How to Decorate Your University Room

How to Decorate Your University Room

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When the time comes for you to pack and drive off to university, one of the things you’ll feel especially excited about will be having your own, private space. You will probably share this with a roommate or two, but you’ll be completely sibling and parent-free. Your university room will be your haven, the spot where you’ll do whatever you want. But, for it to feel like home, you need to find a way to decorate it into the perfect hub.

Well, brace yourself because below you’ll find some of the best student room ideas I’ve ever heard of. I’m sure you’ll find quite a few things that you can use in your own space.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

Appealing décor depends greatly on the colors you use in the process. The combination and tone, as well as the accents you make with colors can make an enormous difference in what your room looks like. By using the right color scheme, you can make your room look attractive with only the basic, small things in it. If you use bad combinations or don’t think of a good color scheme, not even the most expensive décor elements and objects will fix this.

So, before you start working on your room decorating items and their organization, pick a color scheme you find pleasing. Once you have it, you can buy and make things based around those colors. This will make everything easier and all your ideas will fit right in.

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2. Know What You’re Allowed to Do

Before you start doing anything like changing wallpapers and putting pins on your walls, learn what you’re allowed to do. In many cases, you’ll be asked not to make holes in the walls or big changes in the room you are renting for your university studies. If you don’t comply with the terms of the landlord, you might lose your deposit and potentially your new home.

Don’t lose your hope just yet. Some landlords let tenants decorate their rooms as they please to feel homey. Others will let you change things on request or by using their maintenance people. But, there will be some with detailed or many restrictions for you. So, before you do anything to decorate your room, know what your limits are.

Even if they put limitations such as no holes in the walls or no change of wall color, you can always use removable wallpapers, special boards, and other things that allow you to decorate your room.

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3. Make a Board

Students can use a board to remind them of their deadlines and their assignments. But, a board also looks great in a room, especially if you use colorful pins to give it its own charm. You can mix things up with some photos of you and your friends or your family in the midst of all those reminders and plans.

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Also, if you come across something that might come useful, such as coupons or for example, a writing source like this argumentative essay for sale service, make sure to put it on the board. This will give you an immediate solution when the time comes when you need one.

4. Cushions Are Your Friends

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Now that there are cushions in different sizes, colours, and designs – you don’t need expensive items to decorate your room. Colourful, shaped cushions can give your university room certain appeal, make your bed the centre of the room, and be used in all kinds of places. You can put them on the bed, on the window sill, and even on the floor. They are highly affordable and fit perfectly in any design style, so use your creativity!

5. Add Greenery

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Adding some plants here and there gives your room a certain lively appeal. Moreover, plants offer you an array of different health benefits since they clean the air you’re breathing. Some even say that greenery in your study room helps you memorize things and focus better!

Since you’ll be very busy while at university and you won’t have a lot of time to attend to plants, it’s best to pick greenery that is easy to care for. Some nice and great looking ideas are jade plants, aloe vera, and rubber trees.

6. Use the Furniture to Deal With Open Space

A lot of open space can make your room feel empty no matter how many things you add to it. To fill up the space and break it up, use your furniture. Move things around to make different zones in your new room or apartment. A bookcase alongside your bed makes it a bedroom area. A desk between the sofa and the bed separates your living area from your sleeping area. There are plenty of things you can do, so try moving your furniture around to get some ideas.

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The Bottom Line

Let’s be realistic. Unless you’re an interior designer or have designed some rooms in the past, you won’t really get everything right the first time. There’s no need to hurry or settle for the first room décor you’ve come up with. Don’t be afraid to make changes and move things around. Give yourself some time. Step by step, you’ll learn how to decorate university room in a way that best suits you. Now that you have your very first ‘independent home’, it’s up to you how you decide to decorate it!