High-End Installations for Your Luxury Home

Installations for Luxury Home

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a large and sumptuous home, it’s only natural that you would like to fill it with only the best appliances and items. Tasteful artwork, excellent furniture, and perfectly manicured gardens are just some of the most common ways that luxury homeowners ensure that their home looks its best, but there are many other ways that you can increase the aesthetics and value of your home.

When you’re remodeling your home to better suit your needs, you have a variety of options, some of which may not necessarily be worth the expense. However, here are some of the most beneficial ways that you can add appeal to your home, improving its accessibility and raising its value.

Home Elevator

Home elevators are an incredible option when you’re looking to revamp your home, because not only are they wonderfully convenient, but they also look gorgeous when placed in the right environs. These compact appliances will allow you to move freely between floors, and they also make a great conversational piece with guests and family alike. Better yet, they can make up to five stops, which is important for those who have multi-story homes.

You can customize a residential elevator to match the aesthetic of your home with different trims, as well as place it in the exact location you’d like. They are small enough to fit just about anywhere, whether that is in a small closet or right out in the open.

Indoor Fountain

When you visit a nice hotel, you’re often struck by the loveliness of a dramatic indoor fountain, which provides a hint of natural appeal that immediately relaxes guests. Adding a hint of nature to your space also provides mental health benefits and improved indoor air quality, which can help you feel even more at home in your living space. With some fountains, you can also incorporate other living elements like koi fish and plants, making your own little oasis of nature.

Installing an indoor fountain is something that requires professional guidance, as you want to maximize its appeal without endangering your floors or walls. Be sure to work with an installer with plenty of experience in the type of fountain you would like, and read reviews to see that others have had a good experience with this company.

Smart Home System

There’s nothing better than being able to control nearly everything in your home with the push of a button, which is why fully integrated smart home systems are so helpful. With these, you have a control panel that lets you manage many of your home’s elements at once without even getting up. The options are nearly endless: smart dishwashers and washing machines, security systems, automatic locks, and lights can all be managed while you’re at home or away. For example, you may choose to have the front door light turn on before you get home, then press a button to unlock the door right as you pull into the driveway.

Be sure to futureproof this by choosing technologies that are unlikely to be obsolete in a few years, and carefully consider security when you’re picking your options. Working with a consultant can be incredibly beneficial here, as they can help you make good decisions that balance accessibility and safety.

Heated Floors

For those with high-end homes in colder environments, there is truly nothing worse than heading over to the shower for your morning routine, only to feel miserable when you step onto the cold tile. Taking off your boots in the mudroom on a chilly day can leave you cranky when you walk into your living space, which doesn’t bode well for your relaxing evening.

To ameliorate these concerns, consider getting radiant heating installed under your floors. These will provide gentle warming in the places that need it most, such as your bathroom, laundry room, and mudroom, heating up your freezing toes and offering you a touch of comfort when it’s cold outside.

These options work best under tile, which is unlikely to warp or crack due to the heat. They can often be incorporated with the light switch in the room in question so that you can flick it on, go start the coffee pot, and then come back to a wonderfully heated bathroom, ensuring you’re ready to spring into action for the rest of your day.


There are numerous opportunities to improve your home, and you must pick those only that provide you with the greatest convenience and comfort. Always work with experienced professionals who can give you an informed opinion on what would work best for your home. With careful thought and great consultants, you can make your luxury abode even more remarkable for years to come.