How to Keep Your Sheets From Balling Up

washing sheets

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Picture this: You have some beautiful bed sheets that impress everyone that comes across it. You’re delighted with them in all aspects, except for one. Every time you place them in the washing machine or dryer, they roll up into balls that cause them not to get washed or dry thoroughly. Additionally, it becomes a hassle trying to unroll them after a wash and eliminate the annoying creases. If this is you, then you are far from alone. While the best trick is to use the best dyer sheets, when it comes to washing it’s not so simple.

This annoying problem is what many people complain about when washing their bedsheets, and it can take hours away from the washer trying to fix creases or rewash. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to fix this issue. Here are five actions you can do to keep your sheets from balling up.

When Done Washing, Uncouple

When we’re done washing, many of us have half a mind to ball up our sheets together and dump it all into the dryer. However, this simple act will act more hours to your washing than you bargained for. Instead, it is essential you carefully untangle sheets before you wash.

If you have the time, it would be best not to wash too many sheets at a time; two is the required maximum. Also, you should make sure you also untangle any other pillowcases from the main bed sheet.

Dryer Balls Are Useful

Dryer balls are objects designed with the intention of stopping bed sheets from getting balled up. They work by simply dropping the balls into the dryer drum with your bedsheets. These dryer balls help to allow air to circulate in the dryer and help to keep your bed sheets separate. Alternatively, you can also use a few tennis if you don’t want to use dryer balls. They also perform this function effectively.

Don’t Overwork Your Dryer

Dumping too much into your dryer may cause your dryer not to function effectively, causing your bedsheets to tangle and get rumpled. Continuing to do this may even damage your bedsheets and dryer!

Duvet Covers Should Be Buttoned

Due to the size of duvets, they can quickly engulf bed sheets and pillowcases. This engulfing wouldn’t let the bed sheets wash well, and it will also increase the chance of getting balled up. That said, if you have duvets that have buttons, make sure you button them up to avoid this. If you have enough hours on your hands, you should try to wash duvets separately from bed sheets.

Sort Your Fabrics Correctly

This tip is one of the most useful pieces of information in order not to get balled up bed sheets. You should sort your fabric based on texture, size, or any other way you want to categorize them.

If possible, you should try and wash bed sheets separately from other household fabrics such as hand towels, pillowcases, and tea towels.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, getting your bedsheets balled up is inevitable. However, these tips mentioned above can help you prevent that from happening as much as possible.