How To Choose The Right Outdoor Tiles For Your Space

Outdoor Tiles

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Are you looking for cheap tiles online to spruce up your outdoor space? Finding new tiles to create the perfect patio or path can be tricky, especially with so many options on the market. You can quickly become overwhelmed, unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Luckily, we are here to help. Today’s guide will walk you through the factors you must consider when choosing your new outdoor tiles.

How Do I Choose Outdoor Tiles For My Space?

When choosing outdoor tiles, you need to consider the use of the space, the size of the tiles, the material, and the natural light the space gets. These factors can help you narrow your choices and find the perfect tiles. We have plenty of guidance on these factors below to help you find your tiles more easily.

Consider The Purpose Of The Tiles

First, consider where you are using the tiles outdoors and their purpose. Will they create a new outdoor patio or provide flooring for an outdoor kitchen? In these cases, you will want to prioritise durable tiles that can be laid over various backyard materials. Tiles by an outdoor swimming pool will need to offer slip resistance while fitting in with the style of your pool.

Decide what purpose your outdoor tiles will serve before beginning your search.

Consider Grip

When looking at outdoor tiles, look at theory texture, grip, and how slippery they can become. Gardens with outdoor pools should rule out tiles that become slippery when wet to avoid injuries. Ideally, you want a non-slip surface and a tough rating with good grip, especially if you plan to walk on the tiles barefoot.

Consider The Material

Next, choose the material for your outdoor tiles. You want strong materials that can survive any weather, including harsh rains. The tiles should also be durable to prevent any cracks and scratches. Families with children and dogs should choose durable tiles.

Popular outdoor tile materials include the following:

  • Quarry – which provides plenty of durability from any weather, but they come in limited styles and colours
  • Slate – which offers a variety of colours and water resistance, but it can have an uneven surface
  • Soapstone – offers water resistance, making it a fine choice around swimming pools
  • Limestone – comes in light colours to reflect the sunlight but can be scratched easily
  • Travertine – handles high temperatures well and provides a rustic appearance
  • Granite – offers durability and is naturally waterproof
  • Ceramic – is an affordable option but isn’t always rated for outdoor floor use
  • Porcelain – is strong and versatile, with resistance to freezing

Consider The Light

When choosing the area you want to tile, consider the natural light it receives. Areas that are darker or don’t get much natural sunlight will benefit from lighter tiles, which will brighten the space and make it seem larger. White or soft cream tiles work best in these cases.

Spaces that get lots of natural light can use light tiles or a darker tile, making the tile a focal point of your garden. Outdoor tiles come in various colours, so you can find one that suits your space perfectly. When choosing the colour, it’s worth considering the colour of existing outdoor furniture or any fences you have.

You can also consider the finish of the tiles here. A glossy finish will help to reflect light, brightening the space and making it seem more significant. You can add some outdoor lights to reflect the light better and make the space appear lighter, especially in the evenings. A matte finish can work well in naturally bright areas and around pools.

Consider How The Space Will Be Styled

Do you want an outdoor space that transitions seamlessly from your indoor space? Or are you looking to make an impact? Deciding how you want the space styled will help you choose the perfect tile. Choosing a tile that matches your interior will provide a cohesive look while opting for a bright colour or a patterned tile can make the space seem different from your indoor space.

Again, consider any existing furniture or furniture you intend to buy to help create a stylish outdoor space where the tiles match any decor.

Final Thoughts

Choosing outdoor tiles doesn’t need to be challenging. You can quickly find the perfect tile by considering the size, material, and intended use. There are so many budget options, too, allowing you to create the outdoor space of your dreams with ease!