4 Unique Ways to Clean Up Broken Glass


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You open your cabinet to get a cup when one of your mugs come tumbling out and lands with a crash on the floor. There is glass everywhere. You get most of it with the vacuum but when you come back a few hours later, you step on a small shard of leftover glass.

These small leftover shards can be seriously hard to see when you’re cleaning it up. There are methods that you can use to get them off the floor though. Keep reading for a unique list of regular household items you can use to clean up broken glass.

Protect Yourself

Before you start cleaning up glass it’s important that you protect yourself. Don’t enter the danger zone without wearing a pair of shoes. You’ll have to pick up the big shards before you can vacuum up the smaller ones.

You never want to handle these with your bare hands. Put on a pair of gloves. Even an oven mitt will work.

Once you’ve picked up the large shards with your hands, you can break out the vacuum and get the rest. No matter how long you vacuum you may miss the microscopic shards of glass. You know the ones that are basically invisible powder that escape in your kitchen tile.

For these pesky bits of glass, you can turn to your pantry. Many regular household items you’ll find there can pick it up.

1. Potato

If you have a bag of potatoes laying around, break them out because they are good for more than being delicious.

Cut the potato in half and then run the cut potato against your floor around where the glass shattered. The potato will pick it up.

2. Slice of Bread

As you’re probably aware, bread is soft. The glass shards will stick right into it. Slices of bread are also fairly large so they can cover more ground than the potato.

3. Tape

This one is a no brainer. Tape is sticky so it can effortlessly pick up tiny bits of broken glass off the floor. This being said, you don’t want to use regular Scotch tape.

The strips are small so you may cut yourself on accident. To avoid this, you’ll need to use duct tape or packing tape.

4. Damp Paper Towel

Damp paper towels aren’t just used for window cleaning. They will pick up shards of glass too. The problem with using this method is that the glass can pierce through the paper and cut your hand if you not careful.

Make sure that you fold the paper towel so it’s thick enough for the glass not to press through.

Don’t Be a Victim of Broken Glass

When a glass falls out of your cabinet and crashes to the floor you’ll need to pick up the shards the correct way or you may hurt yourself. Try out one of these unique ways of picking up broken glass so you won’t stab your foot later.

Did these tips help you pick up the glass safely? Keep browsing our blog for more house cleaning tips.

Clean Up Broken Glass