Why A Weighted Blanket: The Benefits for Adults

Weighted Blankets

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Sleeping with underneath extra weight sounds like a bit of a strange concept. However, weighted blankets are actually really beneficial for a multitude of mental and physical health reasons. Not only are they proved to help with insomnia, but they can also have knock-on benefits to other parts of our lives. In this article, we’ll look at weighted blankets, see how they work, and explore weighted blanket benefits for adults. 

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are between 5 and 30 pounds and offer therapeutic effects from their extra weight. They mimic deep pressure stimulation, which soothes the nervous system. Deep pressure stimulation is generally administered by a physiotherapist or massage therapist, but weighted blankets can offer the same treatment. This is what causes the plethora of health benefits that can be provided by weighted blankets. 

Who can use a weighted blanket? 

Weighted blankets shouldn’t be used by children who are under two years old. This is because there could be a risk of suffocation for very small children. Other groups of people who should avoid using weighted blankets include: 

  • Suffers of asthma, as the weighted blanket may worsen their breathing issues. 
  • Those who struggle with sleep apnea, which also can cause breathing issues at night. 
  • Anyone dealing with claustrophobia. Weighted blankets are tighter than normal blankets, so claustrophobia may be triggered by sleeping under one of these blankets. 

Aside from people with these health conditions and some other conditions, most people can use weighted blankets. There are not many risks for these types of blankets, and most people will find some benefit to using them. 

Health benefits of using a weighted blanket

In particular, people with the following conditions should consider using a weighted blanket: 

People with autism

Adults and children with autism often suffer from insomnia. While studies have shown that autistic people don’t necessarily sleep better with a weighted blanket, they have found that deep pressure therapy and, thus, sleeping with a weighted blanket has helped them deal with their condition. 

Anxiety sufferers

Those who struggle with anxiety could definitely benefit from sleeping under a weighted blanket. Deep pressure stimulation can really help with anxiety symptoms, including an increased heart rate. 

ADHD sufferers

Some people with ADHD may benefit from using weighted blankets. They could significantly reduce any hyperactive movements and may help people with their attention span. They can also help with any sleep issues. 

People with insomnia

While many people with insomnia often have another condition, such as anxiety or depression, many studies have shown that insomnia can be helped with weighted blankets. 

People suffering with chronic pain

Pressure is supposed to help people who suffer with chronic or ongoing pain. Light, moderate, and deep pressure are all considered to aid those struggling with chronic pain, and weighted blankets are definitely a way to apply this pressure without massage therapy.

People with osteoarthritis

Massage therapy is beneficial for osteoarthritis, and weighted blankets could have a similar impact, improving their pain and the effects of their illness. 

Those undergoing medical procedures

There have been studies to assess the usefulness of weighted blankets in medical procedures, and they have been proven effective. These can help calm people while they are undergoing medical treatment.

Where can I buy a weighted blanket? 

Before looking at where to buy a weighted blanket, consider which blanket is best for you or the person for who you are purchasing a blanket for. Different sized people suit different weights of the blanket. Here are some tips for choosing your blanket: 

  • The blanket should be around 5 to 10 percent of the bodyweight of the person it is used for.
  • The weighted blanket should also fit the bed well – so the size will depend on what kind of bed you have. 
  • Young and mid-age adults will generally have a weighted blanket that is about 12 to 30 pounds. Older adults will use smaller blankets that have a weight of 5 to 8 pounds. 
  • Children can use plants ranging from 3 to 15 pounds, depending on their weight.

Where to buy a weighted blanket

There are a few places to purchase weighted blankets, here are 5 of our recommendations: 

1. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Offer comfortable weighted blankets and throws, as well as blankets that are made for travelling and kids blankets. 

2. XL Weighted™ Blanket

From Big Blanket is a 2 piece weighted blanket with an adjustable weight system and a machine-washable duvet cover.

3. Bearaby Weighted Blankets

Are made from materials like velvet and cotton and are for adults and kids. 

4. Mosaic Patterned Weighted Blankets

Offer a range of blankets with beautiful designs.

5. GhostBed

Is a mattress store but also sells their signature weighted blanket designed for instant calm and cooling.

Weighted blankets are very beneficial for people with certain health conditions and can provide anyone with a better night’s sleep. Try one out – you’ll undoubtedly feel the benefits!