5 Benefits of Covered Decks: Comfort, Protection, and Value

Covered Decks

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Think of planning a restful weekend barbecue that is wasted by an unexpected shower of rain or a burning hot sun. Many homeowners realize that their outdoor spaces are often at the mercy of nature. This limitation not only disturbs leisure time but also lessens the usability of precious outdoor space.

Picture a case where your deck becomes an assistant structure for your home, allowing you to use it year-round, saving you from harsh weather elements while adding functionality to your home. The answer to this is simply a covered deck. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the many benefits of covered decks: how they create a unique outdoor area, protect one’s investment, and increase the worth of that property.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Enjoying your outdoor space throughout the year is the ultimate benefit of a covered deck. It might be the scorching summer sun or sudden rain; the covered deck gives one shade and, therefore, the ability to involve oneself in outdoor activities even under such severe conditions.

Imagine having barbecue invitations in the middle of summer without fear of getting sunburnt or keeping an eye on the sky in case Mother Nature might just ruin your plans with some summer rain.

Increased Living Space

Another benefit of a covered deck is that now you can think of it as an outside room because it effectively increases the living space of your home. It provides a place to entertain guests, dine, or simply have a restful moment with friends. You could personalize it by furnishing it with comfortable seating, dining tables, or an outdoor kitchen set This extra space can be converted into pretty much anything you’d like, making a home more functional and fun, too.

Optimizing Space Usage

Position a dining set near your kitchen’s entry for seamless meal transitions, while setting up a snug lounge area in a shaded nook with plush seating to unwind. Strategic placement of plants and atmospheric lighting can elevate the ambiance, turning your covered deck into a welcoming and adaptable retreat.

Shielding Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furnishings are a significant investment that’s why avoiding weather damage is super important. A covered deck provides the shelter you need from sun, rain, and snow, which will make your furniture stay brand new.

Not only that but a covered deck will also keep your furniture safe from sunlight, which can cause fading and cracking. This protection helps preserve both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor pieces for years.

Enhancing Home Value

You can boost the value of your home by adding a covered deck. These features are considered to not only be attractive but also be useful to potential buyers. Homes with outdoor spaces, desirable features like covered decks, uncovered decks, and outdoor fireplaces, will fetch a higher price in the real estate market. A covered deck can add between 10-25% to the home’s total value, depending on the quality and materials used​​. A well-built deck can have an ROI of up to 80%, and even higher if it enhances the home’s curb appeal and livable space​.

Utilizing the Deck Space

A dining area could be created near the entrance to the kitchen for easy access, whereas a cozy lounge area could be designed in a shaded corner with comfortable furniture for relaxation. The plant and outdoor lighting can add something to the ambiance, and transform your covered deck into a versatile and inviting space.

Compliance and Safety Guidelines

Constructing a covered deck usually requires obtaining permits and complying with local building codes to ensure safety and legality.

Permit Overview

Securing permits is important for verifying that your deck construction adheres to established safety and zoning regulations. This process typically involves plan submissions and periodic inspections.

Permit Acquisition

To acquire the necessary permits, reach out to your local building authority. They will guide you through the documentation and procedures required. For people in the US, consulting with experienced professionals can ensure your deck meets both aesthetic and compliance standards.

Deck Varieties

Covered decks come in multiple styles, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. Popular choices include pergolas and attached roofs.

Comparing Deck Types

While pergolas provide visual appeal and partial shade, they do not offer full rain protection. Attached roofs, though requiring more extensive construction, deliver thorough coverage and a cohesive look with your home.

Characteristics of Pergolas and Attached Roofs

Pergolas, characterized by their lattice roofs, offer partial shade and a charming aesthetic, often enhanced with climbing plants. Attached roofs provide complete weather protection and blend seamlessly with your home’s existing structure.

Maintenance Guidelines

Maintaining your covered deck involves regular upkeep, such as cleaning and painting, to keep it in prime condition.

Care and Preservation

Regular cleaning helps remove grime and prevent mildew buildup. Depending on your deck’s material, periodic repainting or resealing is necessary to protect against the elements. Employ suitable cleaning agents and protective coatings to maintain the deck’s aesthetics and durability.

Seasonal Upkeep

Develop a seasonal maintenance schedule to cover all necessary checks and cleaning tasks, such as securing loose planks, clearing gutters, and inspecting for any roof damage. Timely maintenance prevents small issues from escalating, thus preserving your deck’s structure and appearance.

Enhancing Functionality with Screens

Installing screens can significantly enhance the utility of your covered deck, adding protection against insects and debris.

Screened decks offer a bug-free environment which will enhance privacy and cleanliness by obstructing leaves and external particles.

Installation Advice

Ensure screens are correctly installed and made of durable materials. Opt for retractable screens to maintain flexibility, allowing you to open up the area as needed.

Investing in a covered deck brings numerous advantages, from enriching your outdoor living space to protecting your investments and boosting your property’s value. By understanding different deck styles, upkeep requirements, and additional enhancements like screens, you can make well-informed choices that augment your home and lifestyle. Consider the benefits of a covered deck to transform and maximize your outdoor area.