How To Make A Fairy Garden?

fairy garden

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Are you tired of making a beautiful garden full of blossoms but fail for several times? Did you water your garden regularly but fail to keep them alive? You are not alone. There are a few gardeners across the world who try their best to make a gorgeous garden that will keep in full blossom throughout the year. But all their efforts and hard work go in vain. Do you know why? Maybe, they could not understand the basics of gardening. Or, they find difficulties understand the nature of the soil of their garden.

However, despite all this, you want to make a garden, whether it is natural or artificial. A fairy garden can be your suitable option to go for making a garden that will keep your mood cheer up. If you have already decided to start a fairy garden or plan to start one, it is easy and fun to make a fairy garden. Besides, if you don’t have any ideas about how to start a fairy garden, don’t worry because, through this short but precise article, I will take you to the steps and methods you need to know to start a fairy garden.

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What you will have to do is to arrange all the necessities you need to make a fairy garden. All these things will be found in home improvement stores or online. They are also ready to go meaning you do not have to work on them anymore. You can start within no time, as well. So, without making the intro further bigger, let’s begin our easy and fun effort to make a fairy garden.

Things you need

The below-mentioned things are required in order to start a fairy garden. You can find them ready to use online or offline markets as well. They do not cost too much. With a few penny, you can purchase them all. Alternatively, you can make these things on your own at home if you have time and creativity.

  • => Wooden birdhouse
  • => Twigs 
  • => Dried pods
  • => Moss
  • => Colorful silk flowers
  • => Small terra cotta tray
  • => Tiny terra cotta pot
  • => Hot glue gun
  • => Small artificial birds
  • => Wire snips

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For the ground of the fairy garden, I have used dried leaves of my garden flowers. I have sprinkled them on the ground so that it looks beautiful. I have also removed the dead plants before keeping the dried leaves on the ground. Now it is time for the birdhouse to make. With the twigs, I have made a birdhouse using hot glue to attach them together.

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I have used moss on top of the birdhouse, so it looks real as well as funny. Its door is the main attraction for me. I have used twigs to make the birdhouse’s door. After that, I have removed the center part of a silk flower to make the knob of the door. To make it more realistic, I have used mosses on top of the birdhouse. 

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To climb (literally) on to the birdhouse, I have made a wooden ladder. For this, I have to spend some time to prepare the ladder. I utilized the hot glue to attach the twigs with the end part of it with another. Making these attempts for them several times, I ended up making the ladder to lean against the roof of the birdhouse to climb up.

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Birds need to bath also. I have put a terra cotta tray at the bottom of the small terra cotta pot using hot glue to attach them together. I took a few minutes to make the birdbath in the fairy garden. Now it was time for the fairy garden to look more beautiful. For this reason, I have placed some pebbles white and other colors on the ground to make the path of the birdhouse.

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My fairy garden was almost ready but missing something. Then I have put some dried twigs around the birdhouse so that they look there are dried trees to make a forest. With the leftover moss, I have sprinkled them to cover the uncovered ground, so it looks prettier. Also, you can add artificial flower bouquets here to beautify the garden. To do so, you can order  bouquet online.

Final Thought

It was fun to make a fairy garden that I love. When you finish your entire work making a fairy garden, you will feel amazed. Not only that, if you have grandsons, they will appreciate your effort as well. I think you can do it more beautifully if you are more creative than me. And I know that you are more creative! I also hope it will be an excellent resource to start a fairy garden.

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