Remodel 101: The Only 7 Kitchen Cabinet Styles that You Need

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Every homeowner would relate to the fact that kitchens tend to wear out and lose their charm pretty quickly. After all, your kitchen tolerates prolonged exposure to heat, pressure, and moisture every day. That’s why renovation and remodelling are essential and effective solutions that every homeowner swears by to keep their house new and fabulous.

However, when it comes to remodelling your kitchen cabinets, you might be running out of fresh ideas. To help you with that and update you on the latest trends for kitchen cabinets, here is a specially curated list of the top 7 kitchen cabinet styles that you need to check out.

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Top 7 Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Here are the top 7 kitchen cabinet styles every homeowner needs to check out.

1. Countertop Cabinets

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet ideas that are gorgeous and equally useful, then this one’s for you. Countertops and cabinets are the two backbones that support all your kitchen work. But if you are running short on space and budget, you should definitely consider combining the two.

Instead of having separate cabinets and countertops, you can build cabinets that have countertops on themselves. This will help you store all your utensils and appliances in the cabinets and go about your daily kitchen duties right on top of it -on the countertops.

You can also jazz it up a little by choosing a beautiful surface like granite, laminate, and quartz. If you go by the latest trends, then quartz countertops are much in vogue right now.

2. Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets are an age-old kitchen cabinet trend that is making a superb comeback in the home décor industry. The most significant benefit of these cabinets is that you can see through them and know precisely what is kept where without opening the cabinet door. This makes your work a lot easier and helps you save time on finding utensils and appliances.

Nowadays, everybody has a busy schedule, and it is not possible to remember exactly where each item in the kitchen is kept. In this case, opening every cabinet to find what you’re looking for will be an excruciating task. Glass front cabinets cut off this extra hassle and provide you with a simplified solution. You get to keep your appliance organized as well as to keep an eye on them.

3. Floor-To-Ceiling Cabinet

This style of cabinet is generally used when you cannot offer enough space for cabinets. In this case, to fit everything you have in your kitchen in a small space an entire portion of the wall is converted to cabinets.

Another added benefit that comes with floor-to-ceiling cabinets is that you do not have to worry about the paint and seal for the wall behind it. After all, it will always remain hidden by the cabinet.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets also offer a spacious storage unit for your kitchen utensils and appliances. This will ensure that your kitchen remains organized and you have enough space for future additions.

4. Recessed Wall Cabinet

If your kitchen is too small to spare enough space for a cabinet, you should consider opting for recessed wall cabinets. In this style, instead of building a cabinet on your wall, the cabinets are built inside the wall. Since the storage unit goes inside the wall, you save a lot of space, and your kitchen does not look cramped. You can choose to keep it open or add doors to the cabinet, and it will store all your kitchen items without stealing extra space from your kitchen.

5. Open Cabinets

Not every homeowner wants to have doors on the cabinets. Some of them, especially the ones who have a hard time remembering where they keep things, prefer open cabinets. It works the same way as the usual ones. The only difference is that there is no cover to hide the contents of the storage units.

However, it does bring along the downside of always having to keep your cabinets organized. But it also makes your job easier to keep track of all the items in your kitchen.

6. Customized Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets do not have to follow the usual structure. You can add to its existing features and make it more useful. This can be done by making additions like pull-out trays, bread boxes, and dustbins. You can also integrate your kitchen sink or your dishwasher within the cabinets to save space and give your kitchen an overall elegant touch through contemporary designs.

Another popular way to customize the cabinet is by integrating it with the oven. In this case, you get to cook and access the items required for cooking while standing at the same place. Some people even go a step ahead and integrate them with built-in appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens.

7. Integrated Kitchen Cabinets

While some people prefer independent cabinets situated at the corner of the kitchen, a lot of people today prefer integrated kitchen cabinets. Depending on your requirements, an integrated cabinet generally has two rows of cabinets.

One attached is to the wall and the other to the floor, leaving space for countertops and an oven in between. The two sets of cabinets are then conjoined at a certain point. Generally, a taller cabinet at a corner is used to join the two rows. The taller cabinet needs to start at the base and be at level with the top row cabinets. These cabinets make your kitchen more compact and offer a contemporary touch. Together it gives a stunning makeover to your simple old kitchen.


Since kitchen renovation is not something you do every day, you must take your time to go through all the available designs and choose what suits your style the best. The list of cabinet designs that we have created has been made, keeping beauty as well as usability in mind. After all, kitchen cabinets serve an important purpose in our daily life, and you cannot just rely on outward appearances when choosing the perfect style.