4 Ways You Can Add More Natural Elements In Your Kitchen

4 Ways You Can Add More Natural Elements In Your Kitchen

Incorporating versatile and functional natural elements in your kitchen has an organic, calming and peaceful effect on your overall mood. Plants, natural stone countertops, solid wood cabinets and earthy tones of paint are all elements that add a natural touch to your kitchen. Using these natural elements in alignment with your and your home’s style is something that is necessary! Otherwise it can quickly go from feeling of calmness to feeling of chaos.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we are here with 4 ideas that will help add natural elements in your kitchen while keeping it contemporary and modern:

1. Brighten Your Kitchen With Earthy Colors

Your home décor reflects your personal taste. And in the kitchen, you get to have plenty of stuff that can be organized the way you like it. If you’re going for a neutral theme calming kitchen, match your kitchen floor’s color with countertops. The suggested colors are white, beige, powder pink and gray. If you want to bring forest-y vibes in your kitchen, then go for a dark floor, neutral countertop and green colored cabinets (You can read more about matching kitchen floors with countertops here).

For faucets and fixtures, bronze and metallic elements would do the job. Your color palette choice would be the most important in engaging the natural look of the kitchen.

2. Incorporate Wood & Stone

Incorporating wood or stone or both gives a naturally cohesive and tailored look to your kitchen. The natural stone along with distressed wood and rock wall mosaics render the rustic yet luxurious look. Wooden floors have been trendy for decades now but recently, the wooden ceilings have taken the kitchen style by storm. The wide rustic planks give a gentle touch to your concrete walls and bring the illusion of the outdoors inside. The vibrant stones with the streamlined waterfall edges actuate modernism in your kitchen. Don’t fear the mixed styles and popped out colors overflowing with natural lights in your space.

3. Plants, Plants & Some More Plants

With some wooden crates, bolted baskets, or plain bottles, plant a herb garden in your kitchen to add some color and life. Install a large window for some bright sunlight. To complement your contemporary theme, install french doors or french windows to flood the dining area of your open-plan kitchen.

Coming back to plants, the popular choices are cactus or succulent and fiddle leaf fig. Use them as a tabletop centerpiece or as a hanging ornament by the window. It purifies your inside air, gives warmth to your place, and brings a natural and healthy feel to your interior. Combine the décor of flowers with a slate waterfall in your kitchen or a tabletop fountain giving it the amazing touch of a waterfall indoors.

4. Opt For Natural Furniture

To add to the transitional vibes of your kitchen, invest in wooden cabinets, shelving units, dining tables, and chairs. To incorporate your personal taste in it, get all-natural unfinished pieces and put on your favorite weathering and finishing on it. For large families, a hutch and a farmhouse buffet of quality wood are good enough to channelize the nature inside. You can also get your hand on wooden utensils that are more cost-effective and durable than other forms of cooking utensils.

Incorporating natural elements and material gives an instant sprucing to your kitchen. There are tons of other ways to introduce nature to your kitchen. You may opt for fresh flowers, handcrafted wooden decorated pots, natural lights, grasscloths, skylights, pebbles, or a carved-stone sink. Create a natural look in your kitchen and let in the relaxed and calm nature in your indoors.

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Looking at your luxury kitchen, you feel it requires some comprehensive kitchen remodeling. That’s fine. It’s no secret that your luxury kitchen is the main venue for family celebrations, dining, and socializing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the “heart of the home” is the center of style for most homeowners.

With time, what used to be the notable trend is soon overtaken by events. It’s time to give your kitchen a facelift by remodeling it to keep up with the latest trends. But you don’t have the info about the newest luxury kitchen remodeling trends. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Let’s highlight some of the leading kitchen remodeling trends to help you.

Smart Kitchens

If technology has not found its way into your luxury kitchen, you are way behind the current trend. Today’s modern luxury kitchen is home to fancy gadgets and appliances and has technology integrated into almost every function and device. From the fridge to the faucets, you’ll find elements of technology in place to the lighting.

Such a kitchen is what is called a smart kitchen. As you remodel your kitchen, think of adding aspects of modern technology. This means including smart gadgets such as automatic touchless soap dispensers, smart Wi-Fi instant pots, smart faucets, and so on.

You can also explore how to integrate kitchen sensors, refrigerators that alert you when your groceries items are getting low, or a smart coffee maker that gets your coffee ready when you wake up. These and other similar smart devices will make life in the kitchen a breeze.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

While white cabinets give your kitchen a classic look that can be used in almost any kitchen style, they are on their way out! Currently, the all-white kitchen is transforming; You’ll now see islands in a range of paint colors or wood stain colors. This mixing of finishes creates the needed accent piece and extra pop-of color for the courageous heart.

Streamlined Designs, Textures, and Materials

By streamlined designs, we don’t mean boring designs. You can consider materials with exciting textures. For instance, if you use open shelving, you can use rough cut wood to create a natural look in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can incorporate metal tubing for a more industrial look.

Contrasting Countertops

Kitchen countertops are essential pieces of kitchen furniture. Presently, the reigning trend is to contrast counter materials with cabinetry color. Doing this adds major drama and elegance to your luxury kitchen. Dark granite countertops contrasted with white-oak cabinets differentiates the kitchen area in an open floor plan. Besides, it adds a level of warmth and sophistication to space.

Steel Hoods

Lately, you’ll notice an increase in custom kitchen hoods that are steering away from that raw painted wood or stainless steel. Homeowners are implementing plasterwork and steel into their luxury kitchens and loving how they become a conversation piece for the kitchens.

Effective Storage Cabinetry

If your current kitchen cabinetry annoys you due to unnecessary wastage of space, the contemporary kitchen remodeling trend will help you sort out this challenge. Like many homeowners, you can now opt for better storage solutions in your cabinetry.

These solutions include drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, appliance garages for your small appliances, pull-out for spices, roll-out trays and caddies for pans and pots, wastebasket cabinets for recyclables and garbage. All these solutions will make it easier for you to store small appliances, foods, and drinks.

Getting high-quality kitchen remodeling ideas and services for your luxury kitchen is easy. There are leading online companies offering the best of these services at reasonable price tags. Get the best kitchen remodeling services and give your kitchen the trending look and functionality it deserves.

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space with These Simple Tricks

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space with These Simple Tricks

Getting rid of clutter from the kitchen is next to impossible and the only way to organize this clutter is by maximizing the kitchen storage space. It’s easier said than done and to do so, one must be familiar with the cool tricks and tips that can be used to maximize the kitchen space efficiently. Glass shelves and kitchen cabinets are the two best options for maximizing kitchen storage space without having to compromise on the kitchen’s aesthetics and visual beauty.

Here, we will explore some simple tricks of maximizing kitchen storage space by using shelves and cabinets. These décor options present homeowners with the luxury to practice creative freedom and remodel and renovate their kitchen space for maximizing storage and functionality. Most importantly, these chic and trendy design ideas are incredibly versatile and go well with both the traditionalistic and contemporary design themes of today & tomorrow.

Use Kitchen Cabinets Efficiently

Kitchen cabinets present a great solution to utilize the wall space in the kitchen for storage & functionality purposes. These cabinets are used to store the kitchen necessities and help you minimize clutter in the kitchen space. Despite being designed to reduce clutter, these cabinets often become cluttered and messy with daily use. That’s the reason why it is essential to adopt a simple and effective decluttering strategy to make the best use of the cabinet’s storage space. Hence, grouping the items and organizing them in sets is often the best way to efficiently use the kitchen cabinets.

A well-organized kitchen cabinet has benefits beyond simple aesthetics and functionality and it also makes it easier to plan daily meals. With everything in plain sight, you always know what item you have in excess and what item is nearing to end. The efficient use of kitchen space makes up a contemporary lifestyle and there is no better way to organize the clutter in the kitchen than by using the ample extra space provided by kitchen cabinets.

Dividing the kitchen cabinets is essential to make the best use of storage space and appropriate sections must be made for utensils, cookware, and dishes. By properly dividing and categorizing the cabinet items in kitchen cabinets and glass shelves, homeowners get to relish the maximum benefits from these décor elements.

Use Glass Shelves without Compromising Space

Contemporary and stylish glass kitchen shelves are the only thing better than the kitchen cabinets. These shelves are designed to satisfy the need for storage and functionality without compromising on visual beauty & space. Taking minimal space, corner shelves make the maximum impact. Unlike the traditional bulky shelves, the contemporary translucent and stylish shelves are made with the high-strength modern glass reeks of minimalism and grace. Homeowners can use these shelves almost any place in and around the kitchen and these shelves perfectly complement the minimalistic décor theme of contemporary kitchen space.

These shelves are best for open-spaced areas and fill in the wall area without taking too much space. In the kitchen, the glass shelves can be used to store anything from spices, jars, & utensils to other kitchen essentials. In addition to this, the contemporary shelves are also available in tons of unique designs, styles, and glass types and you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. Modern homeowners love customizing these shelves to build better design coherency in the kitchen space and the duo of a kitchen cabinet and glass shelf is certainly a match made in heaven.

Use Kitchen Table Having Cabinets

Creative homeowners always find a way to make the best use of space to satisfy the need for storage and functionality. Kitchen tables with cabinets is a creation of such creative homeowners who integrated the kitchen table and storage cabinet to develop a single unit having both the features. Such tables are becoming more and more popular in contemporary kitchen space design as it satisfies the need for functionality, unlike any other traditional décor idea. The best thing is that this duo of table and cabinet looks chic, modern, and stylish as well.

Now you can store all the cookware underneath the kitchen table properly organized and categorized in the aesthetically-pleasing cabinets. Having multiple creative décor elements in place such as shelves, cabinets, and kitchen table with cabinets provide homeowners with ample storage space to work with and helps resolve all the issues relating to kitchen cluttering. Using a kitchen table with cabinets allows you to store dining sets and kitchen essentials in very close proximity.

Don’t be Shy to Utilize Extra Space Creatively

Bold and creative homeowners are never shy to let their creativity shine and always take an initiative to remodel and renovate their kitchen in their unique way. We get so familiar with our normal kitchen environment that we fail to see how much space is available all around that can be utilized to maximize the kitchen storage. Sometimes, an eye of a guest or a relative helps you find out the places where you can use creative décor elements such as kitchen cabinets and glass shelves to maximize kitchen storage. For instance, using glass shelves on the kitchen windows with some awesome tiny plants saves tremendous space in kitchen.

There is no better way to understand how these simple décor elements can help you in maximizing the storage space other than using them. There’s always an empty wall around the fridge, above the countertop, or near the sink that can be used to install a chic and trendy kitchen cabinet or a shelf that satisfies the need for storage and functionality without compromising on visual beauty and aesthetics.

Organize Things for Ease of Access While you are in Kitchen

Lastly, all homeowners need to remember that using creative décor elements in the kitchen space does only half the job. You must do the other half and it requires properly organizing all the kitchen essentials for your ease of access. In a properly organized kitchen with contemporary glass shelves and kitchen cabinets, you no longer have to worry about decluttering the mess all the time as minimal mess will be created and cluttering will no longer be an issue.

5 Beautiful Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover

5 Beautiful Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover

As people are spending more time at home, the ideas to renovate the house may be flowing through you. Whether it be the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom, a makeover can help lighten everything in the house.

But getting started is the hardest part and finding inspiration can be all that much harder.

Here are our 5 ideas for a kitchen makeover.

1. Start With the Appliances

Updating appliances is the first step to any kitchen makeover. They will define what the kitchen will look like, what you can change, and what compliments the pieces you pick out.

Stainless steel appliances are still the most popular option and typically have the most longevity compared to cheaper models. They are perfect for giving the kitchen a nice clean look. Which is nice in a room that is constantly getting dirty.

2. Next Comes the Cabinets

Cabinets are arguably the most exciting part of kitchen makeovers. Tossing out the old wood and handles can make you feel like you’re tossing a burden into a pit.

A new and upcoming idea is the concept of open shelving rather than cabinets. It keeps the kitchen open and takes up less space on the wall. The kitchenware is out for everyone to see and there is no risk of hinges breaking or handles like with cabinets.

3. Then Go for the Paint Job

Once the cabinets and appliances are picked out, the paint job is next. You can now work around whatever color cabinets or shelving you decided to go with.

Light grays and other light modern colors are in right now. It makes the kitchen feel less cramped and more lively. Older, darker wooden colors are on their way out because of the mellow and down moods that they are associated with.

Be sure to check out Brilliance Painting Services for all your painting services.

4. Look Into Creating a Fitting Backsplash

After the painting, you can look into doing a backsplash of tiles. It creates more texture rather than a bland-looking wall.

Simple white tiling is the go-to for most backsplashes right now. It makes for an easy compliment to the grey and whitewashed wood that is popular for cabinets and kitchen accessories.

5. Consider the Island

If the budget allows for, a kitchen island is the key to bringing together a great kitchen makeover. It creates a pleasant centerpiece for many kitchens.

For those that enjoy out of sight appliances, an island can be used to hide microwaves and dishwashers from guests while they are eating.

6. Bonus tip!

Lastly, you can consider having a cool looking espresso machine, like the beautiful breville barista express, to give a modern, high-end look to your kitchen.

These Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover Will Brighten Your Kitchen

These ideas for a kitchen makeover can help bring life to your kitchen that is has been missing. Between the tech upgrades with new appliances and the sweet smell of new cabinets, your family may have to pry you from your new kitchen.

If you want to learn more about redoing your house and making it your own, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know someone that is thinking about redoing their kitchen, be sure to share this article with them to help spur their ideas.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Kitchen Company To Do Your Remodeling

The Benefits Of Hiring A Kitchen Company To Do Your Remodeling

It can be tempting to think that you can handle any kitchen project to help you save money. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because hiring a kitchen company cannot only save you money but also time. 

The experts that work on your kitchen project can reduce the risks of a project malfunctioning or mistakes. As a result, you can save time and money while achieving your dream kitchen by putting in a lot of effort. This post discusses the benefits of hiring the best kitchen company in the Aberdeen area. 

Efficient and quality work

A reliable kitchen company uses experts who have the skills, knowledge, and professional expertise in their field of work. Remember that they know all the right tools that they need in remodeling your kitchen and some of the problems that they may encounter during the project. Because of this experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will deliver a high-quality project. 

A professional kitchen company always has a license to show you that they are qualified to do the necessary work. Therefore, make sure that you see this license before hiring them to ensure that your project is being managed by professionals.

It can save you money and time

There are good chances that you may have once done a remodeling project and the outcome wasn’t as you expected. In most cases, doing projects yourself can result in more energy, time, and money than you were expecting. 

This is the reason why you need a professional kitchen company to estimate the cost of materials and make plans for any problems that may happen, and ultimately save you lots of money. Even better, they can help you to make the necessary plans and even determine the money you need to budget for your kitchen project. 

Because every kitchen needs time, you can save it by hiring a kitchen company. You see, even before they start working on your kitchen, they will first assess the project and the amount of work they may need. With this in mind, they can provide the right workforce for the project so that they can complete it in time, ob budget, and with the outcome as expected.

They can advise on buying materials

A reliable kitchen company will advise you on the right material to use in your project. Best of all, they can give you the other options that vary in quality and cost. Keep in mind that a licensed kitchen company has your best interest in mind and the desire to deliver the result that will give you satisfaction. Therefore, if you are looking for the best kitchen materials on the market, whether it’s worktops or the type of flooring for your kitchen, you can rest assured that the kitchen company knows about it. 

After all, they have the necessary knowledge that can help you shop around until you get the perfect one for your kitchen. Hence, if you have a kitchen project, perhaps you should search for a kitchen company with a proven good record of their finished projects.