Don’t Pay for Window Washing: Learn How to DIY Just as Well


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When the winter weather finally breaks, most people feel a mixture of happiness and dread. They feel happy because the spring weather is finally here. They feel dread because it means unpleasant annual cleaning tasks, like your windows, must get done.

More than a few people simply offload the task of window washing onto a service.

Don’t pay someone for that job. You can DIY the cleaning. Plus, it’s easier than you think if you know how.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you the secrets to easy, outstanding window cleaning.

Tools and Supplies

Forget the paper towels, vinegar, and ammonia. That just creates a lot of unnecessary hard work.

You only need the following tools and supplies:

  • 10″-12″ squeegee
  • sponge or window scrubber
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • liquid dish soap
  • lint-free cloth
  • chamois towel
  • (optional) 6″ squeegee for divided window panes
  • (optional) replacement squeegee blades

If your house mostly uses divided pane windows, you may want the 6″ squeegee as your default.


Put a few gallons of cool water into the bucket, along with a small amount of dish soap. Something in the neighborhood of a teaspoon should do the trick.

Check the conditions of the squeegee blade and sponge/scrubber if you’re reusing last year’s tools. If you notice nicks, cuts, or rounded edges on the squeegee blade, replace it. The scrubber/sponge should appear clean.


Dip the window scrubber into the bucket of soapy water. Give it a few gentle squeezes to remove excess water. Gently scrub the window until you loosen all the dirt.

For larger windows, use the squeegee in a reverse-S motion across the window. Use the cloth to wipe the blade between passes. The chamois towel can clean up any soapy water at the window edges.

For divided panes, apply the soapy water with the scrubber. One pass with the smaller squeegee from top to bottom should do the trick. Again, wipe the blade between passes.

Finishing Touches and Considerations

If you want to take your window cleaning to the next level, you can wax the windows. That will give them an extra sparkle in the sunlight for a while.

A less cheerful possibility is that you will find cracked glass or damaged window frames while you clean. While you can replace glass, damaged window frames typically mean it’s time for new windows. If you must replace the windows, you can go here to view more.

Parting Thoughts on DIY Window Washing

You don’t need exotic cleaning supplies or a professional for your annual window washing. You can get all the tools and supplies you need at any home improvement or big box store. With those basics in hand, you can DIY your windows.

If there is one key tip you should remember, it’s that you must wipe the squeegee blade between each pass. It removes dirt and particulates that can cause streaking.

Once you get those windows sparkling clean, a little interior decorating can enhance them. Check out our post on kitchen window treatments to see some good examples.