Taking Your Bathroom to the Next Level: The Top Luxury Bathroom Decor Tips


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You spend a ton of time in your bathroom every single day. Why should you settle for something that isn’t comfortable or beautiful? There are a number of luxury bathroom decor tips that you can use to update your bathroom’s aesthetic and make the time you spend there more enjoyable.

Plants are a Key Part of Luxury Bathroom Decor

One of the simplest ways that you can update the appearance of your bathroom without renovating it is by installing plants. Plants will improve air quality and even help improve your mood throughout the day. Plants are a great way to boost your mood, and can give your entire bathroom space a natural aesthetic that renovations can’t.

New Accent Pieces

Another great way to update the appearance of your bathroom without renovating it is through new accents. Small items like soap dishes, jars, baskets, and toilet paper holders are a way to freshen up. Having a unifying color or theme across different pieces can help create a design that ties completely together.

New Wallpaper or Paint

A simple remodel for your bathroom that will completely change its look is just replacing the wallpaper or putting in a new paint job. By covering up old stains, correcting damaged walls, and having an entirely new color on the walls, the space will look completely different.

Install More Bathroom Heating

One of the best ways to improve your bathroom’s design is to improve its functionality. Heating is one of the best ways to improve your comfort levels. Old style radiators add a bit of retro flair, while underfloor radiant heating can help keep your entire bathroom comfortable and warm throughout the winter.

Runtal is one of the leading producers of basement heating products. They have a ton of different products, including heated towel holders and radiant floor heating, which can improve your comfort in the bathroom.

Put In More Lighting

Additional lights on the walls, especially in a small bathroom without natural light, can really open up the room. Having a mixture of overhead lights and smaller lamps throughout the bathroom also gives you more options for your lighting throughout the day. You can also choose intricate light fixtures that add to your bathroom design even when turned off.

In a related but different vein, you could also add new windows. Natural light carries a few health benefits over artificial lighting, and also visually expands the space of your bathroom.

Add Hooks and Vertical Space

A great way to expand the usable space in your bathroom is to build upwards. Hooks in the walls or on the back of the door, shelving units, and other vertical storage spaces won’t take up more room, but will give you more space for your stuff. This will help you maintain an uncluttered counter space.

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These are just a few of the simplest luxury bathroom decor tips you can use to update your space. For more tips and information about bathroom remodeling, feel free to look through the bathroom section of our site.