How To Choose The Right Queen Size Mattress

Queen Mattress

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We all need quality sleep to aid us in maintaining good physical health and keep our immune system healthy. Good sleep also helps us maintain healthy brain function and emotional well-being, which also helps us perform better during the day, either at school, or at work, or whatever our lives require.

With this in mind, choosing the correct queen mattress that fits our body needs and comfort, and also our budget, is an important decision to be made. And, if we have a queen size bed, we need to be able choose a good queen mattress that will give us the quality sleep that we deserve. So, look no further, because here we have some steps for you, that will help you choose the right queen size mattress, just for you.

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Research Online Mattress Store

We have done some research on how one can choose the right queen foam mattresses, and we believe that it always starts by researching on the topic by ourselves, because, information is so readily available, especially via the internet. And, it would help if we first did some research on our own so that we will not be taken in by glib sales people or shady online promotions when we want to purchase a mattress of our own.

Start off by looking up the different types of queen size mattresses that are available in the market. Look at why different consumers have chosen them, reviews, and some of the benefits and also possible disadvantages of the mattresses too. Look up prices of the types of mattresses on different retail websites so that you are aware of the range of what is considered a good price for the mattress that you are interested in.

Most retail websites will also give you the warranty information on the mattresses and also home trial lengths and return policies. Jot down the information on the queen size mattresses that you think would suit you so that you will be able to do better comparison and ask better questions when you go to a mattress showroom to look at the mattresses themselves.

Visiting a Physical Queen Mattress Showroom

We would strongly recommend going to an actual mattress store or showroom to look at and try out the mattresses that you listed down. Being able to get a feel of the mattress that you saw online gives you a way better idea of whether the mattress would be a good fit for your sleeping needs. Lie down on the mattresses for about 10 minutes, and try some different sleeping positions. Make sure you know which mattresses make you feel comfortable and give your back the support it needs.

Have a chat with the salesperson and ask them about warranty information, home trial and also the return policy of the mattresses that you are interested in. Discuss the differences in pricing and different brands, delivery options and, the removal of your old mattress, if needed. Negotiate with the salesperson to see if you can get a better deal from the showroom. Don’t worry about making the purchase right then and there, because, what was important from the visit was for you to be able to test out in person, which mattresses work for you best.

Emma Original Mattress

List Out the Pros and Cons of Each Queen Mattress

After the visit, make a list of pros and cons of the queen size mattresses that you have shortlisted and tried. Decide on which mattress suits both your needs and your budget, and then sleep on your decision for a bit. When you are comfortable with the decision, go to the showroom or the retail website to purchase the queen size mattress that you have set your mind on.

A Brief Guide on Types of Mattresses

We’d also like to help you with a brief guide on some of the main types of queen size mattresses available in the market to help you in this decision.


  • Consists of one or more layers of spring coils that provide support and comfort
  • The amount and type of coils affect comfort and support
  • Popular and widely used traditionally
  • Great bounce and cooling
  • Strong edge support
  • Great for those who want a more traditional spring feel


  • Made from latex (material used to make rubber) foam
  • Has cooling properties
  • Great responsiveness and comfort
  • Good bounce
  • Some latex mattresses have a slight rubbery odor which airing it out for a couple of days can be overcome
  • Great for those want foam, but dislike the distinct hug and contour like memory foam does for your body

Memory Foam

  • Made of memory foam material
  • Good pressure relief, great support and body contouring
  • The older mattresses tend to heat up while sleeping but later technology have cooling properties which help
  • Great for those who want support and good hug, body shaping, contour, and pressure relief


  • Built from a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coils, and/or other materials
  • Designed to maximize certain benefits, while minimizing certain cons.
  • For example, a latex-memory foam hybrid has good cooling, bounce, and responsiveness via the latex, but also provide support and great pressure relief via the memory foam.
  • Great for those who want the best of both or all worlds.
  • Provides options for good bounce, support, comfort, and cooling.

We hope that this short article helps you as you embark on choosing a great king size mattress that suits your needs and preference best.