Backyard Oasis: Pool Landscaping Ideas That Create an Escape

pool landscaping

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Swimming is the fourth most popular recreational activity in the U.S. With so many people that love swimming; it’s no wonder there are millions of pools installed each year.

With so many different designs to choose from, how do you know which pool landscaping is right for you? Continue reading this article to learn about landscaping designs for around your pool.

Pool Landscaping and Dreamy Backyard Designs

When you start thinking about doing amazing home remodels and designing your pool, you want to learn more about the different designs that are available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the images on Pinterest and other sites. The only thing you can do is try to find the design that gets you excited but is also going to be functional for what you need.

1. Create a Quiet Oasis Area

Look at your backyard. How does it make you feel? Sometimes our yards become a place we avoid over being a place we enjoy because of the work we need to do to it.

If you need to do lawn work, update furniture and other things on your to-do list, it’s difficult to feel like your yard is an oasis. Take out any clutter that you can do without. Add in rolling hills or plants that make you feel calm.

2. Don’t Block Your View

Do you have a beautiful view? One of the designs you can do to use your gorgeous view is an infinity pool.

An infinity pool is one of the most popular designs of pools these days. Pool builders build it in a way that makes it look like the pool goes on forever and you could swim off into the view.

The way the pool is built is almost like having two pool. The top pool flows over into the bottom pool to give you the infinity look of the pool. You don’t save much money going with a smaller size infinity pool so you may want to go all out with the size.

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3. Make It Cozy

When you look at the way you want your yard designed, think about how you can make it cozy. You might want to put a retaining wall behind a nice seating area. For functional and aesthetic retaining walls in Melbourne as well as other materials for landscape and construction, you may check out Retaining Wall Supplies. Having a set of comfortable seats tucked in near a retaining wall is a sure way to make your yard not only beautiful but also cozy.

4. Bring on the Water Features

Water features bring your backyard to life. The sound of the water can make it sound like your own jungle paradise. If you don’t like the sound of the water, you can even get water features that don’t make any noise.

If you’re looking into the types of pools, you can put in your backyard, think ponds and reflecting pools. Both of these options are great for creating a backyard oasis, but you have to think about which one is going to bring you the most joy.

Ponds can be of any shape or shape. You may choose to put fish in your pond or keep it low maintenance.

Reflecting pools are usually placed in the center of a beautifully landscaped yard. They are positioned in a way that they reflect parts of landscaping.

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5. Hot Tub Relaxation

If you think hot tubs are only for above ground, get excited because inground hot tubs are becoming much more popular. You can choose to attach them to your inground pool or to only have a hot tub in your yard.

Both with and without the pool can add a very charming look to your backyard area. Many people find it very refreshing to go from the hot tub to the pool. There are also some health benefits of going from hot to cold water.

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6. Hide from the Sun

If you don’t want to get burned in the sun, creating a nice shady space to rest is a must. Don’t go choose any tall standing tree to keep your pool covered or your lounging area covered. You need to make sure you find trees that don’t shed a lot of leaves.

Find trees that are evergreen if you want to avoid the fall disaster of leaves all in your swimming pool. If too many leaves get in your pool’s filter, it can cause serious problems.

Besides for trees and shrubs, you can also look into adding retaining walls and other structures to keep you shaded from the sun. There is nothing worse than having no place to escape the sun after a nice swim.

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7. Find the Fire

Fire pits are becoming more popular, and there are many options when you want to figure out which type of fire pit is the best for you. You may want to add a simple structure beside your pool, or you might want to get more extravagant build your pool around the fire pit.

Fire pits aren’t the only fire structures you can use to spice up your backyard landscaping. You can find designs that have fire bowls, and other fire features around the pool and along walkways.

Finding safe and beautiful use for fire is a great mix of water and fire and allows you to create your own unique space.

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Working with a Landscape Designer

Every space is different, and you may want to speak with a landscape designer to help you through the process. What you might see as a challenging hill, someone that is used to designing landscape might see an area for a beautiful infinity pool and inground hot tub.

Use your imagination and if you get stuck, bring in the landscaping experts from Oak Ridge TN, and let them help you figure out more unique ideas for your backyard paradise.

Continue Creating the Home of Your Dreams

Once you’ve finished with your pool landscaping, you are likely to think of other design projects you want to work on. Another great design project is remodeling your bathroom. Read our article on the latest bathroom trends today.