Feng Shui for Beginners: Top 7 Feng Shui Tips to Strike Harmony and Balance

Feng Shui for Beginners: Top 7 Feng Shui Tips to Strike Harmony and Balance

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Are you looking to strike more balance and harmony in your home? If so, check out the top 7 feng shui tips for beginners.

Interested in introducing feng shui into your home, but not sure where to start? The Chinese art of feng shui (meaning, literally, “wind – water”) is a concept by which you are able to introduce a flow of positive energy (“qi”), health, and good fortune into your home.

Essentially, feng shui is the “art of placement,” meaning that a thoughtfully arranged home can improve your quality of life.

Some people believe the basics of feng shui are complicated and would be difficult to implement. However, it doesn’t need to be hard to introduce the basics and, in fact, most people who do find it beneficial.

We’ve put together a list of seven simple feng shui tips to help you bring more harmony and peace into your home.

1. Open up Space, Eliminate Clutter, and Clean

This is a basic tenet of good feng shui, and frankly, a helpful piece advice across the board.

Positive energy needs space to meander through your home. It can’t do that if your house stuffed to the gills with clutter. Take a hard look at everything you own. Chances are, there is a lot of it that you don’t actually need.

Take some time to thoughtfully go through every room and pare down how much is in it. Donate as much as you can. This simple act can bring great peace — think about how frustrating and distracting it is to try to work or relax around clutter.

Cull your stuff — that’s half the battle.

It’s also helpful and good for your emotional health to keep a clean home. Don’t be afraid to invest in a professional cleaning service if you’d like.

2. Use Mirrors Wisely

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The placement of mirrors is a very important part of good feng shui. Mirrors reflect everything — including energy. You’ll want to strategically place mirrors where they will increase the positive energy flow through the home.

Think of energy as a welcome guest. You don’t want a guest to walk in your front door, directly through your house, and out the back. Instead, you want your guests to linger. Place mirrors in such a way that the energy will be directed inwards and throughout the home.

You’ll also want to ensure your mirrors aren’t reflecting toilets or garbage cans. Instead, place them across from green plants or artwork.

3. Add More Light and Purer Air

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Good feng shui thrives on light and air.

Keep your windows clean and uncovered so you get as much natural light as possible. If you have dark areas that don’t get much natural light, add bright, full-spectrum lighting.

Houseplants are a wonderful addition. Not only do they add natural beauty to your home, but they also purify your air. If you don’t or can’t have many plants, consider an air purifier and keep your windows open as much as you can.

4. Fix Up the Foyer

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How you arrange and decorate the entrance to your home is an important part of achieving good feng shui.

Your entryway is the place where good energy will come into your home. As such, the space should be bright, clean, and inviting. Add an interesting rug as a focal point, or include a side table with a bright lamp.

If you can, avoid having stairs or a bathroom too close to the foyer, and never hang a mirror so that it reflects back out the front door.

5. Consider The Energy of the Bathroom

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Although the bathroom is obviously quite functional, it’s also a space where, as feng shui is concerned, people go to get rid of things they don’t need.

To counter this, start by decorating your bathroom in a way that brings you happiness and peace. Add lush plants, fresh flowers, candles, or a water feature. Keeping it clean and decluttered is important, too.

To help buffer any negative energy that may dwell in your bathroom, keep the toilet lid closed and the bathroom door shut, and repair any leaking faucets.

6. Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

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According to the principles of feng shui, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the place where you’ll dream, rest, relax, and seek peace, so turn it into a sanctuary.

Decorate the room in a way that brings you joy. Make it cozy and relaxing. Plants are a great addition, as are sensual, soft fabrics and big pillows.

Keep the room bright and clutter-free, and never store anything like shoes or clothing under the bed (or risk fitful sleep).

7. Choose the Right Colors

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Color is an important aspect of good feng shui. Gold traditionally considered a powerful color, so certainly include it if you can.

However, don’t feel that you have to include gold if it isn’t your aesthetic. It’s more important to use colors that bring you joy.

Decide what colors make you feel at peace. Earth tones are a great option. Calming colors like blue and green are good options, too. Use these colors on walls, in fabrics, or artwork.

Do try to limit the use of white — too much white can have a “cold” effect in your home.

Let These Feng Shui Tips Work for You

It would be easy to read everything there is to read about feng shui and feel overwhelmed. However, there is a reason it’s embraced by so many people, including wealthy and powerful ones.

Don’t feel confined by the “rules.” Instead, use them as guidelines to create a beautiful, relaxing, clean, and peaceful home in a way that speaks to you. Feng shui shouldn’t be interpreted as a “one-size-fits-all” concept.

We hope these feng shui tips have helped clarify the concept and put it within your reach. If you enjoyed this article, we hope you’ll look at the rest of the interesting and helpful articles and information found on our blog.