Getting the Master Bedroom You Deserve

Getting the Master Bedroom You Deserve

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A new master bedroom is what most people ask for from renovation experts. Whether you’ve bought an older house with a small bedroom in an affluent neighborhood that needs to be redone, or you simply want to treat yourself, a master bedroom is an excellent choice. Marina at Evolve Real Estate and Property Management, told us that renovating the master bedroom is a safe bet because homes with beautiful master bedrooms seem to always sell well. She suggested that it seems to be related to the buyer adding extra value on the room they will sleep in every night. The questions is always, how do you go about renovating it? These seven ideas will surely spark your imagination.


Maybe the most challenging part is deciding where to put a new bedroom. First, you want to see how your new slumber chamber will relate to the landscape. If you are lucky enough to have a new bedroom on the ground floor, nothing can complement it like an enchanting garden visible from inside. Another aspect you should consider is privacy, as no one wants a bedroom in a busy part of the house. If possible, the best location should be adjacent to the existing bedroom or bedrooms.

Garden access

When you have chosen the position for your bedroom, you need to figure out its access to the garden. While period architecture rarely included a direct access to the outdoors, contemporary architectural trends often come with solutions for ground level master bedrooms that have doors leading into a private part of the garden, often with a little patio.

Natural light

It was proven that people sleep better in darker rooms. On the other hand, you are not always using your bedroom for sleeping, especially if it has a stunning view of the garden. The best way to achieve a dark, slumber-friendly ambience, but also take advantage of the view is to use rolling blinds. Choose the ones that remain hidden in their own alcove above the window frames when rolled up.

A Vista

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky few who managed to grab a property on a slope overlooking the patchwork of lush gardens, courtyards and swimming pools. You don’t need azure waters of a bay to enjoy a marvelous view. Often, a view of a charming neighborhood feels just as heartwarming.


An ultimate focal point of every room. Discuss with an architect what fireplace would work best for your master bedroom. If the rest of the room is heavy-set and traditional, a dominant stone fireplace would complement it perfectly. On the other hand, modern gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you will easily find one to fit into your bedroom’s character.


In no room will you spend more time staring at the ceiling than in the bedroom. There are several ways to make this view more interesting. You can consult with new home builders about leaving the trusses exposed, so as to create a more rustic look. Or, if you have a flat ceiling, nicely finished planks could create the same warm, country cabin effect.


The best way to approach artificial lighting solutions for bedrooms is to use the compound principle. It relies on using various light sources. For example, an eye-drawing chandelier can provide a display light, while subdued bedside lamps dispense intimate and personal illumination. The final touch can come in the shape of cove lighting at the cornice molding. It will deliver a romantic glow and accentuate the ceiling details. Recessed can lights and bedrooms just don’t relate well. Keep in mind, you will be staring at the ceiling often.

As one of the most popular extensions for people who are renovating, a new master bedroom will surely improve the quality of your life. It can combine traditional elements, like diversified lighting and a romantic fireplace, with modern design elements, like a direct access to a secluded patio or a garden.

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