How to Choose Artwork for Your Home

How to Choose Artwork for Your Home

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When people are redecorating their homes or are moving into a new one, they are more focused on making the space look nice and turning into a functional and liveable environment. However, once all the hard work is done and everything’s put in its rightful place, it comes the time to consider the other aspect of making a house feel like home – the décor.

Now while décor is definitely something very personal and there really is no way someone can tell you what exactly to look for – as décor usually serves the purpose of making any space feel more personal – there are certain things you should keep in mind when searching for décor pieces for your home. This is especially true if we’re talking about artwork. While art is definitely something very personal and beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder, here are some general guidelines that should make the entire process of choosing a bit easier.

1. Pay Attention to the Size and Scale

While this should definitely not be the deciding factor, you always want to keep the size of the area you’re buying artwork for in mind. It’s quite easy to mess up the overall scale of the room if you assess the size properly. What you should do to avoid this from happening is measure the amount of free space you have for the art and check out only the pieces that fit into that space.

2. Listen to Your Heart

When choosing art, you shouldn’t just be looking with your eyes, you should listen to your heart as well. What this means is that if you fell in love with a certain piece of art you should just buy it without worrying too much about where you will put it. The fact is that if you manage to find something that truly speaks to you, you will always find a place for it. But if you don’t buy it, you will never stop regretting it.

3. Use the Power of the Internet

The fact is that sometimes, your local art galleries will have nothing you like enough to want to put in your home, and that’s fine. Since we live in the age of technology, you can easily search for artwork online. This way your search will be much broader in scope and you might end up finding something you truly adore and feel like would instantly elevate the look of your home to a whole new level. Since we already have the ability to use the internet for anything and everything, why not use it to find the perfect art piece?

4. Get in Touch With Your Local Street Artists

If there is a piece or a style of street art you really like, you can try contacting your local street artists and see if they would be willing to create something custom for you. What many people fail to understand is that street art is art as well and the majority of street artists would be more than happy to create a piece that will embellish your living space. This way, not only will you be supporting your local artists but you’ll also have a unique art piece in your home that’s created just for you. If possible, see if you can choose the theme or the colour scheme if you want so that the piece blends beautifully with the rest of your home.

5. Don’t Overwhelm the Space

Finally, while you can definitely choose the hang as many art pieces as you want in your home, make sure you avoid going too overboard and suffocating the space. A general rule of thumb to follow here is to choose a single piece of art that will work as a statement piece and – if you want to add more – do it in such a way that all the other pieces only complement the main one. If you select too many pieces that are fighting for attention amongst each other, you will only create a space that feels too loud and overwhelming.

Choosing the art pieces, you want to showcase in your new home is a really personal process. That means that, while keeping these general tips in mind, you should choose something that speaks to you on a personal level and makes you feel good every time you see it.