Is a Solar Powered Home Worth It? Here Are the Undeniable Benefits

solar powered home

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In 2019 the United States surpassed two million solar installations, with this number forecast to double by 2023. More and more US homeowners are realizing the benefits of installed solar panels on their properties.

While only a small percentage of homeowners have so far installed solar panels, a sizeable 46% of those without say they have given serious thought to the idea.

In this blog post, we will look at the undeniable benefits of having a solar powered home. From reducing your home’s energy bills to increasing its overall value and much more, there are a large number of unquestionable benefits to choosing solar for your home.

1. Better for the Environment

Solar panels are a renewable energy source that utilizes the power of the sun. As such, they can be considered a clean form of energy, in stark contrast to non-renewable power sources such as oil and coal.

As the world battles climate change, switching to solar energy in your home is one way that you can play your part. With solar panels, you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a brighter and greener tomorrow for the planet.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, buying a solar energy system will likely increase the value of your home. Solar panels are viewed as upgrades, similar to a renovated kitchen or a finished basement.

Homebuyers are willing to pay a premium of around $15,000 for a property that has an average-sized solar system. This is a useful thing to keep in mind if you are considering installing solar panels on your property.

Learn more about how solar panels can increase your home’s value.

3. Save On Energy Bills

This is the primary reason why most homeowners choose to install energy bills. By producing your own electricity, you can save thousands of dollars in energy costs over the lifespan of your solar system. If you live in a location with high levels of sunlight, solar panels are an especially good choice.

People who live in tiny homes are opting for a solar powered tiny home, helping them remain off the grid.

4. Little to No Maintenance Required

Solar panels are durable and generally require little to no maintenance over the course of their lifespan. That means less hassle for homeowners; all that is usually required is a quick dusting a few times a year. A solar system can last between 20 to 30 years, which highlights the durability of this energy source.

5. Make Money Through Net Metering

If you produce more energy than you need through your solar panels, you have the opportunity to earn extra cash. Net metering allows you to sell your excess energy to the grid for use elsewhere. Just another great reason to make the switch to solar energy!

Discover the Benefits of a Solar Powered Home

A solar powered home stands to reduce your energy bills, protect the environment, and increase the value of your home. If you have been considering installing solar panels on your home, then the above benefits are remembering the next time your energy bill comes in the mail!

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