The Perfect Bedding for Your Bed: What You Need to Know

Perfect Bedding for Your Bed

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Very few people understand the impact bedding contributes to the quality of sleep they get. Most often, the blame or concentration goes to the bed leaving out the beddings.

Top interior decorators often spend more time and money choosing a bed and beddings. Sleeping on a not-so-good bed or beddings is like wearing scratchy or worn-out clothing for 8 hours. No doubt, you will not be comfortable and will not be in top shape.

If you are confused about the best types of materials to choose for your beddings, then read on.

Picking the Right Duvet and Pillows

Frankly, a bed is not complete without a cloud-like duvet (i.e fluffy cotton wool type of duvet) and perfectly suited pillows. Before you buy a duvet, make sure it’s suitable for your bedroom. Have you thought about how warm you would be in bed wrapped in the duvet?

To choose the perfect duvet, check out the tog rating. Wondering what a tog rating is? It means the measurement of warmth you will receive using the duvet. Below is the best duvet tog rating for each season:

  • Summer – 2.5 to 4.5 tog
  • Spring and Autumn – 9 to 10 tog
  • Winter – 12 to 13.5

However, instead of buying separate duvets for each season, you can get a medium and light duvet and use both together during the winter.

For pillows, make sure they are soft enough to be comfortable and hard enough to provide the needed support to our heads. The best way to know if your pillow is due for change is to raise it over your arm. If the pillow drops then you need a new one.

Selecting the Best Bed Linen

Although the linen is second on this list, it ought to be the first. As important as linen is, it always seems like an afterthought for most people for their bedding.

To get the best linen you need to consider the thread count. The thread count is the measurement of the fineness of the fabric. To get the thread count, the number of threads per square inch is counted. So get the best linen, make sure the thread count is high. Also, the fineness of the yarn and weaving should be considered too.

Choosing the Best Materials for Bed Sheets

The most popular bed linen materials are cotton, silk, or linen. However, what matters here is that these materials are natural fibers that are breathable. Therefore, the choices are often made on personal preferences.

For a glossy bed sheet opt for silk materials. The strands of the silk material naturally keep moisture close to the skin. You can also opt for linen if you are not a fan of glossy and hairy bed sheets.

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The Last Take

Whatever, your choice of beddings for your bed is, the price would also determine whether you will get it or not. Not to worry, you can a bohemian bedroom style.