How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration Cost

How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration Cost

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When a fire tears through your home, the damage can be gigantic, if not totally devastating. It’s only once you’ve gotten the family evacuated and your treasured items and memories out safely, that you get a chance to take stock of the damage. This is roughly when you’ll first start hearing the words “fire damage restoration” being thrown about.

But what does it mean? How much can they do to fix your home? And, most importantly, how much does it cost? Join us, today, as we break down the process for you, and find out what your options are when it comes to fire damage clean up.

1. Common Costs

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Let’s start with the basics. In the United States, the US Fire Administration estimates the fire damage restoration cost in a home with no sprinklers at roughly $45,000. With a fire sprinkler, this number comes down significantly, to around $2,166.

But the total damage cost of a fire depends on a few different factors: the type, size, and range of the fire, for example. Also, the estimated value of the destroyed items, as different houses will have different contents. The end result is fire damage repair costs ranging from hundreds of dollars to more than a million dollars for a destroyed luxury home.

Then there’s the question of who you hire to do the restoration. Hiring a company to handle restoration, cleaning and deodorization can start from between $2,000 and $5,000, for a fairly simple recovery. A kitchen fire in with more extensive damage, or damage to more expensive property, typically fetches restorers $10,000-to-$30,000. Luxury kitchens could go as high as $70,000.

2. Contributing Factors

When it comes time, a fire damage repair company will consider many factors for its fire restoration cost per square foot assessment:

  • how the fire occurred
  • how hot the fire burned
  • how long it burned for
  • the type of material involved burned
  • the material which needs cleaning or restoration

3. Is It Included In My Insurance?

The good news, when it comes to fire damage in the home, is that it is usually covered by most homeowner’s insurance plans. Premiums may vary, based on the above factors and your own policy, but there are options. What is usually the case is that the homeowner will have to pay a certain deductible, with a limit on how much, total, the insurers can pay per incident.

In cases where the property is insured for “actual cash value”, the provider would pay out based on the original value of your fixtures and items. “Replacement value” plans, meanwhile, would pay out based on current prices to replace those items. Either way, it pays to be caught up on how covered you actually are, so the replacement costs won’t come as a surprise.

4. Fire Damage Restoration

Nobody ever expects a fire to engulf their homes and burn up all of the things they’d grown so used to having. When it happens, the most important thing is your own safety. But there’s a sadness to losing those precious items and your nice, clean home. Hopefully, today’s article has given you more insight into what to expect from fire damage restoration work, so you’ll be ready if the time comes.

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