colors. Even in small doses, colorful blooms can elevate the atmosphere of any bedroom so why not bring them inside. The nightstands are usually lonely and they need a little something to boost their looks, so place a simple vase where you can keep your favorite flowers. In lightly colored bedrooms, pink fuchsia can provide the necessary contrast and give the sweet smell to your favorite place in the house.

Multipurpose Space

Usually, bedrooms are just for sleeping and resting. However, 2017 has a different opinion – bedrooms should have multiple purposes. Many designers advise to turn the bedroom into a hotel-suit-like retreat. Master bedrooms are more than just a place for sleep and the trends are leaning towards making the bedrooms a small home within the home. If it is big enough, decorate it in a way it resembles your entire home in one place. Provide space for completing daily tasks, equip it with a quality coffee maker, make space for a smaller office area and so on. This way, you can completely enjoy the perks of your bedroom and you can be productive in it.

Layers of Light

Bedrooms tend to be dark, because we need our sleep without any interruptions. However, during the day, it should be bright and cozy, and you can achieve that only through layers of light. First, you want to start with enabling as much natural light as possible to come inside. Opt for curtains and drapes that can easily be slid aside and provide a big enough window. Secondly, the bedroom will need the overhead ambient lighting fixture to keep it well-lit. Finally, you can add accent lighting fixtures to tie the look of the room together and provide depth and style. This can be done through stylish and modern LED downlights that can light up the dark areas of the room. Also, a few simple table lamps can do the same trick and they will provide a useful task or night light.

The Come-back of the Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been out for a while, but this year it is making a dramatic come-back. Every bedroom needs a little drama in it, but only through décor. In order to provide such dynamics you can contrast the calming colors of the furniture and bedding with some colored wallpaper. Better yet, you can create an accent wall behind the bed with patterned wallpaper in darker shades. However, remember that such contrast will only work if the colors of the headboard are neutral and the accessories are moderate.

Custom Headboards

Headboards can sometimes be tricky to pick. You have to combine them with your own preferences and match them with the style of the room. However, there is an easier solution to that – custom made headboards. As soon as you have a clear picture of how your bedroom should look like, try designing a unique headboard for your bed. To make it fit even more in the latest trends, you should upholster it in some darker shade for contrast. Additionally, you can design your own bedding and use the natural materials for the fabrics. This way, your bedroom will be personalized and you will be able to enjoy it much more.

The trends of 2017 are all about us and natural elements. That’s why you should invest your time and creativity in creating something unique for your bedroom, since the perks of nature in the form of flowers and light can add an organic touch. When you combine all this, you will create a relaxing place for you to rest and the soothing colors will only contribute more to the serenity.