How to Create a Dreamy Boho Bedroom

Boho Bedroom

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The Bohemian design style, also known as ‘boho-chic’, found its creative inspiration in the 1970s. The main features of such interiors are distinctiveness and a sense of warmth. This style is ideal for people who love to experiment, travel and combine different design elements. It can be used to decorate any room in the house, but if you want to enjoy passionate nights and bohemian décor, we suggest decorating the bedroom Bohemian-style.

Perfect Bedding

In order to fully equip your boho paradise, and to keep your dreams as sweet as possible, you will need colorful bedding. Choose those shades that are typical for this style- embers, turquoise, indigo, and red. Make your bed a piece of heaven with the best mattress, add some pillows, and you will get the perfect boho ambience.

Linen can give a bohemian touch to your room. Choose linens with beautiful, colorful patterns, and then you can use the bedding as a décor. The Bohemian bedroom requires organic elements, including decorative fabrics and accessories. Large scarves or tapestries with exotic patterns can beautify your bedroom walls.

Unique Mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have element for this type of interior decoration. Try to find the handmade ones that are characteristic of their art. You can also opt for mosaic mirrors, which will fit perfectly with the rest of your boho décor.

Beads, Flowers and Feathers

One of the best things about turning a smaller bedroom into a bohemian room is the freedom to decorate. Use any ornament, string of beads and feathers. The key word that embodies boho style is nostalgia. Crystals are a great element to highlight this kind of ambience because the light reflects other colors giving the whole interior a magical look.

Another feature of boho style is candles and different types of candle holders, which you can combine in several colors and fit into one part of the interior or create several smaller sets. Remember, the details in gold are in perfect harmony with the boho interior.

Wooden Bedside Table

Boho style is all about natural elements and materials, so wooden pieces of furniture in your bedroom are necessary to complete its boho look. It will be perfect to choose full wood carving workpieces, which will greatly contribute to the authenticity of the décor. Decorate your nightstands and table with scented candles in different shapes and colors.

Choosing Materials

Having a carpet made of wool, with fringes and colorful patterns is a must. You can have more than one in various shapes and styles. But be careful to pick those with similar color patterns. They will fit perfectly with the cushioned pillows, as well with the wooden pieces of furniture. Choose quilts, pillows and rugs in light shades, and it is crucial that the pictures, lampshades and flower vases are in vibrant colors.

With an abundance of different fine fabrics, it will be very easy to bring a boho style to your home. Carpets and pillows of distinctive prints and colors make the centerpiece of a boho style. They will create a feeling of warmth. For the lavish look of windows, all you need is to choose curtains of layered materials.

Hanging Pots and a Swing

To further emphasize your sleeping space, put plants in your room (those that are suitable for growing in the bedroom). Plants are an integral part of the boho environment, and when it comes to hanging elements, one swing would be a great fit. That would make the perfect reading and relaxation corner.