A Guide That Makes It Simple to Create a Real Estate Marketing Funnel

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Real estate marketing can be challenging in an increasingly overcrowded market. Companies can no longer rely on footfall and must compete online to get the attention of internet-savvy buyers. However, you need to protect your marketing budget to prevent your competitors from getting ahead of you in search engine rankings.

Creating a real estate funnel can help you connect with customers in a meaningful way, encouraging them to make contact and engage your services. Done correctly, over time, the funnel can provide a steady stream of passive potential leads.

Read on to learn how to plan and put in place your real estate sales funnel.

Check Your Online Presence

It simply isn’t enough to have a website and expect potential buyers to find it online and then get in touch with your office. It’s essential to have an online presence on many different sites, such as community forums and social media platforms. Your real estate social network can be one of the most effective sales strategies because people can easily view and share your listings.

The real estate industry is not as static as it once was, and you need to be proactive on key platforms. For example, you can post helpful hints and tips alongside your listings to promote trust and communication. When clients feel you value their needs, they are much more likely to make contact.

Landing Pages and a Call To Action

If you have an advertisement with a link to your listings, you need to ensure customers know what to do when they get there. It’s a good idea to have a landing page where they can click on similar listings, and you should have a clear call to action (CTA).

This message could show how to get in touch with your real estate business via phone or email. It could also encourage a customer to arrange an online viewing.

Real Estate Marketing Opt-Ins

Although it has been around for many years, email marketing is still a highly effective marketing strategy. Your home sales funnel has several steps, including placing the initial listing, arranging a viewing, and making the sale. But, many potential buyers won’t be ready to make an offer during the early stages of the process.

You can provide an email opt-in so you can continue to keep in touch and provide them with valuable information. Although it’s important not to spam customers, keeping in contact can help you open up a dialogue. This could aid customers when they have queries about listed properties.

As you can automate your emails to send in advance, this is a great way to get real estate leads while you focus on other tasks.

Create Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Today

Creating a real estate marketing funnel can be challenging, but the rewards can be enormous when you connect with the right target market. By establishing a professional presence and providing helpful information you can become a trusted agent in your area.

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