What is a Forstner Drill Bit?

Forstner Drill Bit

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Forstner drill bit has a flat hole at the bottom that makes it possible for various hardware installations that require precision for depth and mortise joint. The feature makes it possible to drill holes in difficult angle, overlapping holes, and for making holes on the material edges.

The Forstner drill bit was an invention of Benjamin Forstner sometime in the 1800s. He made a cutting rim or teeth-like structures surrounding the perimeter. The original invention had a sharp projection at the center. The drill works with bits of up two 2-inches in diameter but cannot be smaller than 1-inch.

On the downside, the Forstner drill bit tends to slide on the surface of the material you are working on. For the best results and limit skidding on the material surface, use it as a drill press. Otherwise, the Forstner drill to drill overlapping joints because the outer cutting rim controls slipping into the next hole.

The bit is stable when you use a drill press, you can get straight and true edges when drilling a hole that is partially exposed. It is even possible to say that the beat came way ahead of its time because the nature of work the bit is handling came in many years after its invention.

How Valuable Is a Forstner Bit to a Woodworker

Should you consider yourself lucky for purchasing a whole set of Forstner bits, the bits perform an excellent job in many situations. Bear in mind that the Forstner bits have special qualities that will make your work neat. One important value you will get here is its long- term benefits in if the only work you do aligns with woodworking.

The cost of a Forstner bit may costly and may force you to buy a bit for specific purpose every time you need one. In comparison with other, affordable bits that do the same and you can buy in bulk, the Forstner bits seem durable and are not easy to replace.

What Makes Forstner Bits So Special

Forstner bits are optimized for woodwork applications. They produce precise cuts and leaves edges with clean holes. There exit design has been on the focus of taking them out of the hole with a minimal tear. They are one of the leading hole boring tools in woodwork.

The drilling of a flat-bottomed hole makes them a favorite in most hardware shops that require a precise depth for a mortise joint. A wide outer rim guides the Forstner bit, which is not common with other bits that follow the tip. The wide outer rim is useful when you want to drill holes angles that overlap as well as holes on edge.

Forstner bits are suitable for drilling overlapping guided angled holes on rectangular mortise or on materials that require precision bonding. The bit seems to be the only choice for neat and large holes, making the prospect of owning a Forstner bit a reality.

Owning one or a set of Forstner bits is as simple as walking to your trusted hardware dealer.

Guiding the Forstner Bit With a Portable Drill

Get at least a plywood or a scrap of wood about ¾ inches thick.

  • Two clamps for holding the bit in position.
  • Cut a piece of wood from the scrap or the plywood to a usable size and leave room for clamping.
  • Setup the drill and fix the Forstner bit. Make adjustments to ensure the bit will go all the way to the desired depth.
  • Clamp the wood on the surface where drilling will take place. Confirm that the Forstner bit is long enough to cut through the entire board.
  • Drill the hole through the piece. The bit may skid but not far enough to interfere with your work. Once the bit passes to the other side, keep drilling until you are satisfied with the size of the hole.

Final Word

The few qualities that make Forstner bits indispensable in some situations explain the reason behind its more than 150-year history. The particular design of the bit enables their use in the drill press but you can introduce clamps and use them with other kinds of drills. The clamps will hold the Forstner drill in place when drilling. Finding a good set of Forstner bit is a challenge right from the size of the hole to make to the durability of the set make the desirable list endless.