Alternative Uses of Stick & Peel Wallpaper

Stick & Peel Wallpaper

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Simplicity is alluring, especially if it is well acknowledged by people & gives you a sense of satisfaction. It does not matter if you are unconcerned about the designs or are really into creativity – you will always behold simplicity.

When it comes to augmenting your interiors & setting a vibe, you can incorporate the idea of simplicity even if the theme is bold. Wallpapers can help you accomplish this goal easily. If your preferences keep changing with time or you do not want the hassle of painting your walls, then Stick-and-peel wallpaper is going to give you the best of both worlds!

Stick and peel wallpaper is a cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative to traditional wallcoverings. The self-adhesive backing eliminates the need for sticky paste, and you can rip it off and start again if you make a mistake. However, applying temporary wallpaper isn’t as straightforward as peeling the backing off and putting it on the wall.

To guarantee that it sticks correctly to the wall, you’ll need to conduct some preliminary work. A few tools and tactics will also help you achieve the smoothest possible finish. Ensure you apply the wallpaper with bubble-free, long-lasting results & follow these step-by-step instructions on how to use peel-and-stick wallpaper while transforming your interiors!

Work in the Areas of Windows and Outlets

Allow the wallpaper to overhang any windows, door frames, or outlets you come across. Once the piece is in place, cut the barrier with a straightedge and a utility knife to remove the extra. Smooth the paper against the wall surrounding the outlet or window. Ensure the power is switched off before using a utility knife to gently cut away the paper covering the aperture on electrical outlets and switch plates. Don’t worry if the hole has rough edges; the outlet cover or switch plate will disguise most flaws. You may also use paper to create a seamless effect on flat plates.

Add a Little Glory to Your Staircase

One of the undermined yet best ideas is sticking wallpaper to your stairs. Before that, check if the color of your stairs goes well with the type of wallpaper you have chosen. Be it floral, stripes, or a delicate design, any theme could add glory to your staircase.

Decoupage Furniture

Here’s your chance to upcycle your worn-out furniture or transform a boring & simple piece of furniture into a bold & presentable utility. Stick-and-peel wallpaper would suit the best with wooden cupboards, storage boxes, chairs, bedside drawers, etc. Get ready for the best part – not only will you get appreciated by people for the piece of art you have created, but also you will save a fortune on spending on the new furniture!

Transform Your Ineffective Fireplace Into Art

Ineffective or not-so-often used fireplaces do not usually add to the overall look of your interiors & you can customize their appearance with the help of Stick-and-peel wallpapers. Try adding wallpapers in contrast to the color of your wall or with a bold & significant design that catches people’s eyes the moment they enter the room.

Let Your Bookcase Define You

Your bookcase or shelves do not have to be boring. Just grab the wallpaper of your choice, stick it on the wall, between spaces of the case or the shelf. This idea will give your room an elegant & classy look- all at once.

Make People Stare!

Use Stick-and-peel wallpaper to cover vases, flower pots, empty spaces on a wall, or even frame a wallpaper & hang it on a plain wall. You can try all these ideas with the same wallpaper if you love consistency & uniformity or with different wallpapers, as you like.

Give Your Kitchen a Look It Deserves

Space, where you keep your dishes, looks a little bland. Make it more presentable by sticking the wallpaper of your favorite theme. It will augment the overall look of your kitchen. Besides this, you can also choose to cover your boring coffee table with a neutral color wallpaper.

The more minimalistic you go, the better it will look!

Bottom Line

Creativity & minimalism can go hand-in-hand, only if you try. I hope these tips help you to get your desired results. Try them & flaunt your creativity in front of your friends, folks, or the world!