Feng Shui Your Bedroom For a Better Sex Life

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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Feng shui is a unique practice from ancient China that people follow worldwide today. Feng shui entails using energy forces to create harmony between people and their environment. By attaining feng shui, you will feel at ease in your life. You will combine your feelings, values, and other points in your relationship and make everything feel a little more comforting.

You can get your sex life going well if you plan feng shui in your bedroom. You can do a few things to make this possible and to produce the best sexual experience.

Create the Right Colors

Part of feng shui entails producing a colorful environment with tones that fit a sense of unity and love. Red and white are both ideal colors for your space, as they reflect the passion that comes with sex.

You could even have a bright red or white tone of velvet sex sheets and pillowcases.

Keep the Sides of the Bed Even

One part of feng shui to follow entails having pairs of objects in the bedroom. Pairs are representative of unity, which is essential for sex. Having two red or white candles, a pair of similar-colored pillows, or two of anything else will help make your environment feel more positive.

You must especially keep both sides of the bed or other space for sex even. Having one nightstand on the side of the bed suggests that you’re single and that you would rather stay single, thus keeping the passion of sex from being so intense.

Placing Things In Position

The positioning of your sex chair or whatever else you’ll use for sex is essential for your feng shui needs. There are a few tips for placement you can use:

  • The bed or sex chair you will use should be positioned towards the door to where you can see it from the bed or chair, but not to where you’re directly in line.
  • Avoiding keeping the sex space next to a flat wall. Blocking off one side of the surface keeps the aura from spreading around well.
  • Don’t place anything near a window. The chi or energy can escape from the room, even if you close the window.

Avoiding Plants

While people often associated plants with feng shui, that’s not the case for sex. Avoid placing plants in your bedroom before sex, as they may become distracting things that will bother everyone in the room. Those plants can also release carbon dioxide at night, which can impact everyone’s chi.

Avoid Anything From An Old Relationship

One other tip to follow entails how you will handle items in the bedroom from older relationships. Any old sheets and items from a prior sexual encounter with an old acquaintance should be removed from the bedroom. These will still store the energy of that earlier sexual partner. The stale energy will keep the experience with whoever you are with now from being much of a thrill. Removing this from the equation will be necessary for your sexual experience, especially since you can show how committed you are to your new partner. You will feel more content with a new partner when you clear your mind.