4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tables For Your Home

Choosing Tables

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Finding a table for your home can be an exciting but often overwhelming process. There are so many options to choose from and factors to consider that it’s easy to get lost in the details. To help simplify things, we have put together this guide with some of the most important considerations (like mid century modern console tables) you should make when choosing a new piece of furniture. Take a look.

1. Style

When it comes to style, you want to consider the personality of your home. You’d likely be more interested in dining tables with clean lines and sleek finishes if you have a modern-chic design aesthetic. If you’re more traditional, perhaps something with an antique look like mid century modern console tables would suit your taste.

A good rule of thumb when choosing furniture for your home is that less is more. Don’t clutter up your space with too many different styles or colors; select one or two pieces that speak to your aesthetic and then build from there.

2. Shape

It would help if you chose the shape of the table based on the room in which you will place it. Tables come in various forms, so there is no limit to what you can choose from. Round tables are great for dining areas where people gather to enjoy each others’ company.

These also work well for small spaces because round tables allow more people to sit around them without feeling cramped or crowded. Square and rectangular dining room tables have a more formal look than rounded ones. However, they still provide enough space for everyone at their respective family gatherings.

3. Material

The material of the table you choose will affect its durability, style, and maintenance. Wooden tables are sturdy and durable, but they can be heavy to move around and look somewhat dated.

Glass tables are elegant and easy to clean, though they aren’t very sturdy when knocked into or sat on by kids. Iron tables are strong and rust-resistant, but their heaviness can make them difficult to move around and cause them to be noisy when knocked into or sat on by kids. If you have kids, getting a glass or plastic table is best.

These materials are lighter and less likely to break if knocked into or sat on by little ones. However, if you plan on using your table mostly for adults and hosting more formal parties, an iron or wooden table will suit your needs better.

4. Cost

The cost of your table is one of the most important factors. You want to be sure that the table you choose fits into your budget but doesn’t break it. If you’re buying a table for a high-traffic area, such as the dining room or kitchen, this may need to be kept in mind so that it doesn’t turn into an expensive disaster when it breaks down after only a few months of use. However, if you’re looking for something simple and versatile enough for occasional use and do not have much money to spend on new furniture, there are plenty of options!


The best tables for your home are the ones that fit your needs and style. While you can’t go wrong with any of these options, we think it’s important to consider what type of table you need, how much space you have available, how often you will use it, and what kind of looks or feel you want to achieve.

Considering these things before buying a new piece of furniture, we think you’ll find yourself with something that will last for years—and maybe even decades—to come! Do let us know if we have missed anything.