Key Tips On Choosing Your Kids Bedding

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Choosing your kids’ bedding is just as important as any other element that you’re going to incorporate in your kids’ bedroom. If there’s anything that you should invest in, it should also be your children’s good and restful sleep. After all, sleep is necessary for their development. A fun addition to any kids’ bedroom is also a children’s play tent.

Understanding the basics of beddings and mattresses is the foundation for selecting the best option for your children. Here are some of the best tips for you to have in mind:

1. Stay Neutral

When you’re choosing between colors, you should choose a neutral one. Neutral beddings have a more comfortable and fresher feel to them, which makes it more relaxing for your children. Plus, it can grow with your kids too.

Bedding can be quite expensive, and you wouldn’t want to change them regularly merely because of the fact that your kids no longer like the character or the color of their beddings.

A pro tip for you to remember is this:

  • With younger children, it’s best to go for whites or other light neutral colors. This makes it easier for you to spot spills and mess, which is inevitable for young children.
  • With older children, you can be more adventurous and go for darker neutrals.

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2. Ask About The Type Of Cotton

One of the most wanted fabrics for kids’ beddings is cotton. It’s one of the softest, coolest, and most comfortable fabrics. Especially if you’re choosing beddings for a nursery, your baby’s cot is better off with cotton beddings.

However, the choice doesn’t end there. You have to know your cotton, too, so that you can match it with your specific needs and preferences, particularly that of the child who’s going to occupy the bed. If you aren’t well versed with cotton types, no worries, as the sales team in your home store will most likely be able to answer your queries.

For starters, the basic types of cotton are Egyptian, Supima, and Pima. These three are the certified long-staple cotton for many years now.

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3. Ask About The Weaves

Apart from the type of cotton, if you look deeper into the whole bedding, you would see that to form the whole fabric, there’s an interlocking network of weaves. Hence, as you choose between options, you have to ask about the weaves as well.

Two of the most common and highly-favored weave types are percale and sateen. While adults would prefer sateen, percale is better for kids’ bedding.

Here’s the difference between the two options:

  • Percale refers to a basic and grid-like weave that’s light and crisp
  • Sateen refers to a satin weave that feels silky and smooth

For children, percale is preferred because you would want your children to be sleeping on a mattress or bedding that feels light. The lighter the bedding, the cooler it feels on their body, thereby decreasing the chances of overheating, too.

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4. Consider Your Budget

Above anything else, you also need to have your budget in mind. While you might be tempted to go all-out with the price range, it isn’t worth it, especially as your children grow through their bed.

For instance, in a few years, your toddler will grow out of the toddler bed, and into a daybed Then, as they become teenagers, they’ll want a bigger bed, such as a double-sized or queen-sized bed. Hence, there’s no use for you to break the bank to buy the most expensive bedding that is out there.

If you walk through your home store, you’ll find that there are numerous options available for every budget that you have. Plus, you might even be able to take advantage of a good sale, such as the labor day mattress sale! Whatever works the budget you planned, then go for it.

5. Ask About The Thread Count

The higher the thread count doesn’t always mean that it’s the best option for you. But, it can still do you well to ask about the thread count. This is especially so if you have a specific one in mind or one that you have personally determined that works best for your child and your family.

If you want to emphasize the thread count, however, experts recommend that the best spot to hit is between 200 to 800.


When it comes to your children, you know that you would never settle for less; especially when you have the option of giving them the best.

Apart from clothing and toys, one of the more pressing expenses that you should invest in, in conjunction with their health, is your children’s bedding. Also, choosing the right bedding doesn’t always mean it has to burn a hole in your pocket. Remember, the bed is where your children spend a lot of their time in, especially if they’re very young.

With these tips to guide you, you can now walk in your home store with more knowledge of what bedding to choose, for every need, and every budget.