Is it Time to Replace the Garage Door: Things to Consider

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If you own a home or business with a garage, one thing is certain. Over time, at least something will go wrong. If you are lucky, you will sell the home or business before something major breaks. Most people are not that lucky. Older homes, businesses, and buildings are the culprit to something going wrong.

Eventually, it will end up being something with having to replace a garage door. Some doors are small, easy replacements. Some require an upgrade from wood, to modern aluminum.

Others are towering steel bay doors that require more complicated parts and accessories. Once your garage door becomes unusable, you realize how nice it was when it worked. No matter the reason, when it comes time to replace a faulty door, replace it.

So, you’ve got a door that won’t open and you can’t fix it. You would think the first thing you do is call in someone. For some people though, the first step can be denial. Denial that you need to replace the door. Oh, it’s just a big dent, don’t worry it’s fine. Sure, you can just keep that broken door shut, no need to open it again, ever. There comes a time when you have to realize that sometimes, the repair isn’t an option.  Repair is the first line of defense no doubt, but once those options have been exhausted you need to act quickly. A broken door that requires replacement, is not just an energy issue, but also a security and convenience issue. There are some impressive options out on the market today if you are looking at having your garage door replaced. You can buy DIY replacement kits, or you can have a professional come in and handle your situation. Replacing a garage door opener is a much easier task, then replacing the door and installing new tracks. If the DIY route does not interest you, take a look at some top pros like STI garage door for example. The best companies have all the newest door materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and options. They also have a professional and competent installation and sales team. Replacing a garage door is not always an easy task, leave it to the pros when you need it. 

It Still Won’t Open, Now What?

Your solutions may depend on the problem. Or, just personal preference. Do you want the lightest door possible? There are new high strength lightweight materials available. If you want it to match the rest of your home or business, you have endless options for colors. If efficiency is your thing, a new insulated garage door will increase your energy efficiency and your sound dampening. You can have a more secure door by requiring biometric data, or by only opening with a proximity sensor in your car. You can now even have garage doors that are connected to the internet. There are also new motor options for automatic door options, on top of object sensing radar sensors and safety measures. The endless options on the market today means that there is something for every kind of budget.  The best way to decide what is best for you is to have a professional come out and assess your needs and your budget.