Small Features To Prepare Your Backyard For a First BBQ

Small Features To Prepare Your Backyard For a First BBQ

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Having a backyard BBQ for the first time may seem a bit scary at first. You immediately think of long and messy preparations, all the equipment you have to purchase, and whether your guests will enjoy the gathering.

There is nothing to worry about! In fact, backyard parties are fun if you are well prepared. The best way of dealing with the preparation phase is to create a checklist and write down everything you are planning to do. Then you could ask your family to help you with the tasks.

Pre-party preparations include cutting vegetables, marinating meat, and stirring cold drinks. If you want to be very calm about the whole event, start to make notes a few days ahead of it. Thanks to this, you will have time to evaluate your choices and to consult them, for example, with your partner.

Go to the shop two or three days earlier, but if you want to serve seafood – you will need to buy it on the party’s day. It just has to be fresh, because you don’t want your guests to have any bad memories.

Backyard events are the perfect opportunities to gather all friends and family together. We hope that you will make barbecuing your tradition. And with those tips, your first BBQ party preparation will be easy:

Grilling Equipment

The center of outdoor cooking equipment is, of course, a grill. Every grill master has their own preferences when it comes to the size and type of grill. Whether it’s gas or charcoal grill, the appliances are quite the same.

Every backyard chef has to be equipped with a stainless steel spatula, a grill fork that is resistant to high temperatures, and a basting brush for the marinade.

If your BBQ party is intended to be a themed event, you can choose a matching apron, which will show your creativity and playful attitude. Don’t forget about flame-resistant gloves! A well-organized barbeque is a safe barbecue.

Gas and Charcoal

It just has to be mentioned – make sure you have enough charcoal or tanks with gas for grilling. Driving to the gas station in the middle of the night, when your guests are waiting, and food on the grill is cooling down, isn’t the best idea.

It is best to have a stock of those materials somewhere in the basement or a garage just in case. Many of us forget about this, and unfortunately, a half-cooked meal waiting on a cold grill won’t taste the same.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lights hang on the fence, and trees will create a great atmosphere. After the sunset, warm orange tones of light are the best to ensure your guests’ good mood. Invest in little, cute tree lamps. It will be both charming and economical, as you can use it later on by hanging them on your Christmas tree.

There are also outdoor lights that resemble big white stones and make your garden look like from a fairytale. A lot of lighting types are equipped with mini solar panels and have an automatic timer. With all the preparations that await you, not remembering about turning on the lights can be a relaxing thought. They will kick on as soon as the sun drops.

Ice Cold Drinks

Delicious food requires something tasty and cold to drink. Don’t forget to stock a cooler with ice during your pre-party prep, and make sure you won’t be out of bottled water and juices. Set up both drinks for adults and some kid-friendly cocktails.

You can use steel tubs and put beer, wine, and other alcohol-based drinks for adults there. Also, don’t forget about those who are driving cars to take back home their partners after an intense period of socializing.

To make your drinks look fantastic, you can use fruits to decorate them. Cut strawberries and watermelon and put some mint in the water. It will look classy, and the taste is going to be amazingly refreshing.

Ask Guests to Bring Something Sweet

It is great advice, particularly when it comes to large parties. Ensure the guests that you will prepare some dishes, but they can contribute and bring some sweets with them. It will save you some work and will solve your guests’ “what to bring with me” problem.


Throwing a backyard BBQ party for the first time is quite a challenge. It’s good to have a planning checklist, especially when you plan to invite a large crowd and have a lot to prepare. It’s always better to write things down in order to know the true scale of the event. To enjoy the party more, here are some tips for the perfect barbecue.

Engage your family in the preparations. Delegate tasks – thanks to this, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and everything will go as planned. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your first BBQ. Something tells us it won’t be your last one!