How to Design a Vintage Industrial Bedroom

Vintage Industrial Bedroom

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Industrial design is becoming ever so popular in the modern world, as designers and individuals alike are turning towards the old in order to inspire the new. As the world is going through a new renaissance period in terms of design and combining retro elements with contemporary materials and amenities essential to the 21st century, industrial design finds itself in the centre of the new movement.

A rustic, mature, and bold ambiance imbued with the presence of the old and the distressed perfectly plays with the need to de-clutter any living space by introducing a minimalist mindset, creating a perfect symbiosis of flair, unique personality, and raw functionality. Here is how you can easily design your own industrial bedroom.

1. A Need for Mature Colour Patterns

Industrial style is rough, as it requires rustic, mature colour patterns that imbue the ambiance with a sense of bold resolve. In essence, there is no room for flirty, vibrant hues. Instead, the temperature of the room should be set with maroon, brown, beige or burnt orange.

Bear in mind that the furniture will boast darker hues as well, complementing the base colour of the room, giving you an opportunity to break the monotony with accentuated accessories such as rugs and other décor.

2. Contrast the Ambiance With Accessories

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Accessories give you the opportunity to complement the ambiance and break the monotony wherever it may arise. Given the fact that you have set the stage with a rustic base, you have plenty of possibilities when it comes to accentuating features, so don’t be afraid to add some personal style to the room, by introducing throw pillows and blankets boasting leather or woven textures.

Be sure that these accessories complement the colour of the rug, as it is one of the focal points of the room. If the rug is solid in colour, you want to add accentuating pieces that are colourful and have an artistic flair.

3. Pick the Proper Lighting

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In a vintage bedroom, proper lighting is essential. Rather than picking the lights that glow in a white hue, you want to infuse the room with a timeless, intimate charm with warm lighting that mimics the setting sun, inspires passion and promotes peace and serenity.

When it comes to the type of lighting, you have two options: vintage lights and old world, metal lamps boasting a geometric design with crude ornamental features. Additionally, while ceiling lights are commonly overlooked in bedrooms, they play a key role in bringing together the décor and ambiance of an industrial bedroom, and you should consider introducing them around your sleeping area.

4. Rustic Furniture

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Financial savings and industrial design go hand in hand, as you can easily build your own furniture and supporting features out of wooden elements. The possibilities are endless, as your books, clothes and other necessities can be well-kept on industrial pallet racks that can serve both as shelving and as frames for your chairs, tables and your bed, as barnes & noble
Keep in mind that the pallets need to be in mint condition, without any structural damage, signs of weakness, corrosion or mold in order to provide a safe and sturdy building material for your furniture and other décor.

5. Dare to Experiment

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Finally, you want to introduce some personality into the ambiance. While some people love a bolder, rustic design entailing wall clock gears and other steampunk features, others like to bring in their personal flair.

You can introduce plants and natural elements, or create a themed setting by hanging your favourite paintings or movie posters – the possibilities are endless. After all, you should create a bedroom setting that speaks to your mind and soul, so don’t be afraid to experiment and fill the room with the things that make you happy and promote positivity.

The industrial design is taking the world by storm with its diversity and timeless appeal. It certainly is a design solution that requires planning and plenty of creativity, but it also allows for personal freedom and a unique touch. Be sure to follow these steps and you will have no problem designing the industrial bedroom of your dreams.

Vintage Industrial Bedroom