6 Features Of Furniture You Want To Have In Your Home In 2021

6 Features Of Furniture You Want To Have In Your Home In 2021

Great furniture brings a distinctive look to any interior. It lasts for decades. Sometimes that’s a problem. The world is changing, and our needs change, and the new-emerging furniture does its best to reflect that. What new does 2021 bring?

1. Functionality Comes First

This is the principle of modern furniture design. The purpose of a piece of furniture is all-important and dictates its form, fabric, and so on. We look for pieces that meet our needs and make us feel comfortable. We’re very far from artsy-looking furniture that is complicated to figure out. Moreover, the world seems to be fascinated by the idea of multi-use furniture. A desk that can also be an armchair and a coffee table. An armchair that can unfold to a spare bed. A decoration that can also be a stool. You will find great examples of this at: Sofafox.co.uk

2. Natural Materials

Natural – this refers to the materials that you can find in nature, like wood, hay, stones. They add a creative and vibrant look and may act as decoration themselves. Their colours usually work well with a subdued colour palette. However, the newest trends say that despite the subdued colour palette, it is very common to add a distinctive, bright feature for contrast.

3. Exposing Construction Materials

The most aesthetic materials are metal: aluminum, nickel, stainless steel in a variety of colours, but mostly brass or blackened metals. They are present in tables, chairs, armchairs, lighting fixtures, or storage units.

4. Decorative, but Neat Look

When it comes to style, many people are conflicted. Minimalism was around for a long time. We’ve learned to love the neat look of it. The unintrusive aesthetic and the peace that it brings. Suddenly, 2021 brings a big change and tries to introduce maximalism into our homes. Maximalism with chaos, excessive details, decorations. The furniture that we choose in 2021 is a mixture of those two styles. They are not plain and one-color but still quite conservative with decoration. Consider rounded edges, small prints, 2-3 types of materials combined, or a desk with small ornaments.

5. Easy to Sanitize

This is the aspect that has always been neglected. Glass, waterproof materials are chosen more eagerly, as they are easy to clean. Intricate wooden patterns seem to be too germ-friendly for the 21st century. The furniture that leaves gaps in space, where the dust and dirt can gather, is not eagerly considered anymore. Smarter choices will contribute to the greater cleanliness of our homes.

6. The Boom in Lounge Furniture

Who knows? Relaxing at home may be our new hobby. Many furniture stores will offer us couches, recliners, flip chairs in a new look. It’s not rare to see armchairs or reading beds for two people. Or sofas that are great for sitting straight, half-lying, or lying flat with our legs up, supported by the edge at a perfect angle of 30%.

Best Flooring Contractor in Randolph NJ

Best Flooring Contractor in Randolph NJ

It’s not often that people think about their flooring until they have a problem with it. For example, maybe you’re moving into a new house and need to replace the carpets. Or maybe your dog clawed up the wood on your stairs. Whatever the case may be, finding a contractor can seem like a daunting task. That is why we want to help you by providing some tips on finding the best flooring constructor for your needs.

The Different Types Of Materials Available As Flooring

Flooring plays a big part in the appearance of a home. Most people choose the floor because it is aesthetically pleasing, but there are other reasons to have the flooring installed. For example, certain materials can provide insulation from noise and heat transfer which might be vital if you live in an apartment or close to your neighbors.

Certain types of floors will be easier to clean than others, so if you have a big family spending a lot of time on the floor, it might be best for them if they get one type of material over another. The right Flooring Contractor can provide you with the best options for your situation, budget, and your preference.

Types of flooring materials and their benefits:

Porcelain Tiles

This type of flooring material is excellent for homes that have pets because they are easy to clean. They are also very durable, so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon, which is a plus if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want the hassle of replacing them every few years.

Vinyl Flooring

Like porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring is relatively easy to clean, and it’s durable as well. It comes in various colors, so you can choose the shade that best fits your home decor. Another great benefit from vinyl floors is their resistance against moisture damage, which makes them a suitable choice if your house gets flooded often or you have kids who want to play with water.

Sheet Vinyl

This type of floor is very similar to vinyl, but it is more durable and requires less maintenance. Additionally, sheet vinyl can be installed over many different surfaces, such as concrete or wood, making the installation process more accessible if you don’t want a complete replacement for your floors.


Laminate flooring is attractive, durable, and it’s straightforward to clean. You can also install this type of material on top of existing floors, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of total replacement. One drawback for laminate flooring, though, would be its resistance against water damage – some types are more resistant than others, but you may want to put a rug near your front door if it’s an area that tends to get wet often.


This is one of the most expensive flooring materials, but it’s also very durable and beautiful. Hardwood floors can last for years if they’re maintained properly, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged easily. Unfortunately, this type of material does not do well against water damage which might be an issue in some regions of your home.


Like hardwood, bamboo is aesthetically pleasing and durable. It’s typically less expensive than some other types of flooring materials on the market, making it a good choice for those looking to save money but still want quality flooring. What’s more, this material can be installed over various surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your subfloor if it’s damaged or unstable.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The cost of fixing your flooring can vary depending on the material you want to use. For example, hardwood floors are more expensive than laminate flooring than carpet or vinyl floors. You should consider all of these factors when estimating how much it will cost you to fix or install new flooring in your home.

How Long Does It Take?

It can take up to one week for the flooring installation, but it also depends on your home’s size and what kind of material you choose to use. If you are looking at a simple vinyl or carpet replacement, this might only require a few hours from start to finish. But if you are replacing hardwood floors, this could take a few days.

What Should You Look For When Selecting My Contractor?

When looking for the right contractor for your home, you should consider how long they have been in business. Selecting a contractor that has experience will ensure the job gets done right and on time. You also want to look at reviews from past customers, so you know what kind of service your contractor provides.

This will give you a better overview of the type of flooring installation services you can expect from your contractor.

Some contractors offer service packages that include everything for the price of their labor, or they may charge a base fee and then add on additional costs depending on the material used to do the job.

Final Words

Finding the perfect contractor to install your new flooring can be a challenge, but it is an integral part of the process. Once you have found the right contractor for your home and budget, they will do everything from removing old floors to installing brand-new ones.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Material For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Flooring Material For Your Home

Are you trying to figure out what the best flooring materials would be for different areas of your home? If you are in need of new floors, make sure to take this decision seriously as it can affect the appearance and comfort of your home.

For some tips and tricks that can help you prepare for your flooring installation, keep reading. In this guide, we will go over some of the best flooring material options for various areas of your house for the best results.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When considering what new flooring to install in your home it can be a good idea to sit back and consider your lifestyle and daily habits. Think about the different rooms in your home and their purpose. Also, if you have pets or children you will want to note the areas that they frequent.

You will also want to think about how often you can realistically keep up with cleaning your floors as well as how much total you are willing to spend on new flooring. By considering these factors, you will be able to analyze the pros and cons that come with different flooring types for different rooms which can help you narrow your choices. For example, if you have pets and children that frequent your living room then you will want flooring in this area that is easy to clean.

You should also think about where you live when shopping for new floors. For example, if you live in a hot and humid location, you will likely prefer tile or hardwood flooring over carpet. On the other hand, if you live in a colder location, carpet can be a great flooring option for comfort and insulation.

Additionally, think about the high traffic areas of your home. For example, the entryway of your home should be an easy to clean area as it will get a lot of foot traffic, making flooring options like tile a better idea than carpet.

Consider Interior Design Style and Theme

While the factors above regarding flooring function are important, so are form factors. You also want your floors to look great in your home and to go with the overall interior design style and feeling that you are trying to evoke. Consider the style and color of flooring that would best go with the style of each room and what kind of mood certain flooring may evoke.

Keep up with certain interior design trends to make sure you are selecting modern flooring that won’t go out of style any time soon. This will help you keep your home stylish for years to come as installing new flooring can be a costly project. Click here to learn more.

Choosing the Best Flooring Materials for Your Home

The flooring material you select for your home can have a huge effect on the style, mood, and function of the space, so make sure to choose wisely.

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How To Prepare Your Property For Dog Daycare Business

How To Prepare Your Property For Dog Daycare Business

Many dog lovers dream of owning their own pet care business someday. One option is to open your own dog daycare right in your very own home. Setting up your own dog care facility takes some effort and planning to ensure that your doggie clients stay happy and safe. Here are some tips and ideas on how to prepare your property for dog daycare business.


For the safety of your employees, owners, and the dogs themselves, you need to prepare your property to ensure that a dog isn’t injured while he is in your care. Bad reviews make it hard to keep clients as well as acquire new ones. In order to lessen the change of injuries, make sure that you establish policies that will setup up your facility that keeps everyone safe.

Dog proofing your facility includes creating safe rest areas and play spaces that your dogs will find comfortable, appealing, and safe. You need to install surfaces that humans and dogs will not slip on, remove anything a dog can choke on along with any breakable objects, and make sure there aren’t any tripping hazards like extensions cords on your property.

Properties that have outdoor areas need to have fences that are strong and tall enough to keep your doggie clients inside and keeps other dogs, as well as humans, out. Also, ensure that none of the dogs are able to dig under the fence and that the gates are properly secured and never left open. To avoid this scenario, Good Pup Life recommends installing a wireless dog fence instead.

If you have landscaping in the outdoor doggie areas, also ensure that the plants are non-toxic for dogs and that none of them have any sharp points that could cause a dog an injury. If you have any fruiting plants, make sure the fruit that is produced and their seed pods aren’t choking hazards. Exposed sprinkler heads should be removed so that the dogs won’t chew on them. Also, ensure that any natural grass in the area is free of pesticides and fertilizers that could make the dogs sick.

Dogs love to play in the water, so many doggie daycare facilities include shallow-water features and wading pools. This can be appealing in the summer months or regions that are naturally hot to help dogs stay cool. If you choose to have a water feature on your property, you want these features to only be accessed by the dogs when they can be supervised. A water feature needs to be fenced in and located where disabled and older dogs are not able to get to them.


Many boarding facilities and dog daycare facilities use concrete as the primary hardscape on their properties. Outdoor kennels, patios, and walkways are typically concrete since its inexpensive to install and easy to clean with a hose. The low cost of installing concrete can also be appealing to someone just starting a business that has a tight budget. However, it can cause headaches and added costs later on since it is prone to cracking as time goes by, and any minor repair can result in surfaces looking mismatched, which can take away from your facility’s overall look and put off high-end clients.

Concrete is also slippery when it is wet, which will be a common occurrence where dogs will urinate frequently, and water will be needed to keep the concrete floors clean. To ensure everyone’s safety, you may want to choose a slip-resistant option such as paving stones. This choice will also help to improve the aesthetics of your doggie daycare facility and create patios and walkways that are also easy to clean.

Paving stones are very durable and hard to damage. But when they do become damaged, it’s easy to replace a few pavers, or even just one, and have your facility look just like it did without incurring a costly repair or replacing an entire section of your hardscape.

Artificial Grass Versus Natural Grass

For facilities that have an inside play area, you will want to create an area that is enticing that also includes features that you would normally see outside like trees, paths, and grass. Remember that indoor spaces won’t have the sunlight exposure needed in sustains a living grassy area, so your indoor area should be made out of artificial turf.

Your outside areas can be made out of either artificial turf or natural grass. If you go with the natural grass option, you will want to avoid chemical fertilizers that are potentially toxic as well as herbicides and pesticides and choose non-toxic, natural lawn products when caring from your lawn. Eco-friendly dog care facilities should also consider how much water should be used to keep a natural grass area healthy and green.

Remember that dogs love to run and roll around and are used to having lawns as their main area of play and repeated urination from the dogs can create a brown spot on natural grass. Brown spots are inevitable at a dog daycare facility where you have several dogs using the lawn to go to the bathroom. It’s also hard to avoid the smell of urine and keep bacteria buildup in the soil and grass, so it’s important to rinse these areas frequently.

These reasons are why artificial grass is a great option for outside areas as well. Not only will synthetic grass always look green and lush, but you also won’t have to worry about any brown spots due to do urine. Liquid and solid waste are easily removed, and you can save money and time with this low-maintenance option since you won’t have to fertilize, aerate, edge, or mow it. You also won’t need herbicides or pesticides that are dangerous for dogs to ingest.

Artificial turf is also a good choice if you have an eco-friendly dog daycare facility. Not only will the lawn be free of pesticides, but you also won’t have to waste a lot of water to maintain it.

Opening a dog daycare facility on your property is easier to do than you think. All you need to do is follow the above safety tips and create an environment that allows your doggie clients to safely play and rest throughout the day. That will help to ensure that you have many happy clients and a long and successful business.

What Upgrades Are Worth Getting in a New Construction Home?

What Upgrades Are Worth Getting in a New Construction Home?

The basic features that come with your new construction home might not be enough for you. Hence upgrades are an essential part of your house construction plan.

However, as a new homeowner, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the add-ons you actually need. Not all upgrades will be worth the price, and it’s easy to go on a mindless shopping spree when the excitement of a new home is still running high. Hence we have curated a list of the 7 best upgrades that are totally worth the investment.

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7 Upgrades That Are Worth Getting For A New Construction Home

You need to be extra careful while choosing the upgrades. The aim is not just to look for appealing add-ons. You will also find upgrades that will enhance the durability of your house. Hence, here are the top 7 upgrades that every homeowner should consider getting for their home.

1. Kitchen Countertops & Surfaces

The base price of your property covers kitchen countertops and surfaces. Although a package that covers the basic finishes of your house might sound like a cost-efficient option, some builders might compromise the quality of the material to drive up their profit. Hence upgrading your kitchen surfaces might be a good move.

Also, when you settle for the standard finishes offered by the builder under the base price, there are hardly any choices or scope for customization. Upgrading your kitchen surfaces will give you the liberty to select a design and theme that you love the best.

2. Adequate Insulation

Depending on your location, insulation can help you keep out the extreme cold or heat and helps you maintain a comfortable room temperature. This does not just add to your comfort but also helps you save on electricity bills.

However, most standard plans for new house construction do not include quality insulation. It’s a feature that you will have to pay extra for. Considering the myriad of benefits it brings along, upgrading to quality insulation is worth it.

3. Compact Storage Options

Nobody likes to have their floor area crammed up with storage units. However, at the same time, storage units are essential to keep your belongings organized. In this case, upgrading to better and more compact storage options will be a wise choice.

Storage units these days come with a variety of options to choose from. There are built-in cabinets, roll-out shelves, and slim wall cupboards that help you free up more floor area. Generally, these models are not available in the standard construction plan. Hence you might need to invest a little extra to get these built.

4. Quality Flooring

Flooring is another feature that is covered under the base price of your new construction. Hence, the quality might not be of a premium standard unless you opt for a renowned home builder. In this case, upgrading to a better flooring of your own choice is worth it.

After all, floors are subject to constant use, which leads to wear and tear. The cost of renovating the floors of your house can be high. As a result, opting for quality materials right at the beginning is a smart decision.

5. Quality Plumbing Fixtures

Your house’s pipelines and plumbing fixtures go through a lot each day. Being exposed to mineral-laden water makes them more prone to damage. Hence, if you want to enhance their durability, always opt for quality plumbing fixtures and water lines.

Also, you should try to plan out all the places where you might need plumbing in the future. Add in roughed-in plumbing in those areas. This will help you save on the cost of plumbing services in case you decide to add another bathroom in the future. Even if you don’t, it will remain a valuable asset of your house and might even help you get a better value if you ever decide to sell it.

6. Electrical Outlets

The builder will provide sufficient electrical outlets for your daily use. However, that might not be enough for you. Depending on how big your family is, you might need a few extra outlets at certain designated areas for the convenience of the entire family. Hence getting a few extra electrical outlets installed will prove to be very useful in the future.

Just like plumbing, you can also lay down the electrical framework to add a few more outlets in the future. When your family expands or your needs increase, these additional outlets will help you connect the extra appliances without having to go through the hassle of hiring an electrician to make new electrical outlets.

7. Bigger Basements

Investments to build a bigger basement will never go in vain. Basements provide for excellent storage, and depending on the design of your house, it can also be converted into an underground garage.

Making your basement deeper by a foot or two will make it less cramped and easy to clean. The biggest reason why most basements are unorganized is that people do not have enough space to facilitate proper maintenance. You can even turn it into a secret room or spare bedroom for unexpected guests.


Buying a new construction home is a journey full of pivotal decisions to be made at each step. Under these circumstances, selecting the right upgrade and judiciously using your funds can be a little challenging. The key to sailing through this process is always keeping the essentials at the top of your priority list.

The additional accessories and décor items can wait, but the structural upgrades mentioned above are indispensable, and you should consider getting them done.

Tips to Light Up Your Home

Tips to Light Up Your Home

Why Murano Glass Mirrors Should Be On Your Wishlist

When thinking about styling a home there are certain items which cannot miss. For instance, it is very unlikely that you will find a house without a nice mirror where you can look at yourself before going out. How else could you check if your outfit is just as perfect as you thought it would be?

The offer for mirrors is infinite, you can easily find hundreds of thousands of models in physical stores as well as online, ranging from cheaper ones to more expensive ones. However, if you desire something more personal, precious and special you will probably find Murano glass decorative mirrors an intriguing option.

Such products are particularly remarkable for a variety of reasons among which we can count the kind of glass they are made of, the historical relevance they possess and their timeless elegance and versatility.

Starting from the first point, the material these decorative items are made of is Murano glass which is being produced on the very island of Murano since the XIII century. As one might imagine – given the fact that glass production never stopped in this island – the glass creations which exit the Venetian furnaces have always been admired by people belonging to all ages and have been decorating the most exclusive and important palaces of the most influential families. This goes to show their important role as witnesses of the flowing of time.

yourmurano.com modern mirror

Image Credit:YourMurano.com

Murano glass mirrors can be divided in two categories: Venetian style mirrors and the French style collection.

Venetian style mirrors – as the name suggests – are items made according to the ancient traditions born in the Lagoon of Venice. The difference of these products from the ones belonging to the French style is all in the manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, these last creations are more geometric and essential in their design, they boast a greater reflective surface and lastly such surface includes all the decorations of the mirror.

On the other hand, there are elements which are the same for both lines of product such as the designs available which can be oval, round, rectangular, squared, octagonal to the most extravagant shapes. Moreover, both glass mirror collections are luxury items available in a more modern and plain style or in a classic and intricated design. Therefore if your choice falls on a modern hand blown mirror, you can be sure that it will end up being a sober yet elegant accent to your home décor. While, if your aim is to have a work of art which will become the focal point of your home and a precious item all of your guests will admire, you will probably prefer a classic and ostentatious design.

Another element of equal importance among both kinds of product is the outstanding quality of the handmade glass decorations of the mirrors which can be modern, classic or resemble flowers. These last being a typical décor throughout the history of the Republic of Venice. Such refined works are born by the hands of skilled Master glassmakers and their supporting team – in Italian “i maestri vetrai e i serventi” – and as one can imagine, being glass such a particular material its working process requires impressive skills and rapidity, achievable only through ancient techniques carried on from father to son as well as experience acquired through time by constant hard work.

This becomes especially true knowing that Master glassmakers shape the molten glass starting from a sketch on a piece of paper which thanks to them and their helpers is then transformed into spectacular hand engraved embellishment, able to shine in ways only glass can.

Murano glass decorative mirrors aren’t just a must have for your home, they make for perfect gift for special occasions too as you can choose between a variety of kinds of mirrors. Of course you can find decorative mirrors to hang on the wall of your living room, or bedroom or home entrance. However, you can as well opt for hand held mirrors rich in marvelous decors, table glass mirrors which come in two sizes and are wonderful collectible items, and even silver applique mirrors and sconces with venetian style mirrors which are unique masterpieces that will create a magical and luxurious atmosphere in your home.

yourmurano.com blue round vase

Image Credit:YourMurano.com

All of the products mentioned above and even more ideas to style your home can be found on YourMurano.com, the only official online store which sells original Murano glass products made in its most famous furnaces. Buying a product on this website means supporting the local communities and the artisans since every product is entirely made in Murano as stated by the Trademark of Origin. This being an adhesive label that is mandatory by the Italian law and aims to distinguish and protect such original glass creations from the phenomenon of counterfeiting that is a threat both for customers and producers. So make the right choice and look for it on your next Murano glass purchase!