11 Ideas For Beach House Décor

Beach House Decor

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Looking for ideas for decorating your beach house décor perfectly? Then check out our 11 ideas for beach house décor below.

There are a lot of ideas you can follow when it comes to decorating a beach house. When you own a beach house, you want to make it look gorgeous so that you have a wonderful time there. Even if you do not have any beach house, but you are willing to get one in the future, then having pre-decoration ideas is not a bad thing at all.

You can make your beach house more attractive from both inside and outside just by following some of our ideas. Here are those 11 ideas for beach house decorating that you can use to completely change the look of your house.

1. Add Rattan, Wicker, or Sisal Beach Theme Décor

Seagrass, sisal, and rattan are the types of materials that can give your beach house’s room a unique look. These materials are similar to ropes and can add texture to the space of your beach house. To give your house a more coastal feel, you can use wicker bar stools and bamboo.

Additionally, include lightweight woven wicker chairs, which are durable and inexpensive. Wicker hanging basket chairs can make your beach house cool.

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2. Add Naval Stripe Beach House Décor

Blue and white color combinations of stripes can give your beach house a wonderful look. Here are some ways you can add nautical or naval stripes in your beach house décor.

  • Include a beach-themed stripe throw in your furniture and bed.
  • A bold and big woven striped rug can provide a coastal chic living room look.
  • Your living room’s window treatment should feature a stripe pattern that will match with everything else.
  • After that, all your future days in your bedding will give you a beach theme vibe.

Also, footstools in white and blue stripes can add more beach style to your property.

3. Include Indigo for Modern Coastal Space

Blue is a must color for a beach theme indoor decorating style. Light blue, seafoam, turquoise, and navy are some of the shades that you can use to give your house more of a modern coastal look. Indigo might seem pretty much a similar shade as navy blue, but it is more saturated in tune, and it’s richer.

This color will show some wonderful-tune if it’s utilized with wood tones. This color is repeated in different patterns on the bedding of your beach house. The digital coastal dining room will feature indigo contemporary beach themed décor on your home’s wall. Textured indigo tones are best on floor rugs and pillows.

4. Use Beach Style if You Do Not Like Blue Color

Usually, blue is the most preferred color when it comes to selecting the main color for a beach house décor. If you are not into blue color at all, then you can just avoid it. There are certain ways to achieve a beach theme even without blue colors, and those are:

  • A peaceful beach style living room can be achieved even with ivory, cream, beige, and soft pink colors.
  • Close to natural wood tone, tropical prints with lime green tone and whites can give your dining room a coastal living vibe.
  • Woven textures can be utilized in natural tones and white colors to add elegance.
  • Beadboard panels with whitewashed brick can enhance the coastal look of your cozy dining room more.

5. Beach House Library

A library in your beach house could be an exceptionally wonderful décor to your house. Decorate the library with antiques, indigo fabrics, and other items. You can turn your whole living room into a library with the theme of a beach house just by using colors that resemble coastal elements. Book lovers will love to spend their time in the beach house library and be cozy while they enjoy their book reading.

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6. Add Slipcover Furniture

To get the relaxing and easy beach vibes, add slipcovers to the chairs and sofas. Also, linen slipcovers or cotton, khaki, or beige are the best choices for beach-themed décor. You can complete the beach-theme with beach-themed pillows to complete the modern coastal look.

Additionally, indigo throw pillows can give a modern coastal chic look with the white slipcovers. Sofas should be slipcovered in ivory covers to give a more relaxing appeal to your house. All of those slipcovers on the sofa can be cleaned or washed just by removing them. You can change those slipcovers into more heavy types of fabric in the winter if you are willing to. Just make sure your dining has color indigo, a whitewashed wood table, wicker chairs, and slipcovered armchairs with wheels.

7. Decorate the Dining Table With Beach Theme

If your house is far from the beach, you can still recreate a beach-themed dining experience with a coastal tablescape. You can add tabletop elements to coat with your silverware and plates. Some of the items which resemble beach house décor are:

  • Nautical, linen, or striped napkins
  • Beach-themed napkin rings
  • Hurricanes
  • Nautical-styled chargers
  • Seaglass, which looks like hand-blown glasses
  • A tablecloth or runner with a coastal look
  • A wine glass is identical to a sea glass. The sand and water color design on the tablespace is identical to that of the ocean.
  • Unique beach-themed tables can be created by arranging out beach-themed décor, such as net fabric based starfish, table flags, and seaside-style crockeries.

8. Use Whitewashed Accents in Your Room

The term ‘whitewashing’ means the inclusion of a clear stain of white to an item. It is more complicated than painting that piece because a whitewash looks natural. Select pale and whitewashed accents to get an advanced coastal vibe. The look of the room should have the tone of driftwood, and it also has to add a good effect as a beach house.

Include wooded tones in the home with a surfer-chic vibe. The whitewashed oak coffee table can be an extraordinary inclusion in the room. Dry white tone on white bedroom with the sisal expands and pale woods can brighten up the atmosphere of the room.

9. Sunny-Themed Porch

Sunny-themed porches can provide the best possible atmospheric satisfaction to you. It will provide you the best summertime naps or any other activities in your leisure time. The decorative wicker furniture on the covered porch of such a lovely summer home with either a Perennials fabric pillow from MainlyBaskets. The cocktail table was created at an East Hampton garage sale. The cement floor tiles are from Wholesale Tile by Aguayo, and the ceiling fans are by Hunter Fan.

10. Relaxing Entryway to Your Beach House

The beach-themed summer home must have a relaxing enough entryway through the main gates. The walls on both of the sides should be covered with hand-printed stripes, the floor should be filled with ceramic tiles, and over the tiles, there needs to be an antique rug. As for the antique rug, you can use the rug known as Anatolian.

A peaceful and relaxing entry to your favorite beach house will always welcome you and give you the best possible comfort in your stay. Just make the entryway aesthetic enough to meet those requirements.

11. Beadboard Panels to Give off a Coastal Effect

Wainscoting or beadboard are the instruments of vertical wood that were used for many years to wrap and serve as the walls of a room. These are mostly found in the home improvement stores, and yes, they can be painted. Also, you can use those painted headboards easily and get the job done. White beadboard walls are always the better option for beach theme décor. The bed of coastal theme can be made easier with the beadboard slats.

It Is Not Possible to Have Many Beach-Themed Décor Items

Well, you indeed need the perfect accessories to make your house look like a beach-themed house. But in order to do beach house décor, you have to limit the choices for the items in the overall décor procedure. You should not overuse the accessories because, in most cases, simple-looking beach house décor looks cleaner. A beach house décor with a ton of accessories can be distracting and uninviting. So select beautiful yet perfect items to complete the charm of your beach house décor.


Throughout the year, it is normal for us to miss the summertime excitement. But the beach house décor of your home can provide you the summer vibes. Also, they can complete your urge to enjoy the times in beachside houses. But when you are decorating the house as a beach-themed house, you have to keep in mind that you cannot use anything which is way too clichéd. Just use a good selection of items to properly complete your beach house décor, and you will enjoy its charm every year.