What Telltale Features Constitute a Modern Luxury Home

modern luxury home

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San Jose, California, is home to the most luxurious homes in America, with 56.46% of homes worth over one million dollars. These high-end homes feature high-quality materials, desirable locations, and unique features.

Curious what goes into making a modern luxury home? This guide will inspire you to add a little luxury to your home.

Prime Location

Where a piece of real estate is located has always been a major determining factor in its overall value. This is even more so applicable to luxury real estate. Luxury property is typically located in more desirable areas.

You’ll find them conveniently located near several amenities. But they’re also distanced enough to remove things like noise pollution from major roads.

Another common feature of luxury home locations is the view. You’ll find luxury homes are on an oceanfront, on top of a mountain, or some other uncommon location.

Professional Style Kitchens

As you take a look around modern luxurious houses, keep an eye out for small, expensive touches. This could be marble countertops or professional quality kitchen appliances. The electrical and plumbing fixtures are all upscale.

Additional appliances and features also appear in luxury kitchens. This includes things like a wine fridge, walk-in pantry, or warming drawers.

Spa-Like Bathroom

A popular definition of luxury is slowly sinking into your extra deep and long spa tub as you listen to soothing music streaming from your Bluetooth enabled bathroom vanity mirror. When you get out, your towel is perfectly warmed thanks to the warmer installed on the wall next to the tub.

Even the tile in your bathroom feels nice thanks to the heating coils installed under the flooring. This is especially popular in and around walk-in showers. These larger than life features typically have more than one showerhead, built-in benches, and large panes of glass for walls.

You can add small touches to your bathroom and mimic some of these high-end features.

Custom Walk-In Closets

Do you remember the show that would follow celebrities around as they gave you a tour of their mansion? One of the most interesting places was their closet. These huge spaces were rooms in themselves.

Luxury homes take closets to a whole new level with customized cabinetry made of high-quality wood and unique organizational features. Perhaps there are several shallow drawers for accessories. Or maybe there are extra-large shelves for bags.

Smart House

Technology is everywhere these days. A modern high-end property will embrace the latest in technology innovations. You may find the entire home connected to a network.

You could use your phone or a home iPad to control the lights, security system, door locks, HVAC, and even the kitchen appliances. This lets you control everything about your home from anywhere in the world.

Turn Your House Into a Modern Luxury Home

You don’t have to buy a new modern luxury home to enjoy these features and amenities. Think about your current budget and lifestyle and choose from these qualities to add to your home.

Maybe you love to cook, so upgrading your kitchen appliances makes sense. Or perhaps you have an eye for fashion, and customizing your closet is perfect for you.

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