10 Great Benefits of Motorized Window Shades

Motorized Window Shades

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Do you spend your mornings squinting at the sunshine pouring in through the windows? Do you feel like your home is so much dimmer in the wintertime when it’s dark outside before work? If so, then you might find that automating lights and adding motorized window shades can help make your house a cozier and more comfortable place to live.

Motorized window shades are automated window coverings that open and close with the press of a button, remote control or other device. They’re a great way to keep your home cozy without having to manually lift a window covering every time you want some natural light or a little bit of darkness.

Here are 10 super benefits of motorized shades.

1. Cordless Design Offers Safety for Children and Pets

Keeping little ones safe from injury and preventing them from going out through the window are just two of the many reasons to consider using motorized window shades for your home. Cordless designs ensure that your kids and pets will steer clear of the dangers of cords on regular curtains.

Electric shades can be programmed to close automatically when someone touches them, which further protects the kids and pets from getting out through the window.

2. Boosts Home’s Energy-Efficiency

Motorized window shades are more energy efficient than their regular counterparts. Paired with your home automation system, your motorized shades will automatically adjust in response to external stimuli. E.g., when too much sunlight gets into your home, motorized shades automatically close to block the heat from the sun. This gives your heating and cooling unit an easier time cooling the house to a comfortable temperature.

3. Motorized Shades Protect Furniture and Décor from the Sun

Your motorized shades can provide a layer of protection for your furniture and home décor from the scorching sun. Regular windows have little or nothing to offer when it comes to filtering light and sometimes reducing the intensity of sunlight reaching the interior of your home.

4. Automation Settings Adds Security When You Are Away

The automation settings of motorized shades boost security when you’re away. These settings allow you to program the motorized shades to automatically open and close at random times throughout the day or night. This paints the illusion that you’re home to ward off intruders.

5. Improves Your Sleep Quality

Motorized window shades help prevent discomfort during sleep, potentially resulting from low temperatures or intense sunlight. The shades do this by blocking out harsh sunlight and keeping rooms cool when it gets too hot outside. Smart window shades have added functionality such as lighting, air conditioning, and temperature regulations, that set the mood for quality sleep time.

6. Custom Motorized Shades Increase the Value of Your Home

Motorized shades can be a bit expensive to install, but they’re totally worth it when it comes to adding financial value to your home. Because they’re an impressive advancement in technology, these electric shades take the value of your home to a new level.

An average home with motorized shades is valued higher than a home with regular windows and curtains.

7. Remote Control Lets You Operate Shades without Touching Them

Perhaps the biggest motorized shades benefits are in the fact that you can adjust them from anywhere in the house with a remote control. You can open or close them, raise or lower them, or rotate them through 360 degrees. Some automated shades remote controls also come with a timer that allows you to program when they open and close during the day or night.

8. Integration with Your Existing Smart Home Systems

Already have a smart home system monitoring security, and connecting all of your devices? Motorized shades will be an easy fit into your existing smart home system, giving you full control of your shades from anywhere, just like other smart devices in your home.

9. Easy and Effective Privacy Solution

Privacy and safety and two big advantages of motorized shades. Shades enhance the privacy of your home. They allow you to control visibility into the outside world at any time during the night or during the day from virtually anywhere in the world.

10. Varied Control Options

Motorized window shades save time and hassle by eliminating the need for lacing cords and older tracking strings around pulleys. Instead, these systems use a battery-powered motor to raise and lower shade panels on command. You can program the shades for sunset mode, sunrise mode, timed closing/opening, etc.

Final Words

Above are 10 motorized window shades benefits you can make the most of. Motorized window shades are an investment in quality sleep, privacy and safety of your family and furniture, and energy efficiency.

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