Bed Boot Camp: 9 Ways to Make Your Old Mattress Feel Like New

Make Your Old Mattress Feel Like New

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Do you experience back problems because of your mattress?

Having a bad mattress in your bedroom can be the root cause of many problems. Some people say that this alone can cause people’s health and reputation at work to wane due to poor sleep hygiene. Most people opt to buy a new mattress.

The problem with this, however, is that most people can’t afford a new mattress. With prices starting to skyrocket, people start to think of methods to renew their old mattress and, over the years, have taken note of the best ways to renew their old bed cushions.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of what people believe to be the best ways to make old beds feel new again:

1. Flip Your Mattress

One of the reasons a mattress becomes bad for the back is because of use over time. If you sleep in one particular spot most of the time, chances are that spot will sink lower than the other areas. This can result in an uneven posture when you move in the middle of your sleep, which can then lead to a sore back upon waking up.

A quick solution to this is to flip the mattress over. Chances are the bottom part of your mattress will remain flat throughout the months. This is because you’ll be pressing down on it every time you lay down to sleep.

Once you do this, you will once again lay down on a flat mattress. This will help you with your posture during your sleep.

2. Give Your Mattress a Good Beating

Dust often accumulates on your mattress over months even if you keep your bedroom clean. Once breathed in, it causes most people to feel the worst upon waking up. It’s a good idea to beat the dust out of your mattress on a regular basis.

Pick up your mattress, take it out into the open, and beat it with a solid object. This expels most of the dust into the outside air. Be sure none of your neighbors will be in the receiving end when you do this.

Once you do this though, you’ll feel like you’re laying down on a new bed again. No more coughs and breathing problems when you sleep.

3. Place Supports Under Your Mattress

One reason your mattress may sag in an area is because of your be frame. It may have broken at one point and left you with a hole your mattress can sag through. This often happens in the middle of the night when your unconscious self puts too much pressure and weight on one area of the frame.

It tends to be a good idea to check on your frame every so often. If you discover that something’s broken, then you should place something on that spot to support your mattress with.

If it seems beyond repair, then it may be time to start over and make a DIY mattress frame. By doing so, you can make sure that every inch of the frame has adequate durability to support both you and your mattress when you lay down on top of it to test or to sleep.

4. Insert a Board Between the Mattress and Springs

If you own a box mattress, then you may find that the springs will become unaligned over time. When this happens, your posture when laying down will be all over the place. To prevent this from happening, you can consider placing a flat board or something similar on top of the springs.

Having something hard and flat on top of it will cause it to realign itself over time. This is because when you move with a board under you, all the springs will also move in unison.

5. Exchange a Few of the Box Springs

Another option to fix your box mattress will be to change the springs altogether. This means more manual labor, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new mattress.

This way, you can also be sure that you’re buying high-quality springs for your bed. This will ensure they last longer than usual.

6. Rotate Your Mattress

Yet another simple solution to your mattress problems is to rotate it. This method is best for big mattresses like Full, Full XL, and Queen mattresses. This is much like flipping your mattress over but with less labor involved.

Using this method means that you keep using the sagging side though, not the flat one underneath. It’s recommended that you do this more often to keep the sagging half away from you.

7. Top Your Mattress with a Mattress Topper

Buying a mattress topper is much like buying a new portable mattress. It provides you with the same quality as a new mattress would but it costs half the price. This is also a great way to improve your sleeping situation by tenfold.

This is because it covers up all the sags, bumps, and lumps on your mattress. This is even further emphasized on a memory foam mattress topper as it will give you a familiar space that won’t sag and give you back problems as a regular mattress would.

Another bonus is that a mattress topper is easy to clean. All you need to do is roll it up and you can then vacuum the dust out of it. It’ll then be ready to use again.

8. Place Buffers in the Sagging Areas

A quick fix to your sleeping troubles is to place some buffers in the area that sags. This is good for when you’re too tired to flip or rotate your mattress for the night. You only need to put something soft like pillows in the gaps or a rolled-up duvet for bigger, deeper sags.

9. Leave Your Mattress Out to Dry

One more reason why mattresses tend to start sagging is that it’s trapped some moisture within. So, it’s not a bad idea to take it out under the sun every once in a while. Leave it there for a good hour and a half to make sure that all the moisture evaporates.

This will result in a bouncier mattress than before. You can also do this for your pillows too. 30 minutes should be good enough for these smaller objects.

They should become fluffier and smell like sunlight by the time they’re done drying out.

Make Your Old Mattress Feel New Again

No need to toss out your old mattress due to a bit of sagging. Instead, make it feel like a new mattress once again using the tips we have above. Do these to get the best sleep in your life again tonight!

Improve your sleeping situation even more by adding some bedding options to your bed. Read our guide here about purchasing the best high-quality bedding options to get yourself started today.

Ways To Make Your Old Mattress Feel Like New Again