5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Rug

choosing a bedroom rug

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If there’s anything that can make getting out of bed early in the morning a little less of a bother it is stepping out on a warm rug. A perfect bedroom rug will not only provide that comforting feeling to your feet, but it will also make the whole space much warmer and cosier, and it will create that intimate bedroom atmosphere. Aside from these aesthetic and mood benefits, rugs in the bedroom also protect your beautiful floors and can pull all of your decor elements together to create one unified room. So, in order to get the most out of your purchase, here’s what to consider when choosing a bedroom rug.

1. Size

There are three main types of bedroom rugs you can choose from. You can get a rug that’s big enough to fit both your bed and the nightstands. The second popular option is a rug that doesn’t quite extend up to your nightstands but still allows for 18-24 inches of room on the sides and past the foot of the bed. And the final and the most flexible option is to get runner rugs. Runners shouldn’t extend beyond the bed itself but should be a bit wider than your nightstands. Depending on your needs, choose the one that best fits your space. Runners are probably a better option for smaller bedrooms because they won’t suffocate the room.

2. Style and Colour

Choosing the right style and colour of your rug will generally depend mostly on your preference and balance. The rug is actually just another piece of furniture, so be sure to take into account the tones and styles of your other furniture, flooring and walls. However, there are some general tips you can keep in mind when choosing your bedroom rug. For instance, if your furniture is upholstered in a solid colour, you can choose lively-patterned rugs such as Paisley or Oriental ones which are great decorative elements. On the other hand, if your room is already full of artwork and different details, a solid rug could be a perfect choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with styles, colours and patterns.

5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Rug

3. Materials

Today, rugs also come in wide variety of materials and textures. A room that has opposing textures feels layered, rich and well thought out thanks to the contrast between finishes. To achieve that desired contrast of textures, you should look at your furniture, floors and walls. If your bed and chairs are upholstered in a soft fabric like velvet, something smooth and hard such as sisal might fit in well. But, if you have sleek leather upholstery on your furniture, go for a rug with a longer and fluffier pile.

Another thing you should consider when choosing materials for your rug is the foot traffic. For instance, silk and fur rugs might look amazing, but they will show wear rather quickly, especially if you have pets. On the other hand, wool rugs are super durable, easy to clean and maintain, and they add texture to your space. If you don’t exactly know how each of these materials looks and feels like, pop by any store that sells high-quality rugs where you can see different rugs in person, feel the materials and compare textures.

4. Rug Pads

Not many people think about rug backing materials until they start slipping around their room. It’s best if you opt for a pad that’s slip-resistant, especially if you choose runners that are not secured under the furniture.

5. Choose Your Rug Before Your Accessories

If you have an empty canvas of a bedroom, it’s best to choose your rug before your accessories. The right rug can tie all the elements of the room together, but if you wait until the whole room is already decorated, you will spend a lot of time on finding that perfect rug to fit your decor.

As you can see, rugs can either bring your bedroom to perfection or make it look a little awkward and unfinished, so take some time to find the right one that will make waking up and going to bed a real treat.