Chic Ideas for Outdoor Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

Chic Ideas for Outdoor Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

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It’s kind of hard to relax in your backyard, garden or front porch with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other, if you’ve got nowhere to sit but the scorching ground and nothing to hide you from the bright sunlight. Not to mention that your outdoor lounge areas are supposed to be spaces where your true creativity comes to light, enriched with furniture you picked out or had made, and loads of accessories unique to your personality and taste.

In the following article you will learn about some of the most interesting and chic ideas on how to bring your outdoor area to life.

Color Combination is Important

Yes, colors are important. Even more important than you might think, actually. Color coordination is not only important to avoid giving the neighbor’s kid an epileptic attack, but also to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Humans are visual creatures, and if you want to be able to relax at your outdoor oasis without the risk of vibrant colors drawing all of your attention, it would be wise to stick to neutral furniture colors and white or beige cushions as one of the ultimate combinations that work for every season.

In order to avoid monotony, be sure to pick out one accent color in a brighter hue that you are going to use on your accessories like flower pots, pillow or furniture outlinings, lanterns, and just about anything else that serves as an ambiance accessory.

Making a Unique Space

It’s all about you when it comes to designing your outdoor area. Think about the kind of accessories you feel most comfortable around and don’t be afraid to add them to the area. Observe your outdoor area like any other room in your house that you are designing.

If you like mirrors in your home, make sure to hang one on the wall, or if you’re more of an artsy person, hang a painting. Decorate the immediate surroundings with flower pots and figurines, and style up the lounging area with trays, stylish vases, and lanterns that cast a warm glow. Remember to keep a waterproof trunk nearby if you have summer rains so that you can pop the pillows in there if a storm is approaching.

A Retro Motel Chic

This one is a winner when it comes to summer pool or barbecue parties. You can revive the motel poolside look from the 1960s with bright lounge hammocks, lanterns and desert-type plants such as palms and cactuses. A great addition to the ambiance would be a retro grill and a cooler that will spike the feeling of the good old times.

Build Your Own Oasis

There is nothing better than creating that perfect ambiance that suits your personality completely. A place where you feel like you’re the only soul left on the planet, without a care in the world. That is what your private oasis should look like. You can create one of your own on the back porch or patio with some curtains, hammocks or a comfy floor mattress surrounded by cushions, books, and flower pots.

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For an accentuated feeling of privacy and ease, put up some stylish outdoor canopies that will complement your personality and space with their unique design. Also, you can add some flowy curtains on the sides, which will protect you from sunlight and heat.

An Outdoor Dining Area

If you enjoy having breakfast outdoors on a beautiful morning or dinner while gazing at the setting sun, creating an outdoor dining area is probably the best thing you can do. Simply adding a wooden table and chairs to the back porch or even the back garden will convey a warm family feeling, which can be even further accentuated with various accessories mentioned earlier. Make sure to choose furniture that is made for the outdoors so that the wood doesn’t deteriorate, and apply an extra coat of paint or finish to the wood to make it more durable.

There are many other options, like keeping a stylish china closet outside, where you’ll keep your outdoor dining utensils, plates, glasses, napkins and just about anything else that adds to the cozy, warm feeling.

A Porch Daybed

Whether it’s on a back or front porch, a daybed is an excellent addition to your house’s ambiance and also serves as the perfect lounging accessory for those warm days you want to spend napping and reading books outside. With a few chairs and a coffee table to complement it, it’ll prove to be perfect for inviting friends over for some pleasant coffee talks and good times.

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond in creating the perfect outdoor solution that you will love from the bottom of your heart, for years to come. Hopefully, you have found some of these ideas interesting or even inspiring, and you’ll start building your dream lounge area today.