How to Revamp Your Home’s Exterior

Revamp Your Exterior

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Regardless of how attractive the landscape surrounding your home is or how large the property is, your home’s exterior delivers a unique message. This message is visible to your visitors, neighbors and even passers-by when they glance at your home.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing they see and this contributes to their first impressions about you and your home. This is one reason you should revamp it when it is looking dull. I would recommend that you check out Hardie Boys for more tips and ideas of home renovation projects.

The easiest way to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. By painting all the different parts of your home’s exterior you can give it a fresh new look or totally transform it, if you are daring.

Fresh Paint Can Make A World of Difference

If your home is well taken care of, there are small painting jobs that can be undertaken. When this is done well, it will boost your homes’ curb appeal.

Some updates may sound simple but when all combined, they make a significant difference. While you consider doing some or all of these painting jobs yourself, for the best results it is often best lest to an experienced local painting company.

Here are some of the painting task you can use to revamp your home’s exterior:

Front Door Painting

Your house may have several external doors but the most noticeable is the front one. This is the main entrance and all your guests will come through it.

If the paint is flaky or peeled off months ago, this affects the beauty of your entire home. It does not create a good impression on visitors.

If the door has marks and scuffs, they can be covered with an extra coat of paint. If the only problem is the paint has become dull, you can give it a glossy sheen or a new shade.

Repainting your front door will give your home a warm welcome.

Stain or Paint the Front Porch

The front porch is another important part of your house’s exterior. It should be included in your list when you seek to update your home’s beauty.

If your front porch is entirely timber you may decide to sand it back, stain and varnish. Of course, adding colour to the porch is equally as effective.

Just make sure your decision matches the rest of the home and fits your overall theme. If you plan on using bright colours elsewhere, white will be a good contrast.

With a new look, it will not only be great for visitors but also you and the other residents as everyone will have a beautiful entrance to welcome them home.

Paint the Shutters

If your home has shutters, they should be painted to update their appearance and protect them from the elements. There are numerous options to do this.

If your shutters are mainly for beauty, you can match their colours to the front door. Alternatively, you can come up with an accent colour that matches the theme of your home.

Refresh the Garage Door

As someone approaches your driveway, they usually see the garage door. If the paint is peeling off, this becomes an eyesore. This is the same case when it is weathered.

Giving it a fresh look will be a way of improving the appearance of your entire home.

Protect and Update the Siding

Moisture and sunlight affect the siding with time. It needs to be protected from harsh weather and it also has to remain attractive.

This part also highlights your house’s roof and any imperfections must be taken care of. Painting it regularly with quality materials will improve its longevity and beauty.

Check and Repair the Roof

The roof is an integral part of the entire house at large. If it is damaged or some shingles are missing, it could lead to an expensive repair as rain can enter your home damaging your ceiling, walls and even personal possessions.

Having your roof professionally inspected and repaired enhances the appearance of your home. Plus you can rest assured your home is fully protected from rain, wind and storms. For this reason, it is best to work with a licensed contractor to ensure quality work is carried out.

Don’t Forget the Fence

As you paint various parts of your home’s exterior, don’t neglect the fence.

If they are timber you may consider staining to match your porch or deck. Alternatively, fresh paint can be equally as attractive depending on your home’s theme.

Is Spray Paint Better Than Powder Coat?

When you enquire about exterior house painting, the contractor may recommend something you are not familiar with. The suggestion may be to opt for powder coating for added benefits.

Just like spray painting, powder coating has its advantages. These two have a lot of similarities but different circumstances will mean one could be better than the other.

Before you can agree to use either of them, you should understand their differences, pros, and cons.

What Are the Differences between the Two?

Using any of these painting options will protect your property from deterioration from the elements. Despite this, they have a lot of differences that are worth considering.

The benefit of a powder coat is that it is more durable than its counterpart, however it cannot be touched up. On the other hand, spray paint can be touched up and is moderately durable.

The Importance of Revamping Your Home’s Exterior

In all aspects, it is important to boost the curb appeal of a home. It could be you are doing it for personal comfort or to gain a return when selling. Whichever the reason, revamping can make a huge difference.

If you are planning to sell it, you should consider this. Many first-time home buyers want a home that is ready to move into and does not require any work to make it comfortable and attractive. It will also make it quicker and easier to sell for a higher rate.

Repainting also helps if the home is not strategically located. If it is stunningly beautiful, it has a higher chance of selling, even if the location is not ideal.

In this article we have mentioned options such as shutter painting, updating the front door, and the front porch. Also, the siding, garage door and fence should also not be left out either.

Finally you may also consider cleaning the garden with some minor landscaping to further improve the beauty of your home.

Working with professional contractors will ensure your home is in great shape and will last for years to come.