Smart Strategies for Conserving Water in a Large Family Home

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Having a big family is great, and that’s something you can’t put a price on. However, big families need big homes, and big homes have big needs. One of these needs is water, and getting enough of it is an issue all big families are dealing with. What can you do about it and how can you start conserving water?

The toilet

No matter how big your family is, the chances are somebody’s always using the bathroom and flushing the toilet. This means you’re using enormous amounts of water, especially if you have one of those five-gallon tanks. But, it doesn’t take five gallons to get the job done!

That’s why replacing your toilet with an eco-friendly alternative is a great idea. Those smaller tanks are getting more popular because they’re so beneficial. They boost your home’s sustainability potential and save you a ton of cash in the long run. But, what’s even better is that they’re affordable and definitely worth the investment. 

The washing machine

This is another problem lots of families around the world are dealing with. More people need more clothes, and that’s why your washing machine is probably working around the clock. Most of us are unaware of the amount of water we consume that way, though. 

But, this is an issue you can deal with too. Instead of your old wasteful washing machine, you could get one of those new ones that are Energy Star-certified models. These use less water, but still get the job done. You should also check your load every time you do your laundry and adjust the water level. You’ll stop wasting water this way, yet still be as cool and fashionable as always.

Тhe sink, the shower, and the pipes 

Here are two more issues you need to deal with in order to start saving water at home, but their solutions are rather simple. First, you should start showing more rapidly – be quick and effective instead of taking your time. Also, turn the water off when washing up, brushing your teeth, or shaving your face. This will reduce the amount of water you use little by little, which is always good.

If none of this work, you have to do something else. Checking sinks, showers and pipes could be your first move. However, you shouldn’t do this on your own, but hire professionals instead because have proper skills and unique abilities. For example, this Northern Beaches plumber uses specialized equipment to check your pipes, taps, sinks, and showers, making sure they’re not leaking. In case something’s wrong, you can get your entire plumbing system fixed, and you’ll stop wasting water immediately.

The dishwasher

Although most of us hate doing the dishes, this is something we do every single day. But, besides being boring, this job is also quite wasteful, and you need to do something about it. Start by getting a new dishwasher that uses less water. These things are efficient, functional, and, above all, easy to use.

Lots of people are still unsure whether to use a dishwasher or continue hand washing their dishes. However, when you compare these two methods, you’ll see that the dishwasher is a much better solution. It uses about 50% less water than you but still makes your dishes cleaner than ever. Again, if possible, insist on the aforementioned Energy Star-certified dishwashers that guarantee the best results.


Conserving water in a large family home is never easy, no matter how many people live in it. But, if you’re imaginative and not afraid to think outside the box, you can surely do something about it, helping your budget and Mother Earth at the same time.