6 Features Of Furniture You Want To Have In Your Home

Features Of Furniture

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Great furniture brings a distinctive look to any interior. It lasts for decades. Sometimes that’s a problem. The world is changing, and our needs change, and the new-emerging furniture does its best to reflect that. What new does 2021 bring?

1. Functionality Comes First

This is the principle of modern furniture design. The purpose of a piece of furniture is all-important and dictates its form, fabric, and so on. We look for pieces that meet our needs and make us feel comfortable. We’re very far from artsy-looking furniture that is complicated to figure out. Moreover, the world seems to be fascinated by the idea of multi-use furniture. A desk that can also be an armchair and a coffee table. An armchair that can unfold to a spare bed. A decoration that can also be a stool. You will find great examples of this at: Sofafox.co.uk

2. Natural Materials

Natural – this refers to the materials that you can find in nature, like wood, hay, stones. They add a creative and vibrant look and may act as decoration themselves. Their colours usually work well with a subdued colour palette. However, the newest trends say that despite the subdued colour palette, it is very common to add a distinctive, bright feature for contrast.

3. Exposing Construction Materials

The most aesthetic materials are metal: aluminum, nickel, stainless steel in a variety of colours, but mostly brass or blackened metals. They are present in tables, chairs, armchairs, lighting fixtures, or storage units.

4. Decorative, but Neat Look

When it comes to style, many people are conflicted. Minimalism was around for a long time. We’ve learned to love the neat look of it. The unintrusive aesthetic and the peace that it brings. Suddenly, 2021 brings a big change and tries to introduce maximalism into our homes. Maximalism with chaos, excessive details, decorations. The furniture that we choose in 2021 is a mixture of those two styles. They are not plain and one-color but still quite conservative with decoration. Consider rounded edges, small prints, 2-3 types of materials combined, or a desk with small ornaments.

5. Easy to Sanitize

This is the aspect that has always been neglected. Glass, waterproof materials are chosen more eagerly, as they are easy to clean. Intricate wooden patterns seem to be too germ-friendly for the 21st century. The furniture that leaves gaps in space, where the dust and dirt can gather, is not eagerly considered anymore. Smarter choices will contribute to the greater cleanliness of our homes.

6. The Boom in Lounge Furniture

Who knows? Relaxing at home may be our new hobby. Many furniture stores will offer us couches, recliners, flip chairs in a new look. It’s not rare to see armchairs or reading beds for two people. Or sofas that are great for sitting straight, half-lying, or lying flat with our legs up, supported by the edge at a perfect angle of 30%.